Devblog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

(Aelavaine) #889

No! They should remove it too and use the resources for other things to improve the game! It’s garbage anyways.

(Jill RE-Valentine) #890

Well I don’t attack other players like that. I meant that the way the bounty system works with the 20% payout and all the restrictions make it useless. Especially since they wanted a bounty hunting profession mechanic.

(Jill RE-Valentine) #891

That would be even better.

(Jenn aSide) #892

This pretty much proves my point. You don’t know what a majority of anything would want. You know what you want and you like to believe others want that to.

(Aelavaine) #893

:trolleybus: Sad that there is only a TROLLeybus emoji :frowning:

(yellow parasol) #894

yeah, sure, but that’s your own fault, isn’t it? when you don’t want to play a ganking character, then you can hardly blame the system for it. the payouts are fine as they are, when playing with a ganking character. it makes the math so simple. :slight_smile:

(Teinyhr) #895

Ok bub.

Granted it is not thousands of replies, but should give you some idea what seems to be the consensus.

(Jenn aSide) #896

I replied to someone else in another thread about what you just link. 59% of the thing you linked is only 24 people posting multiple times. Scroll up and look at the statistics near the top of the thread.

But hey, thanks for proving my point, like the other guy did.

(Teinyhr) #897

Uh, I did, and possibly more thoroughly than you?

Edit: Apparently you can’t even read, I linked the poll message, which as far as I know are all unique votes, unless someone knows how and wants to spoof the results.

(Ptraci) #898

I doubt very much that there are hordes of people cowering in fear of being labeled space barbie lovers crying gently into their security pillows too afraid to voice their opinions. Want a crayon?

(Nana Skalski) #899

How do you know that if they are cowering in fear?

(Ptraci) #900


(Jill RE-Valentine) #901

I’m sorry I should have been more specific. I was looking at it in terms of getting rid of a bounty. It is never cost effective. And there is no restrictions on who or why or how much Isk someone can put on you. And for people who like to role play either lawful good or lawful neutral kind of ruins the immersion.

I know why they made it 20% pay out, but the way the whole system works just makes it meaningless. To the point most people just ignore it. So if people just ignore it why bother having it in the first place?

As far as ganking do they even look at bounties?

(Jin'taan) #903

We see your complaints, but we haven’t seen a complaint that’s a burning reason to keep CQ that’s worth actively bringing to CCP to waylay it. We’d rather see CCP take their time and actively rebuild and rework CQ into a feature that has the gameplay density needed to make it worth the player and CCP’s time in maintaining it as a long term feature. As was said in the removal blog, it was taking a significant amount of man-weeks per month to keep afloat, the technical effort of which could therefore not be spent on doing things like updating the client, or even potentially reworking CQ.

(Jill RE-Valentine) #904

Thank you for the response. Maybe one day we can get a better one.

(Jin'taan) #905

Aye. We were all dissapointed after the initial shininess of Incarna wore off.

(Yiole Gionglao) #906

Yeah, potentially a million things could happen. But meanwhile what CCP has DONE is to reduce the visibility of avatars, both in client and the new forums. According to the summit notes, CCP might rework avatars sometime in the future, but those are words, whereas making the avatars tiny 40x40 circular irrelevances at the new forums (and with no chance to see them larger by clicking the portrait) it’s a fact.

Also is a fact that some apparel hasn’t been relased in 6 years, but, whatever. I am already playing barbies at GTA Online. :grin:

(yellow parasol) #907

Ah, i get it! I understand the RP thing, but that’s really a FirstWorldProblem everyone actually has to deal with. It’s meaningless, as you say, but apparently it’s not meaningless enough not to ruin your immersion.

Everyone’s affected and deals with it. For them, it’s actually meaningless.

ganking pods with bounty, btw, is kind of a rush. finding a pod travelling in space, showing off his big bounty, is rare, but that makes the hunt even more exciting! i see bounty mechanics as underutilized and underpromoted, but the biggest problem might be the big lack of people being on each others throats.

(Jenn aSide) #908

omg, 296 unique rsponses in a game of at least 200,000 accounts. What an earth shattering landslide of opinion there!

Why are WiS types so delusional? Very few people care,

(Jill RE-Valentine) #909

I would call it delusional. People spent money to make their characters look good. Now that is of very limited use.