[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread


CCP never seem to care about its base of players having nevertheless made its glory in the past, a past where free play did not even exist; at that time, each player taking part in EvE Online was proud to be able to contribute without counting, or almost, to the development of the most beautiful and intelligent online game of all time…

I am part of this base and I think I can say with great pride that I have done my part for a long time, not to mention the many gracious sponsorships to my credit… But all of this was done without counting greed unacknowledged from CCP who, rather than intelligently reinvesting our money in order to support this incessant base of players, preferred to indulge in abuses that we did not suspect of him, and therefore inevitably, sooner or later, wreckage: PLEX, OMEGA, EPP, injectors, etc., that is to say all the ingredients necessary for the alienation of these same players and who will have finally got the worst of the persistence of New Eden…

Also, when a player rightly claims free, namely the real one in June 2022, it is in no way to tell CCP to work for free, oh! no, and the accounting figures prove it (say thank you to the players for that instead of constantly denigrating them like you do), it’s to tell CCP to stop taking us for idiots and cash cows, while manipulating us permanently as they do!

Is that clear enough for you, dear lollipop @Zaera_Keena ?

Ully Loom

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Maybe he want’s to work for free for his boss too while he is at it.

If they made it free to play then no one would buy omega through plex as well so the only income would be skin’s, injector’s and plex for isk ingame and if that happend PA would shut down eve as it would not cover the cost that they bought eve out for.

All dev would go to phone games where the players are a lot dumber and fall for pay to win and stuff.

I don’t mind the prices as they are now if CCP actually brings out content for eve online if months go by and no content then… gg I guess.

Hello again,

Over 17 million characters have been created in New Eden in 19 years. However, just last night, only 19,000 players were connected when I connected; I don’t know exactly when it was, but whatever.

Also, in 2019, perhaps Pearl Abyss would have been better off analyzing all these numbers, rather than betting on a horse that had already gone lame despite us.

Because if CCP continues to ignore its base of players to such an extent, and in particular the long list of comments set in stone under this thread, then yes, Pearl Abyss will have no choice but to close EvE Online at view of the developing competition.

Then it would certainly be a monumental mess. But it would also and above all be a logical end in view of the commercial mismanagement of CCP in progress.

Because with such an inflation of +33%, CCP creates the surprise by definitively entering the book of records in terms of abuse of economic dependence; let her take care not to have to rush into the pantheon of the gods of swindling; that would be really unfortunate.

In the meantime, let’s play some LEGOs to pass the time and try to forget the massacre in progress, because in the event of permanent closure of EvE Online, our brick creations will survive…

And then, let’s take the word CCP, and do it at least for a good cause, because children are counting on us!

Ully Loom

Hmmmm unfortunately i never received one of those emails.

On the bright side, you don’t need the email.
As long as your alt accounts are on the same email address as your main, all alts can select the discounted sub.

That’d work if the community is okay with in-game ads. shudder

Yes, and the gaming market was pushing for one-time purchases/free to play. It’s likely why CCP got rid of their omega only/demo business model and opted for a free to play/premium model like so many other games. I don’t have any data/numbers to back this up but I believe it was the correct move to get more players into EVE and hopefully paying omega subscribers. Why would I subscribe to EVE online were there are so many other subscription products out there? Free to play is what got me in eve. I am not bitter about EVE it’s just a pixel game to me.

YES CCP has changed my play style but I adapted and went on with business. I guess I am just not as emotionally attached to EVE as you are. That and I also am a plexer in EVE so I don’t have $$$ “Invested” in the game. I would just go play Stelleris/Dota 2/Ravenfield and some other space titles I am keeping an eye on if anything happened to EVE. :person_shrugging:

If anyone says they will be fine with that they need to go try 9 dragons first, the game is horendous to play with those adds.

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I am not your lollipop

She didn’t claim you to be her lollipop though. :wink:

Btw based on your wording: Are you someone else’s lollipop perhaps? :thinking: :smirk:

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Maybe not a cockaroach just want’s a few licks.

I wanted to tell the whole story but I’m just going to get to the point instead it’s not right that after learning a skill completely that it doesn’t become available to the player regardless of their omega status it was bought and paid for instead it’s held back unless we are omega that to me is a theft and that’s why I don’t pay for the game anymore haven’t in a long time I feel if everyone would stop paying for the game which is what a lot of people are doing now because of the hike they won’t have any income from subs only a huge free to play player base and there are many huge mmo’s that are free to play and get updates all the time they make their money to pay their employees so why can’t eve? It’s because they are greedy and are trying to milk every dime they can from players there really is no other explanation.

This will never happen. It’s like predicting the servers will shut down soon XD (They will not, and people will still pay for EVE)

thanks for taking the time to reply to me…i finally realized i needed to log into an Alt account to see the discount deal… dumb me hehehe

Very welcome.

Not sure if this is going to increase revenue. I usually omega 2 accounts. But now I would focus on one and plex the second one. Makes me skil a bit slower as a trade-off since I would have otherwise bought skill injectors for the isk. So on me personally you are going to earn less. Actually 33 percent less.

I wonder if the plex version of a sub is also discounted on an alt, on amount of plex needed.

Are you referring to accounts that are holding 3 characters and only one is currently Omega and the other two don’t have an active Multiple Pilot Training Certificate?

It is showing me 485 plex needed per month for that Mtc so the sale is just on the money side.

When I logged onto one of the alts on the same account it was 370 or something like that maybe it was a sale that lasted only a few days.

Just LOVE the fact I didn’t get Any Real Content, nor did i get any Real Bug Fixes, nor Any Real Quality of Life Features

But I got A Real Price Increase.

My 7yr old can prolly run the company better than you guys.

At least he understands if he wants his allowance, he has to take out the trash and Actually do something for it.