Do Eve Players know what a PIRATE is?

Oof INB4 deleted and ben

Oh ■■■■ i saw it just delete. Its beyond my understanding that people having hard time to understand some of the “bad “ words are not “bad” words all over the world … and sometimes when you direct translate some of the things… that get even more confusing …we have a very beloved biscuits ., looks like oreo… and called directly this words short version… and nobody thinks its bad… but we dont have so much different colours either , one in a ten thousand mayy be… so there is noone to offend or get offended, its totally out of context

And thank you so much

And i am really sory hope that doesnt you put in trouble can you please delete

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The people who saw a racist term in @Daichi_Yamato’s post need to read the clue below the letters on the board.

The word is Naggers, and it’s normally applied to the wife or the mother in law; but not in hearing range.


Wendy Torrance was a total loser by the way. Her complete inability to follow through on anything was really the enabler of Jack’s ridiculous behaviour. The man needed medical psychological help, and what did she do? Jack Sh*t.

Modern gothic heroine?

Total morphine addict more like.

If anyone wants to go down the actual pirate path, you can start by probing down and blowing up MTUs. It’s low risk, with some potential for good loot. Yesterday I blew up an MTU and retrieved 40m worth of tags. It took less than 5 minutes to kill.

edit: in b4 lock

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Can i sent some sexy pirate pics before it locks ? Danish style mermaids?


Just wanted to take it out of my chest … it has been there since the first message,.

There is a looot about EvE there … if EvE is a kido program,…

Check onkel reje :slight_smile: yes its danish serie also hiiiii @Shipwreck_Jones my contribution to surreal list not moovie but yhea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well now I’m curious. Let’s see what happens.

The actual answer in the episode is naggers. But is suggestive enough to be a ‘clue’ to the word you were asking about.

Yes i totally got it… and we dont want to offend any mother in law s they are our queeens :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And thank you … im sory but i cannot store all slang and which one no no in which country …which context … cant catch everything … and combine this with cultual differences.

As a former R1FTA, they are good stuff. I’ve only recently returned as well. As a pirate, I always honored ransom and never ran from a fight. This led to much blapping and being blapped. Too many people are hung up on K/D and killmails now. I fear the golden age of piracy has long past. Only a few systems seem to be a draw. I vote for more trig upheaval to force peeps thru low sec :smiley:


I am afraid you are right …But R1FTA still carry the tradition proudly no matter what … Welcome back :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I may try and enlist again after I build up a comfortable nest egg. I haven’t played since 13 so much has changed lol.

You guys need to behave or CCP is gonna make me an ISD!


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I’ve encountered The Bastards on occasion, the first time I met them they lolled at the fail-mail, then contracted me a properly fitted Rifter and a link to RvB before wishing me well.

The second time they made me sing “I want to break free” before they dropped the scrams and let me complete my first trade mission.

Fun encounters.


Awsome idea! You should sent application !

Pirates like myself are scumbags. Don’t expect us to follow your code of honor.

Nothing wrong with blapping. Not honoring your word is a whole another topic tho.