Devblog: Skills On Demand - Changes Coming To The Skill System!

that would be other caps but not sub caps and the cool down timer for a titan is quite long.

Yes makes the game even easier! And more boring!

what about:
CCP Wrangler
EVE is a dark and harsh world, you’re supposed to feel a bit worried and slightly angry when you log in,
you’re not supposed to feel like you’re logging in to a happy, happy, fluffy, fluffy lala land filled
with fun and adventures, that’s what hello kitty online is for.

These old words made the game something special!
Those who have been playing EVE for a long time had to bite their way through it.
Are the developers of EVE saying that the new players are too stupid for that?

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Depends how bad your dyslexia is…

Sadly as much as id like to say no theres only so much time you can spend in rookie help watching people struggle with the most basic principles as you scream inside when they ask such questions as;

What fuel do i put in a core probe launcher
Другие языки
or the inevitble…
What skill is for caldari frigate…

Explain how making new players deal with tedium of having to fly somewhere for basic skill books is anything to do with harsh dangerous universe.

Now in saying that, I think it should only be alpha skills that get the remote treatment. Omega only skills could need flying still and be fine.

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I could explain how tedious it is for people like me to go and get them for newbros… xD

I don’t like this change at all, I think it removes some of the logistics and getting people out in space in the game. It’s also not hard to go find skills or the skill hubs. I feel this removes some of the “geography in Eve” and will remove some trading aspects. I am personally against this.

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Though i cant argue with that im not convinced that there’s a big trade in skills; perhaps if there is evidence to suggest that there really isnt, you would change your mind?

No because still having the skills located in certain systems and not everywhere always does add some of the logistics to the game that make it complex and at least gives some amount of having to travel through space possibly during wars or the like to go get the skills. All in all, I suppose this is kindof small fries in bad changes though so it wont make a giant impact.

Thats what they say about “gateway” drugs too :stuck_out_tongue:

I lol’d

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CCP Affinity - I have to say, when you ask for feedback, usually someone listens to the feedback and takes it into account before providing an firm “this is the way it is going to be” answer.

I know it the real world, I usually listen for most of the time to what people have to say, and ask questions to find out the reasons if they are not obvious to me.

I would suggest that if you really want feedback, then you listen and ask why.

I’m curious, in the real world, do you do reading and comprehension?

Because whilst it was stated that

In response to the following question

And follows this up with


It may not seem obvious, but all you have to do to ‘get rid of unwanted skill books’ is sell them on the market at a price slightly less than the price to purchase “direct to Pod”. May take a little longer to move, and people may no longer buy overpriced skill books in Jita, but it certainly doesn’t remove the market, nor give any reason to refund any/all existing skill books that are ‘out in the wild’.


Oh! So that’s what the “Buy and Train” button means! As a returning player I honestly thought this was some microtransaction option like the “Buy Plex” button. I’ll have to try it out.

Personally I’ve never had any issue with having to fly to a market hub or training hub to buy skillbooks. When I’m planning out my fittings I still need to eventually travel to a hub to buy the modules. There’s no “Buy and Fit” button on the fitting window (I hope I didn’t give CCP another idea here…)

So why are skillbooks being treated differently than modules? If a new player finds it confusing to buy and inject skillbooks wouldn’t they also find it confusing to buy and fit modules?

They’ve honestly found skillbook injection simpler and far more straightforward than ship fitting, but that’s because it was simple and straightforward. This change just makes the injection process more convenient.

With ship mods, there’s so much more information that goes into just buying one.

This system finally got me to Buy and Train the last of some miscellaneous skills that I just couldn’t be bothered to go and train. Made it super convenient. Logged in, opened up my skill queue, and just a couple of clicks later, I had 'em all ready to go.

But why not make the purchase of modules more convenient? I think the reason is probably because most people buy skillbooks from NPCs and purchasing a skill is kind of meant to be a type of ISK sink similar to tax.

Removing the need to buy skillbooks from specific stations and switching it to just paying a fee to unlock a skill keeps the ISK sink while removing a time sink.


  • use autopilot and get blown up by rats or suiciders on gates
  • choose wrong market and make an error and pay twice+ for the book

In any case: whatever makes people undock is better that have them sit in station and do nothing. In the light of “don’t undock before you have all skills at V” this makes even more sense to make people actually do something in game.

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Oh man, word correction is the worst in those new age rotten fruit phones.

You wanted to say “increase the price of titan skillbooks to 1000 billion”. But I got you, no worries.

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Or you say “buy 1 mil Gecko” but it buys a 1 bil Gecko contract instead. :upside_down_face: