[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

Yea I have said this many many times, so many players I have known that are older, or not, but have zero interest in pvp, shooting or ganking, or even be gankned, these are the players your alienating CCP, and that player base is huge, and could be much larger, but they never stay playing eve long, because they get ganked while trying to mine, or run Pi and haul stuff, all in high sec… This has become out of hand, and honestly gankers may enjoy this , and justify Thier actions, but how does CCP justify it when the in gankers are chasing players away, again they may love it and get their rocks off, but CCP just lost another customer… All because they can’t provide a environment for these type of players, not to mention these type of players would be huge help to the industry… But yea CCP needs to make .8-1.0 systems near impossible to gank players in, I don’t think they should make it impossible, just very very hard. Such as give us a new module we can put in our mid or low slot depending on what your tanking, armor or shield, that can only be activated in systems .8 and up, that raises the resists to 99 across the board for 10 secs, that way we don’t create an afk catastrophe, and your not afk, you don’t die… Make it harder not impossible, but yea we need to detour gankers in high sec, and need to create a new sec, Mid sec. 0.4-0.7. And we need to open the 0.4 up to mid sec so us miners can get better moon ores, since we are the ones staying out to get ganked… The problem is everyone, CCP only cares what the big null sec groups want, not the small individual guy, and that will be the downfall of Eve, if it doesn’t show now, going from 300k active players to the 14k yesterday then I have no clue what to say anymore, we get on these forums to tell the devs our experience, we do and yet they make it worse for us not better, catering to large null alliances, well CCP when eve does die and you prepare to shut the servers down, remember why this happened…
CCP-- Ohh ■■■■ we should have listened and catered to the little guys, not the big null sec guys, they left eve and there was no one left to play, because over the past years we chased off all the little guys… And never did anything for them…

Very pathetic and disgusting to watch a game such as Eve, (one of the greatest space games ever), deteriorate due to greed and favoritism, being partial to Goons, and other large null sec groups… I’m on the cliff, ready to jump to Star Citizen, or jump back to FPS’s and some Apex, anything that gives me satisfaction, and fun… So so sad…

Have no fear , Kitty online is here.

Seriously what did they expect, EVE is a PvP game.

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It’s almost as if this isn’t the game they want to play…
Almost like the game wasn’t designed to provide the kind of casual Stardew Valley play they want…

I mean, I’ve known heaps of players who’ve quit because their market orders keep getting 1isk’ed and they didn’t like it because it wasn’t fair because they wanted to sell their stuff first and didn’t want to compete and CCP is making all those players quit by not giving them their own market server so they can buy and sell without other pesky players competing with them.

To be clear, this is not a “get gud scrub” post.

Eve Online isn’t just a “space trading game”. It is a space game with a very specific ethos and logos, a specific design:

Eve is a dangerous sandbox MMO, where no activity is safe and you must compete to survive and thrive. You can do whatever you want, aim for whatever reward you seek, as long as you accept the risks.

CCP’s target market has long been people who crave that risk vs. reward.
People who will band together to manage those risks, or play for the thrill of it.

If you aren’t that target market, that’s cool, No Man’s Sky or Elite are good space games with a lot of enjoyable elements and a lot less danger.

But CCP is loosing customers because they’ve done a lot to move away from that original logos and the ethos built upon it. Not because a few solo carebears - looking for a different game - get upset about getting ganked.


I like how you think the only risk in the game is a PvP player. No, my friend NPC kills more than PvP players I would argue possibly on a daily basis. So I do agree there needs to be a risk, there needs to be destruction, but it absolutely doesn’t need to be from a PvP player. NPC can replace that with no issues and they are way more effective at it.

If you like PvP that is totally awesome and we need more players like that. Go roam null, wh, and low sec areas looking for that respectable challenger. Join a corp in Alliance in war. There is plenty of content out there. More than enough in those space realms, my opinion is it isn’t needed in high sec unless with consent.


Oh boy………. Your trolling right?


Allow me to enter into your discussion.

