[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

yeah thats another point.

tbh i dont like multi-boxing… its just makeing off the playernumbers.
I mean, sure… if you can do it, and like to do it… and if its your way to go to play your own mining fleet… why not…

never got the point of it… but i assume if you can upscale to a point you make x times the isk and with just less than x times the effort… and thats why so many do it…

But if there is in average just one human behind 4-20 player ingame… its kinda sad.

I mean, getting a fight out of 20 different player in space instead of 1 Player with 20 Alts… its different…
so… getting more real player into space… instead of keep pushing the few remaining player into doing more and more alts… would be better — in my oppinion- for the health of the game.

Hell if we would have the action and movement we had in 2013 when i played the first time,
the amount of real player in corps etc… i would maybe not even bother to pay 20$ per month or even more, couse i had a lot of fun.

But now, ns is held by a few ppl, who only agree to not letting small groups move in… beside that its almost everywhere just empty… beside of some times a single ishtar ratting 24/7 here and there…

And the new prices will help for sure paying for their next stupid game they mess up…
but not for eves health… no matter if it comes to the multiboxing or real player health…

and thats what eve was always lacking of, and will now lack even more.

I will remain alpha, so i can check in from time to time,
will be enough and nothing is exactly what i am willing to pay for eve right now.

so have fun or not -whatever,
fly safe


Wast majority of those multiboxing alts are not visible or interact-able with.

They are alts that are doing industry jobs and PI in some nullsec citadel on demand and never move outside of their sector.
They are mining alts in highsec which you cannot wardec.
They are ganker alts who are docked/tethered till they land on their prey.

Some of them might be interact able with, but that still doesn’t make the space feel any more crowded than it is, in fact most players feels desperation when they run into these multibox fleets of miners or gankers.

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Ooo feedback thread.

cracks knucles

I’m one of those rare old players who only plays one account.

5$ dollars really doesn’t mean much, and I don’t think I’ve had to pay the sub itself since the change, the variety of packs at the 20-25 dollar range have been a good enough value. I’ve always said this is the best mmo and I don’t mind voting with my dollar. I enjoyed DUST 514 sooooo much, I’d be delighted to know any of that extra cost was going to the development of a successor that’ll see the light of day.

Rising plex to isk value means that if I do feel swiping the card not to grind, I actually get a meaningful value, but it’s not so bad that paying for Omega with ISK is out of the question, or even that much more difficult than it was before.


Good thing I already lost interest when Pearl Abyss got involved. I knew it was a good idea to escape the FOMO early. I still have about a month of PLEX, but at this stage I think I’m just going to let my account rot in the database and forget about CCP/PA as a whole.


I’m surprised that anyone even pays the $14.95… Good Luck!


Well, I personally play solo (no alts) just mine all the time when watching movies. Otherwise have a life and job and can dedicate maybe 5 hours per week. This is not enough for the grind to generate 2b isk for 500 plex. You roughly need around 70m, give or take, per day to be able to afford that.

So basically 2b for plex

  • ships for pvp
  • ships for pve
  • losses eperienced through either of the previous
  • structures
  • etc. etc.

I switched to CC cause I dont want a job after my job. Then again, I understand players that run multiple accounts, all my mates run 2-3 accounts per head. And most of them just seem to be downsizing lately. Due to either no time, price increase and the lack of the fun factor.

Overall not happy with the Omega increase cause if you want to change the price, offer me something new…

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You sir are not actually playing the game.

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Ive not got an issue with the price hike if and i mean if there was better content.
Today for instance i did 8 relic sites in Null. 5 sites give out a max of 4mil isk each hardly making it worth the risk to reward factor. 1 however was 102mil isk. But again that was a pure fluke.
Data sites again dont have the risk to reward factor.
Combat sites again ive done around 25 in the last few days. Only 1 spawned a faction ship. Again not really keeping the interest.

Agree with you, however higher reward in ISK doesn’t make the content itself any better. What you are getting fun from isn’t really content itself, but the reward. Simple human psychology.

So you can edit your post and replace content with reward. It will be more accurate.

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No they are not playing your game. Its a sandbox to play as you wish. Bob Rock is playing there game.

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He is botting, he is just doing that without software, but otherwise it is the same.

So, let me get this straight. You work hard in a job, to come home and play a game that has literally become a second job for you to play?

I recommend either budgeting money from your first job to play this game so the game is no longer a job for you and you can just enjoy it, or just leave this game and pursue something more life-giving and filling for you.