[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

well ask use players to recruit friends to play this game for use to get a wow of 15 days added to our game time… but I have a question about that… are you stupid just asking to do to the monthly cost of 20 dollars and another game that have a sub at 15 dollars and one of the biggest game out there is still 15 dollars a month. That game is wow and if you had noticed when you raised the price from 15 to 20 dollars people started to stop playing this game. but now you want use to recruit with the monthly price this 20 dollars will never get new players or as you call them recruits will not make this a wow of a game to play so if you are looking to get more players to jump on your wagon to play this game so you can get a better monthly income for your gaming business I would say reduce your monthly cost to 15 dollar like the other gaming sub and stop blaming it on inflation it is getting to a BS to put anything on here any more do to all you get is that pvper just slams on what you say as long it is for them they are for it just more BS after BS why bother putting anything to say on here when you only see thing that changes are for the pvper and the pve part on the game get lined up on a firing line what next ccp will kill all high sec and all will low sec and null sec no longer on how the players makes the game it will ccp controlling how the game will run… OH ■■■■ I forgot it is that way already soon it will be not worth enjoying the game but to strease out in how you going get next check to pay the bills or pay for eve hmmm think about eve prices getting to high and won’t be able to play and my friends already said hell no to that price 20 bucks I rather play wow that is 15bucks not worth it not at 20 nop that is what I am hearing from my friends oh well guess I will not get that 15 extra days onm my account wow

Paragraphs are your friend.


My character is fictitious, it needs no respect.

I’ll save that 20€ for a yummy meal at a restaurant each month. There’s a great establishment at one minute’s walk from my place. The place is plush, the servers are great, the cook is amazingly friendly and the food is out of this world. Best steak in the country, melts in your mouth.
The note is usually around 30€ so it’s 10€ to add but the good far outweigh the meh in EVE.

Plus the game stutters and freezes every 2mins. It’s not unplayable but darn near at rhe edge of the acceptable.
Fix the game first before asking for so much money from players.

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If I can pod you, you exist.

I exist. My character is fictitious.
You don’t pod me, you pod my fictitious character in a fictitious pod in a fictitious world.

If you can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality then you have some serious problems on your hands.

The future is PvE
Ms. Bedlam :nerd_face:

Survival of the fittest

The future is PvP

Again, that’s real life.

You do know that EVE is a game, right?

How do you know that real life isn’t? Virtual reality taken to the next level created 21000 years in the future.

This isn’t the thread to discuss all that and you know it. All you’re trying to do is get ISD to come down and strike these posts.

Start a thread in Out-of-Pod Experience if you need to ramble on about nothing.

No the price isn’t less. Players are having to play substantially longer hours trying to buy plex.

How much are hours of a players time worth?

BTW, I don’t plex and have just returned after over 2 years away and bought the 3 month deal which worked out at slightly over £10pm, and free skins :slight_smile:

I hope you kept some ISK for yourself as I recall you donated your stuff to me, Mike and probably others as well before leaving. Though if you need some free ships or whatever let me know I have plenty of stuff laying around unused, could even give you one of my Gilas as I have a bunch of them and only really use a couple of them. :upside_down_face:

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I saved nothing so starting out from scratch, well nearly as I have my skill points etc.

But with the deal I got 110 plex which got me 500mil, so I’m ok mate and thanks for the offer, I’ll see if I’m staying after this omega runs out 07.

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I could do with a Gila or 2

Of course you could… you could try begging for it in Jita local. :wink: You can grab some of those cheap 1 mil Geckos too when you’re at it. :innocent:


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I have three contracts for 1 gecko each. Amazing deal 1 mil isk. Better snatch them up quick.

Oh look at that, the first two have already been filled. Better act now!

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Zero if that time is spent in entertainment.

Protip: Always spam enter when opening the contract to have best chance at getting it first. :wink:

Entertainment I agree with, however where does the entertainment value end when the grind for (some players) plex gets longer and longer?

At some point it will turn into a boring repetitive grind for them.

Sounds good, gimme 1 million and I will take it off your hands