Distribution missions should give a bonus per system traveled

Long story short, the best way to get positive standing with all factions is to never get negative with any of them in the first place. Easier said than done…

Yeah I won’t use any alts.
I barely have enough time to play 1 character.

But thanks for all the tips.

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I just hop from race to race and keep a small fleet of mission runners in each space tailored for the particular location to keep balance,

Diplomacy skill would also help reduce your negative standing impact. Also be aware, though i dont think distribution missions have them, but i know some combat missions are against other factions even without being storylines.

You can share them from the main arcs as well. Only the last mission does it.

That’s a good suggestion and would mimic the hauler profession’s paradigm that longer trips generally pay higher rewards. (Not necessarily appropriately higher rewards for the long distance, but higher than 1 or 2 jumps nonetheless.)

So, how much extra should I have got paid for doing the 115 jumps of the SOE Arc a couple hundred times?

I can see what you mean in that short missions and long missions giving the same reward doesn’t make much sense. But in this case… wouldn’t it make more sense if they just made it so distribution missions are always a minimum of like 15+ jumps? If you only have to go like 2 systems over then they never should have created a mission for it in the first place since local NPC couriers should have been able to handle it.

I’d say make all distributions give higher rewards AND require a higher minimum number of jumps.

I don’t really have an issue with this suggestion… but how the hell are you getting 25 jump missions? I was under the impression that they wouldn’t send you further than a neighboring constellation.

Nothing extra because the 115 jumps are not 1 mission.

Amazing how this became a hatemail threadnaught.

I see no one mentioned autopilot settings.

Because no one with a brain uses it.

Set route planner on shortest or safest, depending on the alt, and never touch it again.

If you actually USE the autopilot, then you deserve what happens to you as a result.


My hauler character regularly accepts L4 distribution missions which take him from Highsec into Lowsec. So far, so good, but I don’t expect it to last forever.

Going by the OP’s reasoning, perhaps I should get extra money/LP for my courage? I don’t think so. It’s my choice to accept or decline the mission.

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The funny part is, you get support for increased rewards delivering in lowsec. That is an actual increased risk that should get a bit of compensation.

I’d support that too if that isn’t already a thing honestly. IIRC the payout is currently based on where the agent is located and not the destination.