Each of you is both wrong and right, but the most important thing is that you both converge on at least one point:

The first person responsible for the debacle of EvE Online is above all and above all the publisher himself, namely here CCP…

Everything else (all the points you mention, agree or not) would have been running smoothly since 2003, if and only if CCP had been able to respect its entire player base. However, when a publisher takes advantage of being the sole holder of the keys to the system in order to gesticulate them at his convenience at the expense of all his players, he inevitably abuses their trust sooner or later. In the case of CCP, it has now been more than a decade since a latent war between CCP and this playerbase has been brewing. So inevitably, after so many years of legitimate defections, we should not be surprised today if the game has lost so much of its candor…

EvE Online was a nugget! There is no equivalent at this stage (we must still watch what is happening on the side of the promising Star Citizen). However, CCP has screwed up its own game by introducing a whole bunch of crap (PLEXs, OMEGAs, EPPs, etc.) which necessarily undermine the current state of the persistent world that New Eden was supposed to become, and this from 2003; it was in any case the original promise of CCP; to tell the truth, New Eden hasn’t been a persistent universe at all for a long time, more precisely since those pesky PLEXs made their appearance… Against all odds, it was the lure of profit that motivated the choices of CCP taking us all for their cash cows, and this without ever offering us anything in return, i.e. without the slightest new content, without the slightest technological evolution (maneuverability of vessels, taking into account the laws of physics, etc.), without the slightest loyalty offer, or even without the slightest thank you! However, EvE Online is indeed the first game in the world for which players from all over the world have invested the most! What has become of all this mass of money, if they are not totally unjustified investments that have all led CCP to have to accumulate so many years of failures in spite of ourselves, failures that are besides all irrelevant lives of EvE Online that they have never stopped milking in order to satisfy their whims of spoiled children…

History, we know it by heart alas! CCP wants us to believe just the opposite, that’s why it will never be the complacent trolls who will be censored on this forum; to hell with the dissatisfied players, they probably say to themselves, preferring to constantly pour into their endless advertising campaign, only knowing how to sell cosmetics, rather than seriously questioning themselves…

At this time, after more than 4,000 responses under this topic, of which more than 400 have been censored, CCP completely evades the problem, even the crisis of mistrust caused by its own decision of a delirious inflation of +33%, which even the current state of CCP’s balance sheet alone cannot justify…

Q. CCP does much more than simple monetization; CCP taxes ever more and pushes for the permanent destruction of all player assets, and it does all of this by abuse of economic dependence in defiance of the persistence of the New Eden universe…

CCP must stop being so stubborn, and wipe the slate clean of more than ten years of mismanagement, before making the wise choice to return to the ancestral rules of New Eden (those that worked perfectly throughout the period 2003-2009 having made the glory of CCP). CCP must opt ​​for a big RESET! It can either decide to do it on a single server, or, as I have so often suggested here and there, open a second server dedicated solely to the original MMO-RPG-RTS (my specimen server called NOSTALGIA) without PLEXs, without OMEGA, without EPP, etc., since at the same time, it would allow the other category called impatient players, excessive consumers of PLEXs, to stand apart on the TRANQUILITY server; an amply justified separation…

The ball is therefore in their court! But they will have to act fast! Because the defections of the players do not wait and continue… Also, as CCP really does need money, well it’s either that (TRANQUILITY + NOSTALGIA) and everyone will be happy in the medium term , or the key under the door in the very short term with regard to the international context (climate runaway, pandemic, war, etc.), contrary to the economic perception of @Brisc_Rubal

It’s up to you guys… But don’t delay too long, because your longship is taking on water from all sides…

And if the CSM17 really wants to make itself useful for once, then this is indeed the only real subject of discussion which it must seize without delay! A good hearing, I greet you well…

Ully Loom

It must be the asylums annual away day.

Yes and you need to come back

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I have a few thoughts on the price increase. A. No other MMO charges this much, CCP (or those really in control) you will drive away a lot of PAYING players. I have already cancelled my Omega sub and I have several friends that have cancelled between 1-4 accounts per person.

