Devblog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

(DeMichael Crimson) #950

I’m not saying that poll accurately portrays the viewpoint of Eve’s entire playerbase. For that to be ascertained CCP would have to poll every registered active account subscribed to Eve. However as for players who browse these forums it does give an indication of how a percentage of the forum community feels about the subject.

Personally I have no problem with CCP removing and updating content that players don’t engage with, provided of course that content actually had some sort of gameplay aspect to it in the first place. Despite all the technical reasons for it’s removal, the CQ never had any gameplay aspect included with it nor was it ever expanded on which is why players rarely ever used it. To say otherwise is just plain insulting.

I like to think that the player base would have gladly accepted it if CCP had said they needed to remove the existing CQ in order to update it so they could add viable gameplay content. Now I’m not talking about it being just Social Interaction and Role Play content. Players gave CCP ton’s of ideas for potential WiS game content in the old forums which I briefly mentioned here.

Every other content in this game, broken or unfinished, had from the very beginning some sort of interactive aspect which gave players some semblance of game play. I think the CQ never had any game play associated with it because it was quickly created specifically to facilitate the implementation of Microtransactions. Hell, if the CQ had allowed players the option to decorate interiors along with the ability for other players to view it (Video Phone, Conference Calling), that could have been the start for game play content.

I understand that having multiplayer WiS content would require a serious commitment from CCP, definitely a lot more than just assigning a small skeleton crew to prototype stuff and finish what was left over from the failed Incarna Expansion. As it is right now, removing the CQ gives the impression that CCP has killed their dream of turning Eve into a Virtual Reality Science Fiction Universe, that they’ve basically given up on Eve, are throwing in the towel and calling it quits.

(Rain6637) #951

Here’s a thought. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare had a Valkyrie-type game mode within a shooter.

check out the transition at 1:30

(Rain6637) #952

In my wildest dreams Valkyrie is playable on PC to integrate with Nova.

(Jenn aSide) #953

Oh look, 10 more space games for people to claim “this will kill EVE” to join the already long list state Starts with Jumpgate and Black Prophecy and so far ends with No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous (because Star Citizen really isn’t a thing yet).

It’s a common WiS theme, I first noticed it on the old forums when people claimed that “CCP better hurry up with Ambulation, because Star Trek Online will have both space and ground gameplay, that’s going to kill EVE!!!”.

Mentioning other space based games as if they could pose some kind of threat to EVE is just the WiS version of scare tactics. It bewildering to me that WiS fans simply cannot understand that pulling out the “OMG CCP this could be a threat to EVE” card just doesn’t work. It didn’t work in 2010, it doesn’t work now.

(Veskin Sentinel) #954

Actually this poll doesn’t advocate the keeping of CQ. It is made to gather opinions on whether Avatar Gameplay in general is a feature that is wanted by the playerbase. But yeah - the number of people that voted in the poll is rather insufficient.

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Speaking of which - I’d like to thank everyone that voted in the poll. :rocket: :slight_smile: :heart: No matter the small number, I am sure it has an impact on the discussion. Voting is still open by the way, so you can still spread the word, who knows, maybe more people will vote.

(Lulu Lunette) #956

Yeah that snippet bugged me too. Out of touch. I’m sure we freed up tons of resources for that 64 bit whatever.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #957

Space barbies can live on! Dream bigger than walking in stations. Think walking on stations.

(Lulu Lunette) #958

In case you’re like me and reading a kill CQ thread makes you wonder why you play this game - not so much for removing CQ but how the "big picture"discussion usually goes over like a fart in church


Adjusting shaders and textures for future $40 SKINs messed with CQ. The end.

(Yiole Gionglao) #959

Just to be fair, many of the work involved in the CQ was to keep it updated with the changes, like adding the in station adverts. And probably one of the issues might have been that some of the new SKIN shiny might not be compatible or functional with the CQ graphics.

(Rain6637) #960

Uh actually I think Hangar view and Barbie CQ use the same engine. Adverts and SKINS are still a part of the workflow.

The differences between having CQ and now, as far as I can tell, are all related to the character walking around and interacting with the environment. The TV perhaps. But if you don’t need characters that walk, you don’t have to worry about clothing clipping through to the underlying skin and things like that.

(Rain6637) #961

If the CQ shutdown and Valkyrie moving to PC (non-HMD) are a move to unify Ambulation, Valkyrie, and Nova this is just a huge troll where they watch us complain. But if that’s also the case I’m camping on CCP’s doorstep til they get tired of tripping over me and give me a job.

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[quote=“Jin_taan, post:926, topic:9940, full:true”]To put this in a completely arbitrary way, would you rather have technical fixes and upgrades to the mission/complex system or keep CQ up for another 3 months?

Fair enough. A consolation prize would have been nice. Like poses for are avatars in the full character window.

Now that some people are freed up, maybe they can fix the bounty system.

(Teinyhr) #963

“Only” “75%”

This is not what anyone has been asking, but what has been said time and time again that a lot of people wanted and want to see WiS become a reality some day. But, as it stands, seems like that train has left the station never to come back.
And it’s fine, I can live without WiS, have lived without proper implementation for over 6 years already, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be disappointed and miss that feature we got to taste but never delivered properly.
I mean, I didn’t think I’d miss even Captains’ Closet, but I did and do, it gave the game some more character (pun unintended), something to create a more of an emotional bond with. And MMO Devs should want people form emotional attachment to a game, because then they will stay longer.

Most of this thread has been people saying how they will miss the feature, how they understand that it needed to go - even if the explanation was kind of a logical fallacy, but also how they are simply not happy about the fact.

(yellow parasol) #964

And that’s what they want, do, and did for over a decade. the argument is so invalid, that i doubt it stems from pure honesty. people are, always have been, always will bethe main force for emotional connection and CCP now even more tries to build up on that. avatar based systems are not needed for that at all, and they’d be daft to spend time for this.

the reason is the very argument you use, which works against you.

  • you have friends and social connections and thus don’t require avatar gameplay.
  • soloists, who ask for avatar gameplay and “immersion” (aka escapism), play solo now, besides lots of opportunity for socializing. when it comes to them, the social aspect is a pure lie, because all they want is fancy dolls they can escape into.
  • emotional attachement to an avatar is absolutely undesired. people who rather do that, than with actual real people, should seek help instead. there is no benefit for CCP to have people escape deeper into their characters. the attachement would be not to the game, or to the people in the game, but to the avatar the player projects himself into, so he can flee from the real world.

people should start considering their arguments, before they use them.

(Lulu Lunette) #965

Very interesting piece here Mr. Parasol. Looks like YC116 or YC117 Character Editor from Eve Online

(Teinyhr) #966

…Yet there are several people in this thread that have said they feel that the removal of the CQ made their gaming experience feel less personal.

Gaming in itself is escapism. To quote yourself: “people should start considering their arguments, before they use them.”

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #967

well, this is blowing my misconceptions out the water.

There I was, thinking the EVE player base consisted of 1600 casual players that sub and live in high sec, and 50 multi boxers that run low, null and WH’s.


(yellow parasol) #968

Well, so they say that, fully proving my point. i have no idea, why you can’t put that into perspective. it was a single room, with a character running around, capable of sitting down watching TV. anyone saying it makes the game feel less personal for him, means he was happy about him being a character locked into a small room, unable to actually do anything. him projecting himself into the character and actually feeling different tells me that it’s good when they scrap that trainwreck of a feature.

your argument works against you, not for you.

(Teinyhr) #969

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.