Devblog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

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Yeah this is my belief as well :smile: Everyone else is just an alt!

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Man, I’ve kind of lost the plot around the 800 mark…

Just going to leave two messages here.

First: I kind of think next time I’m going to give Jim Sterling some of your “eve is pure spaceships”, so that he can read it out in a dignified, aristocratic fashion.

Might help some of you evaluate a couple of things.

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Second post:



Now, all three of my accounts have their subs cancelled. I will be online for a wee bit more, but at the end of the sub period, I’ll re-evaluate my last 10 years in this game, really hard.

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This is inspirational lol

Thanks for playing :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s just the best you can do. Don’t like what they do, then don’t keep paying for it on hopes that maybe someday they will do what you want.

It’s difficult to understand as CCP pretend to be open and receptive and very collaborative, but that’s more a corporate policy than reality. They can’t please 1,000 desires from 1,000 people, no matter if they pretend to listen and care of what you thousand do or say. Because at the end of the day, they’re gonna do what that one guy said, and will screw all other 999 guys, no matter what.

So: don’t like it, then don’t pay it.

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“Thank God For Me.”

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It’s difficult to take seriously the reasoning behind the decision when the product was a few % complete, presented not only as a work in progress, but as a hint of things to come for WIS.

Put on hold while CCP tried to focus on the “core” things that needed attention for some time. That having been done, the WIS project was never touched any further, i.e. adding a new room we could leave the CQ and enter.
So, with no word on anything new to do in CQ, you take metrics of limited use - mainly by the RP crowd, and say "hey, no one really is using it, so let’s remove it!"
Some of us veteran players have been waiting for the promised WIS and again, it is scrapped. You had Dust 514 and could have made the 2 items work together to form the experience - it’s been done in the past with lesser technology, and gotten the revenue of selling the Avatar expansion as a separate product that worked with EvEOnline to form the new whole. You can review the “interlink” system of “Rules of Engagement” (ROF) and “Breach”, two separate games - one space combat sim, the other boarding action sim. When breaching an enemy ship ROE loaded the Breach and upon leaving the ship, returned to ROE. EvEOnline could have done the same and loaded the Dust514 engine to do WIS and even planet fall… The entire EvEOnine universe could have been realized, most of the work already done. You could have had the Dust514 moved or added to PC, vs just console and made a go of that, again, a promise made and broken…Dust514 should have come out on PC.

True the avatars in CQ are a bit stiff, but other that ensuring the code works with any new releases, no new work to the core other than assets was being worked on; as one of those RPers that use CQ can attest to it.
CCP keeps changing focus between two main aspects and flirts with all else. PvP and new user experience.

I can see that new subscription is an important goal, more money is more money, but so is retention, and the Microsoft model of business is, where current customers are not supported for the new sale, is not one that keeps existing users happy. You have other users than just PvP and Alpha users.
As a RP Industrialist, the mining ledger is nice, but the changes to PI, where Customs can be taken over to feed some other bigger player corp or alliance, made that less fun for the littler guy. (And saying “Oh, well, join the bigger guys!” Is not a good answer to this issue.)

PvP has been given the lion’s share of CCP’s love, and I can accept that kiss-kiss, bang-bang, is the way of EvE. But, given it’s size, and CCP’s revenue stream, some love could shared for other areas of the EvEOnline experience to expand the immersion.

EvE has a rich meta game, that would benefit from WIS or something of its like.
Various games of this core type (not necessarily space) allow for the modification of items with upgrade sockets, similar to the ships, but what about adding that to drones and various weapons. This could be Tech III drones, weapons, and ship components that are upgradable, and the upgrades could be made by Industrials and or teams, and upgraded and sold on the market.

EvE is not cheap, when there are plenty of free alternatives, and even paid ones that one could play, but the promise of EvE is great! It has grown and matured beyond what it started as. And while it’s well fit, CCP cannot rest on this glitz and polish, yet continue to break promises of the caliber that has been done, and expect little to no loss. Maybe that’s the root of the problem…those that expect loss, feel that it’s within acceptable margins and cast us aside with no more thought than a griefer - podding someone in Empire-Space just for the lolz… .

Just my gripe over the loss of something I waited on patiently for a long time in EvE, only to be let down again…first you take my drone bay, then this… .
I’ve posted several ideas to replace\augment it with and or even use as new things to do in EvE, so it is more constructive than just a gripe.

While we don’t claim to be the “One”, as a Developer, saying it is too hard to do in this time span, or any BS excuse of its like, is wasted on us - save it for someone who’s not an old Idama.

Idam Aku of House Soma

End of Line.

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Kirk just got news he will never be able to bring alien girls to his CQ in EVE.

Damn you CCP.

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Since no future use for avatars will happen, I wouldn’t mind to see CQ gathering some resources like a “capitain’s log” with all our previous systems (it’s weird that a civilization that travel in space can’t store on ship’ records the names of the previous systems), an internal encyclopedia runned by Aura could also be added as all fitting menus. The internal notepad could also be transferred to CQ… The actual Neocom need some heavy organization (the Agency and Project Discovery under business folder is very weird)

Edit: I had to edit the English due to my stupid portuguese tablet corrector

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That wasn’t Kirk, an insane woman had switched minds with him, good clip though :slight_smile:

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It was Garth of Izar an insane shape shifting Star Fleet captain from “Whom Gods Destroy.” Pissed off cause he did not have the chess move that Scotty required.

What a nerd I am.

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Friggin GOLD

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  1. CCP Darwin:

There isn’t a showcase like CQ right now, but the animation system and the animation authoring pipeline have recently been overhauled so we can do more with them in the future. […] I’m a graphics software engineer specializing in 3D character systems. Most of my work over the past year has been to improve and modernize characters, so that they could play a greater role in the game. These are complex systems, but we’re in a much better place with them now than we were a year ago, and I look forward to where we’ll be able to go from here.


  1. The star map has an option to highlight visited systems.

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I know this is Star Trek but is this how walk in stations should look like?


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Not exactly.

It should look more like this:

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But if you want to know the previously systems you can’t use the map :wink: more than once I leave a system and 2 or 3 jumps after I want to return to some previous point and I can’t remember

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I’d like it to be more like this:

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Talk about burying the lead. What incompetent writer crafted this drek?

From the dev blog, and the second last paragraph:

“One of the first things that we want to investigate is to release a 64-bit EVE client to better utilize your available system memory when playing. Compiling a 64-bit client has been held back by the outdated middleware that was needed by captain’s quarters.”

That should have been the main point of this whole blog post.
But hey, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to how this company is run.

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CCP would gladly investigate all future possibilities for better EVE. That is the usual soothing, sweet lie we can get.