[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

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1st: where and what is your proof
2nd: your statements is the kind of toxicity we do not need in this game…
3rd: I am flagging your post for inflammatory remarks and borderline RL threats.

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He did tell a child to kill themselves, that IS a fact.

So I do find it easy to believe his alliance willfully covers up criminal acts against minors vOv

If thats not the case CCP should explain whats going on clearly on public.

Edit: what a surprise, someone doesnt like the truth

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Not an ISD but this thread has lost meaningful debate/discussion a while ago. This should be archived. :slight_smile:

That is one weird semi-truck

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Somebody not happy it seems

$14.95 and they will come

With all those hardcore fuckups in the last months, how many people will still play EVE Online in April '23? Couldn’t play for 3 days because you released a patch with made many people get stuck in their jump clones for no good reason but the window crashing with an alpha-test-like error message. And it wasn’t the only “can’t play today or longer”-patch you threw out.

30% price increase for that performance is not just shameful, no, not even Father Ridicule can catch up to you like that. If you take the walk of atonement, we’ll be waiting for you, tomatoes locked and loaded.


EVE is dying, this time for real.

Returning player here, or… Well, formerly returning. I used some of my PLEX stock to reactivate and try the game again recently. Don’t have enough PLEX to keep my sub going and $20 is frankly a silly price to ask and goes completely against all other popular MMOs on the PC market. You went from me potentially paying for 2 subs for $30 a month to me paying for 0 for $0 a month. You guys should probably go full reverse on this change ASAP.


This is exactly my point too. Either CCP needs to make it affordable for multiaccounters in some way again or receive nothing at all.

I could pay much more money than 20$ a month. Having one account paid is not the issue.
Unfortunately my playstyle does require more than one account to be paid and the total sum has risen beyond sane measures.
So instead of gaining maybe X times 4,95$ as was planned by CCP business strategists, i have to resort to not paying X times 20$ a month.

Maybe i’ll switch to pay EVE only for half a year from now on to even it out. Still have to make up my mind on this but have no hurry to decide.

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Something told me to buy several of the $10 dollar deals. That was just before the increase landed.Glad I did. All of that time has been used, now I play as alpha. Ane will until the next attractive deal…

this dog don’t hunt