Do you want more protection from people in highsec, or less?

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #322

Oh, i care a lot you know, i’m about to be lectured on the internet because i’ve been a naughty boy, that’s scary bouhou…

(Solstice Projekt) #323

Just so everyone knows the obvious, PvP is not going away from highsec and the whole CSM stands behind that. Brisc underlined that on the roundtable. Again, nothing new. You can listen to it on commander aze’s twitch, of which i don’t have a link handy. Search for it yourself. :slight_smile:

(Qia Kare) #324

(mama guru) #325

It’s either whales or carebears, I’ve been here since 2004 and honestly EVE might be the first ever MMO to be killed by it’s own community if CCP litsens to people like the OP.

(Balos Tritapo) #326

CSM aka “we as the big allies only elect our members into csm so no other voice will be heard” has no interest in cutting of PVP…

This “round table” stands in a lexicon as example beside the word “blender”…
Next to the word “propagand effort”…

(Balos Tritapo) #327

So you think slowly dying off due to player loss because of not listening to this community is any solution at all?

(Dracvlad) #328

I just had a damn good Sunday lunch in France, lots of wine and cheese, so my reply here might be tinted with a certain amount of alcohol. I listened to the round table before heading to this lunch. And I made comments in the CSM thread subject to the stupid editing restrictions that Falcon has applied to either me or the forum.

This is a good example, we the fascists as he calls us already know that, he is stating that because it is news to him, seriously…

After listening to the PIRAT guy I heard a suggestive voice whispering to me that perhaps it was a good idea at this point to dump the whole war dec system completely, WTF!

(Solstice Projekt) #329

You’re hilariously broken. :slight_smile:

(Solstice Projekt) #330

Carebears actually are the group with the biggest whales, but hey … you obviously know better, so why not share some of your knowledge and insights? :slight_smile:

(Balos Tritapo) #331

This is what i’m talking about…hear them or be doomed…
A continued sticking on the 2003 dogma would be the complete wrong way for this game…

But you can repeat and repeat this…the “all is good as it is” dogmatists will not listen…their world is in order whatever happens around them as long as we still have 2003…

(Dracvlad) #332

Says the guy who starts complaining about audio and then realises he has his headphones turned off, then has a go at the PIRAT guy for hogging the conversation and yet says nothing and has his mic blocked all the way through. :roll_eyes:

(Balos Tritapo) #333

Do i have to send you all into the hugging corner?? :slight_smile:

(Galaxy Pig) #334

Reported for using exploits.

(Yenife Asire) #335

The type of player who ragequits over a loss has never been the type to plex his accounts for years.

The game thrived under much harsher conditions.

The game is aging and losing the initial players naturally while at the same time it has been safer and safer. You can mine in 10 orcas or 10 rorquals in 99% safety throwing titans like it is nothing.

What carebears don’t realize is removing destruction will make this game boring for those who make the game interesting. Carebears are not making the game interesting, you guys are food for sharks. Learn to fly your ships if you keep feeding instead of sperging endlessly on forums if you fly correctly it’s nearly impossible to die , unless you decide to engage in a fight.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #336

Effort, thought and a sense of self accountability are required, alien concepts to some posters.

(Anderson Geten) #337

you mistook efforts and time commitment.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #338

The use of the word effort when applied to the concept of achieving a goal generally implies both the amount of work done and the time spent achieving it.

So no, I did not.

(Balos Tritapo) #339

This may be right but it does not matter an inch.

If you as a game do not react to what happens around you things like the actual situation happen.

You say eve becomes safer and safer over the years,the truth is that this wasn’t enough safety.
All those reactions were half-baked and not even close to what happend in other games and the actual situation is the result of it.
20k chars online, at best half of them alphas aka non payers,bots everywhere and a company who does not seem to care at all.
And a newbie fluctuation that NO game on the market can afford.

You are right the game is aged,but the solution “let’s keep it all as it is and wait until we reach 20k alphas” like the 2003’ers seem to insist is not valid at all.

A 180° turnaround may be fatal to the playstyle of those dogmatists but at the end of the day one can say “we’ve done everything we could to prevent the inevitable”.

I know i’m called a troll for many reasons,most of them are just conceited,and some think my suggestions,if they become real,would kill the game(at least their playstyle),but i wouldn’t post so much if i wouldn’t care about the game.

But here are people around that clearly state the game should rather die then change and they mean it.

I really wonder why I am the problem for some.

(Anderson Geten) #340

“generally” does not mean “always”. Plus, “generally” depends on your experience.
You are actually blaming people for not wanting to invest a huge amount of time into a video game. Do you even realize how far form reality you are ? Eve is not a job for many people. Especially for people who decided to play in HS.

I talked with a 10yo wh player, he stopped playing wh and deleted his toons because he realized that wh life actually prevented him from choosing the time he invested in the game - he recreated a toon to enjoy HS and WH life without owning a single structure, without giving a single fck whenever he needs to get away for 1 month or children is ill and needs to be taken to the hospital.
So for many people HS is better than WH or NS because you can CHOOSE the amount of time you invest in. He still has goals, still enjoys the game, but he does not HAVE TO invest time in Eve to appreciate logging in.

And this kind of story, I have several of them, and also of people installing in a wh to avoid wardecs gankers in HS - and coming back in HS now that wardec is not a middle finger anymore.
So your “time investment is required to have a goal”, you can choke on it. People who want to enjoy the game at their pace deserve the same respect than the others, it’s not up to you to say how the game should be enjoyed - and it’s not because they don’t want to invest much time into the game that they don’t invest energy in the corporation.

(Rosha Freya Amaght) #341


Thanks from a peacefull warmonger…

More explosions, more work for me…