[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

It does matter, and I don’t think you are understanding the different models.

WoW. $9.99 per month
Annual Expansion pack : $50-90 per year

Actual Monthly cost: $14.16-17.49 per month.

This is in line with the cost Eve show. The business models are all the same. You have a target revenue that you are looking to achieve as a business. Now, if that is microtransactions, advertisement, expansion packs, game enhancement like skins/uniforms, or monthly prices it is all relative to people playing, and equates to a number CCP should be making. When subscriptions go down, more sales hit the market, and when bills are paid and no issues with numbers in-game, no one cares about making the game more affordable to you. This is how all businesses work in a capitalist world of supply and demand.


Complaining about the price increase and then still continue to pay it makes absolutely no sense.

If it’s such a outrage then quit. If they would lose 15k players over 1-3 months they would adjust.

This is just business.


Out of the 3.8 almost 3.9k posts this post is the absolute most accurate post ever. If anyone has complained about the price hike and actually hinted/inferred/said they were quitting. BUT YOU DIDNT that’s as about as sad as the internet gets. The outrage machine thankfully has slowed down now. Like every big update. Scarcity, mining balance pass, anything else. Big outrage over about some months the complainers stop… Secretly playing EVE.

Noone Quits EVE they simply take a break.

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Wow classic. No expansion pack. Actual Monthly cost £9.99

In the past YES. After the price hike NO.

WoW releases expansions every 2-3 years and you get a heck of a lot of content for your money. Eve “expansions” have never really been expansions, besides maybe Apocrypha, there are patches similar to WoW adding a new quest hub.

For the record I’m fine with the sub increase, my main issue with CCP is the Mining, Indy, BRM changes and various other bits such as combat/mining anom respawn nerfs, application nerfs, SS and recons. I’d happily resub my accounts if they fixed some of these core systems.

However I can see why people are unhappy with the price increase.

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Well maybe for you.
But not for me.
Actually I am sitting in china for 21 days in a very nice chicken cage (vulgo quarantain hotel).
And even that my actual customer pay me a sh*tload of money for do nothing, or watch Netfix.
But the actual state of game is not worth to log in nor to pay the subscription for my two accounds.

I check the dev-blogs from time to time, and read sometimes the forum for nostalgic reason.
But to be honest, as long ccp/PA is focused on graphic updates (most ppl plays in potato mode) or instanced single-contend (in a MMO) I don’t see any reason to think about a resubscription.
Some of my friends say there is light at the end of the (EvE-)tunnel
I think It’s a fast train coming towards you.

If you enjoy the actual gamestatus, be my guest and have fun.

… 16 days remaining


WoW, Albion, FFXIV, these are games which are completely designed and fully experienced with 1 client.

Eve is not.

To experience Eve in all aspects, multiple concurrent clients are required, IE: Multiple accounts, however CCP do not market the game that way. Sure you can play Eve with 1 client casually, but if you have never played the game with multiple accounts, you really are missing out on a lot of possibilities and opportunities the game has to offer, and that’s fine, but not the norm at all.

If mining the ore and building say a battle ship and its basic fittings could be done by 1 account in say 3-4 hours of game play, then 1 account should be enough to fully experience the game. But this is not the case at all for the average player.

Currently it would take a single account almost 6 days to manufacture a single T1 battleship from the blueprints, this does not include the PI, Ore or Moon Mining. Add more accounts and this process becomes more bearable. So for the single account player who wants a new ship, its off to instanced content to farm the isk to buy from current stockpiles right? well this can only occur for so long, then the market will crash… right? With the added side affect of basically removing players from space and the ripple effect that has…

The crux of the matter is that the various current systems of the game are complex and requires many game hours to accomplish, significantly more than one account can deal with, however the pricing is somewhat confusing like MCT and focused on single account. As far as i can see, this was CCP’s intention to add more complexity and bring the game to a single account. But why would one shoot themselves in the foot like that?

The complexity is what makes Eve, Eve. so i wouldn’t be clean slating it, however if the current industrial system is to remain, then lots of alts are required from Pi to Reactions, to mining etc. Most indy people wont pay the 100’s of $$ each month to keep building like they were. This means economic issue ahead in game, and out of game.

So when comparing costs between the other games, its chalk and cheese.

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Why spend hours earning ISK when it is much more time efficient, if you earn more than 1$ an hour to buy plex unless you are a masochist?


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I built both a Providence, an Orca, a Charon, and a ton of other ships, using a single indy character. The big ones took ages, built some components, others I bought for a lot cheaper than I could make and shipped them out of the dark corners of the Universe at ungodly hours. Cost me a lot less than buying the ships and it was fun, but its virtually impossible now. Even if you have the alts and are part of a big nullsec alliance, with access to the resources, the sheer investment in real time is ridiculous.

I see this argument a lot so I’m going to comment on this.

It’s a decent argument against grinding, but it’s not a compelling reason for buying PLEX to a lot of players. The masochists are not the silliest players in the MMO scene.

Many players don’t want to “win” or progress through their credit cards. It makes everything within the game more trivial and it feels like a scam.

Why pay to the skip the game? Makes more sense to both skip the paying and the game. Even if they only wanted to skip the PvE and go for the PvP, it then makes sense to go looking for a game that only has PvP. Saves time and money.

An MMO with bad PvE is a bad game and even decent PvE on repeat becomes a chore, which means most or all MMOs are simply bad games.


PVE in EVE is beyond boring. PvP is where the fun is.

Yes. EVE would be better, if it were not an MMO.

And how do you PvP alone? Punch yourself in the face?

Except for the blueballing, no shows, timers and in many cases being roflstomped in 9 nanoseconds


The real time tactics genre would be the most logical choice for this game. Hypothetically, if a game designer were to design a new EVE game, without certain exploitive business considerations in mind, that’s where they’d probably arrive at.

RTT is multiplayer and there’s more pros than cons compared to MMOs.

The interface can handle multiple ships per player, without resorting to third party applications and clumsy switches. You can easily have those huge, epic battles with hundreds or even thousands of spaceships, but without Tidi slowdowns, as advertised.

Nobody has to be a mere F1 monkey, because everyone on your team controls a whole wing.
Nobody has to mine or do PI, but you can still have ship design and army compositions, fleet budgets and clans. A Zkill board would still be great for keeping score and trying to second guess the opposing army composition.

Seriously, why is EVE even an MMO? It’s all just subs and plex and fomo.

I get why some fantasy RPGs with players roleplaying their character may need to be persistent worlds, even with all the digital herpes that comes with playing an MMO, but EVE is abstract. There’s no playing house here.

Frankly I have never heard of Real time tactics games before. Could you link a game like that for others to learn?

I do agree with the points @Ramona_McCandless makes about pvp. I HATE NO SHOWS. As a former merc/station defender that was the worst. PVP has so many cons for me. I do like the arena PVP despite everyone’s objections to that. Instant action I think appeals to me and a lot of others. Roaming NS fleets fulfill this also.

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You need to understand that you are playing the wrong game. I am not saying that I wouldn’t like arena-style EVE PvP but that is not going to happen besides ocassional Proving Grounds events.

These posts “I want EVE to be a PVE only game”, “I want EVE to by arena-style PvP game” etc. are all nonsense. If you really wanted such game then you would playing it already, there are games offering that on the market and they are doing it better than EVE (ever would have). But you don’t like those games do you? Ask yourself why is that and why would EVE be any different if it was rebranded/remade into such game. Answer is that it wouldn’t, it would probably be even worse.

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These are considered RTT

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1 is plenty. Multiple accounts is when you give into propaganda.

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