[Discussion] Community Safety in EVE Online

Okay, I am confused, who did we upset this time?

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The :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

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Someone who thinks that other people should add more of substance to the thread/forums in general.

Not them, ofc.

Other people.


Off topic:
Do you know how long ago It was since I’ve seen this lol, its easy for memories to change a lil.

On topic:
I think people are pretty safe in eve, most people need to just learn to walk away from toxic people


It really is a game of cat and mouse.
Neighbourhoods police themselves.
Tyrants school slaves at will.

Community is communism, the experiment never ends (well).

You don’t have to remember it just look at the gif and the size of the younger cat… let alone the fact it looks like a cat in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Apparently its not about harassment in game anyway.

Its whether CCP are allowed to take action against the account of someone for something outside of the game.

Some people think CCP shouldnt have the right to ban people from their server for crimes committed outside the server.

Others think that its CCPs right as a private company to do what it wants.

Including letting naughty words stay active in game because they havent done the crime in game.

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good old “picture or didn’t happen” mentality

Hate to break it to you sport, but CCP can ban you for any reason they want, including no reason. That’s the beauty of being a private company. “We reserve the right to refuse service.” isn’t just for greasy diners and Wal-Mart.


So you’re saying that because they didn’t do something right away, that means they don’t care? They have no other petitions to deal with at the moment but yours?

Take heed CCP: If you adopt the DIE ideology, you will be expected to enforce it instantly and to the satisfaction of the petitioners, or they will just complain and accuse you of being posers.

Maybe they could hire an entire cadre of “diversity consultants” to train an army of GMs just to police what players are allowed to talk about. In fact, maybe these GMs should collectively and actively monitor every single chat channel in the game, and get an automated alert and highlight anytime someone says something naughty - such as the word “mom” instead of “birthing parent”.

That is such a wonderful vision for the future. I can’t wait to see how EVE Online “EVOLVES”.

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I think we have to ask ourselves is either extreme an option, look at Rome as an example when thing’s got too politically correct everything ground to a halt and nothing ever got done, forcing them to use dictators to speed things up again in times of emergency.

If things are set at the right balance to begin with neither extreme is needed. HTFU has merit and belong’s in Eve but mixed with a friendly competitive spirt and not one of malice.

The avg age of Eve players is somewhere in the 30’s this needs to be taken into account. Especially considering who CCP just hired, if the narratives turn into a kindergarden class things are going to get ugly quickly. But let’s see how things pan out.


Not seen that before. You can expect a raid on your hanger, they after you.

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I firmly believe CCP is powerless to ban people over things that happen in private discords/reddits and everything in between that is outside of CCP’s official areas.

If someone did something horrible out of game, make it so all the public can see and shame him. His character should be effectively ruined.

Then it comes down to internet smarts and having expectations for THE INTERNET… Is it easy enough to say, “Don’t let a random strangers words get to you?” We have block features here and so on. Am I simplifying this too much? I really don’t know. I don’t let the comments of one random stranger get to me on a personal level at all.


All I know is when I call Mxxxxxx a pxxxx I get a warning.

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Better a warning than a banning. As a matter of interest, how many warnings to a banning? Can you remove warnings by killing rats?

2 warnings seem logical.

@Uriel_the_Flame & @ResonanceOfWar

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And you will never know what we were talking about… ever. :smirk:

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