[Discussion] Community Safety in EVE Online

You demonstrate faith in authority that I do not have.
I’m not offering an alternative just stating a position.

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Ugh so much “muh freedum” and still no actual answer from CCP.

I’m curious is the whole reason you do what you do to abuse the system so much as to force change?

CCP swift answered on the other post

Also why is 60% of post’s “hidden due to sensitive eye’s of the innocent”
aka This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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What other post?

Im not exactly sure I know what you mean

Oh that, because people flag things they dont like and after two or three flags it hides it automatically.
Its dumb

GM’s holding strangers accountable for toxic behavior

O! I thought an ISD actually has to go and look at it and accept or decline. At least its not as much of a metric ton of work for them as I thought

This doesnt answer what I was asking CCP about

No, only if its reported for something non-specific.

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A game that advertised how awesome it was to be toxic now saying toxic is bad. LOL


I am an upstanding, law-abiding citizen.

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These new-age arguments with egg shells all over are so boring.


Don’t worry the community acknowledges that it has left shells everywhere and has taken into account peoples worry of stepping on them and has gone ahead and implemented the leg amputation program to retain the peace.




Yea I don’t buy that, taking on a drek in a vigi its maddness the chance of neuts is high and last time I flew the vigi the cap seemed to be its weak point.

I second this and would go further. The option to turn off all chat, refuse all mails, etc, etc except for maybe blues. A standings filter for all chat maybe.

Any significant size alliance I encounter is on the block list due to the “abuse” that CCP is claiming to care so much about. I’d like the option to just preemptively block them all. I don’t need to listen to them talk to watch them explode.

The Block unknown characters option will block evemails from everyone but will allow evemails from any type of contact through (including negative and terrible standings, except for blocked ones for obvious reason).

Sorry man hiding in a shell is not going to fix anything. Game already has block features. If your looking for single player games go play them. Don’t like what the guy says block them? Comon guys it’s the internet. I wouldn’t take things personally when a random stranger says it on an online form like my post. However there are lines for decency. CCP can’t do much outside official areas but it’s up to us to expose truly horrid people. Report what you see is truly toxic. Not just hurt ego crying in local. There are people who get angry in the moment and there are people who are simply just out to hurt others.

I speak this as a former dota 2 player who has had the entire book thrown at him with the amount of illogic, flaming, crying, acting like a kid, and simply out to literally ruin the game for others.


I raised my children to do the right thing. I don’t see why that’s hard to understand.

Your true character comes out when no one is watching.


Yes. Quite substantial proof of people crossing very bad lines.

The game’s turning 20, maybe it’s time for it to grow up :wink:


Where is this? And who are they?

And what are CCP doing about it?

For simple questions these seem to be extremely hard for them to answer.

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