Devblog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

(Reese Oden) #991

I just hopped back on to EVE after a year. I started back in '12. I just wanted to make a comment and say that I truly hope EVE one day incorporates some kind of avatar gameplay. It doesn’t need to be much, but it change the game FOR THE BETTER! Thanks for everything you’ve done thus far! o7

(Nana Skalski) #992

As I have seen that CCP used NaturalMotion Morpheme, maybe use it for the next generation of our greatly missed Incarna (as it was shown on 2009 fanfest, not like delivered), in Nova this time. I hope we will get some personal space in Nova. :roll_eyes:

(Zavia Uristis) #993

Still sad about this. :cry:

(Teinyhr) #994

So, CCP, where are those chokers and headgear you promised us on April the 1st…

(Random-Alt) #995

Some news about when they plan on releasing the 64-bit Game client would be good.

(Nana Skalski) #996

I think it will be around the same time when they will make a version for 8bit computers. :thinking:

(Julian Darklight) #997

I wanted WIS and I asked for it. If you look at the “likes” here, it’s quite clear many others did too, as in a possible majority.

(Nunosh) #998

Probably a silent majority that don’t look at EVE as only a space invaders game but as a game with an huge potencial

(Nana Skalski) #999

(Yiole Gionglao) #1000

Now EVE Online succesfully broadens its appeal by appealing to people who don’t want to pay a subscription. Yeah. So much better than have the game polluted by space Barbies!

(Helushka Bodaway) #1001

well I know this is old… However I just came back a few weeks ago and was disappointed to see the CQ was removed… I used it, and you did have the choice to not use it… What was wrong with leaving it the way it was or expanding it a tad when you can buy clothes for your toons? AH well…

(Jian Mira) #1002

I am hoping they will bring it back when they re-design the Avatar interface! as this is also a bit dated now…

(Nana Skalski) #1003

They would rather remove 3d avatar system altogether and give us this what Valkyrie and Dust had.
Clothes staying as fluff items.

(Blood Ravager) #1004

Was wondering what happened to that. Was cool. But totally useless XD
Also why’d you guys take away the cool faction specific cinematics during character creation? They were very nice so its sad to see them go. But you have vastly improved the tutorials. They are very fun so Bravo :slight_smile:

(Teinyhr) #1005

As it says on the topical dev blog; It was taking up, what was it, 6 weeks of dev resources a year just for maintenance, and only around 3% of players used the feature in any kind of regularity. So they decided to cut it, but not without dangling the prospect that “it would need to be axed if we revisit WiS in the future anyway” in front of the noses of those who still somehow cling to the hope that CCP will deliver on that before EVE’s 30th birthday.

(CCP Darwin) #1006

What was wrong with leaving it the way it was or expanding it a tad when you can buy clothes for your toons?

Unfortunately, Captain’s Quarters relied on certain technology that was holding back a number of other changes to the game’s software infrastructure.

We did look at the possibility of embracing CQ and taking the system farther, but without a clearly-defined idea for how to make it mean something within the game, it was really difficult to justify.

We’re actively looking at ways to make more use of your 3D character avatars in a way that fits Eve’s overall feel and gameplay.

(Nana Skalski) #1007

So it was not the LACK of ideas, it was lack of CLARITY. There was not a person who had a clear vision. Scary. :fearful:

(CCP Darwin) #1008

If we’re considering devoting our resources to a technically challenging and complex feature, we always look at it critically to ask what it will do to make Eve a more compelling experience. The answer in this case was that the necessary effort would have a better impact elsewhere.

(Nana Skalski) #1009

Mike Pondsmith, the creator of Cyberpunk 2077 talks about cooperation with CD Projekt Red.
They had a clear vision and delivered it. The demo made a huge impact on people watching it.

I wonder, if CCP could have someone who knows what EVE really is “on ground level” someone like Pondsmith.

I feared it. You can only make as “big” impact with as “much” resources.
Resources first, impact second, and then people say that CCP today is like janitors instead of big dreamers of past days. :fearful:

(Nunosh) #1010

@CCP_Darwin and what about a more static C’Q? at least we could put out or memorabilia and even buy more apparel (as long is not only t-shirts, caps and jackets lol)