B. CCP made a huge mistake when they moved to the free to play model, I would bet you lost a lot of money allowing people to go from Omega to Alpha and now you are forced? to charge those paying players even more to support the game. SHAME.

C. CCP sold out to a greed4life company that is trying to milk the payers while letting the game die. CCP apparently never gave a crap about the people actually supporting the game. Sorry I wasted 11 years off and on.


No MMO has the massive single server that CCP needs to manage on a day-to-day basis with thousands of interacting variables also.

A vast majority of players would not have gotten into EVE if it wasn’t for the alpha system. Honestly from the advertising I see online vs the actual game and then being asked to pay right off the bat? I would not be here today. I play EVE because of the unique ISK-Plex-Omega market that no other game has on the scale of EVE.

I can’t refute this one as well as A and B but to me as a younger EVE player relative to the time span of the game. So, I am not bitter about CCP selling out as others are. What’s your definition of a dead/dyeing game? Does a game die in your book?

I personally don’t let myself get so emotionally attached to a game. I have been here for about 4 years on 2 different characters. I have been plexing for pretty much 3.5 years. I seen some faults with CCP. I see some smart ideas CCP has had. There is no other true game that can fill the void EVE creates in us. It’s why many people come back after they “quit” Take a break from EVE. There is a high chance you and many others will check EVE out again after some months ---- years.

You just keep defending CCP and their crap. There is no way in hell you can prove that a “majority” of players got into the game due to the free to play option. Also pretty sure WoW has far more costs when it comes to servers then EVE does and they didn’t/haven’t raised their prices. As far as a dead game, I guess when the free to play accounts outnumber the pay ones then the game is on its last leg.

You are right I don’t have any hard numbers to support that. What I can say is I can see in the market still supports free to play/one time purchase games. CCP has to compete with all the other subscription services out there. I am inferring that since CCP created the alpha system there are more people in EVE today vs if they just stuck to omega. I believe it’s pretty reasonable the Alpha free to play system drew in many more people who eventually subscribed vs just being omega.
I try to be balanced in my assessments of CCP. I have seen many things where I disliked CCP for doing. The mining changes really forced to change my playstyle.

I believe WoW is not on the level of complexity EVE faces on a day-to-day basis of keeping the server running. However, I would like to be proved wrong.

Comes back to your first point there is no data that we can see how many alpha/omega players there are. Naturally I still assume it should be more omega players in eve as you can’t multibox alphas.

The decline of EVE is similar in a way to SWG. IN SWG, you had a living breathing universe, players strived to one day become jedi.

Sony dumbed down the game and made jedi a starting class, similar to CCP selling PLEX from the store and allowing you to buy years worth of skill points,dumbing down requirment for ships, new players being able to pretty much hop straight into battleships.

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And then we have this:


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That is what I liked in Eve. When our little merc corps war dec’d, hunted, chased, and killed as a team.

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I assume that was in high sec before CCP turned wars into structure bashing, removing the fun for small pvp corps.


Retreat into unsub land and let the resulting money winter “win” the war. That victory being the end of Eve.

But if it happens it is going to be slow, then faster, then “POOF”.

CCP/Pearl Abyss are just examples of large organizations that will never admit they have made a serious stupid mistake.

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Another would be SONY who killed SWG, ignoring the players as they knew best.


Its hard to prove anything really. Bottom line though is when you put the burden of maintaining the game on the players who pay and give a free ride to Alpha’s I think that is a mistake. I wish instead they would have offered a free Alpha account to anyone with an Omega account. 1 Omega account = 1 free Alpha account so the more Omega accounts the more Alpha accounts but only for people who are actually paying for the game. It would potentially cut some of the costs of the people who pay for the game and reward them for being loyal subscribers. Giving people something for nothing in my view is a horrible idea.

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Yeah. I thought, at the time, that CCP was just following the free to play/use thing so many software makers are using to hook the fish.

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