Do you want more protection from people in highsec, or less?

(Anderson Geten) #382

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(Avaelica Kuershin) #383


Always better to moderate oneself… but many people can’t.

Do you want more protection from people on the forums, or less? :laughing:

(Dom Arkaral) #384

I know right?

Also I want 100% immunity in highsec because it’s too dangerous to play atm


(Matt Spangher) #385

Have you ever tried running an online forum, a panel discussion or even a meeting with more than 4 people ? Calling for no moderation might be in keeping with your libertarian views but the idea of the forums is to provide a place for discussion within a framework.

If topics are easily derailed or it turns into a toxic cesspit , participation drops off and it gets to a stage where you may as well shut the forum down and start again.

(Anderson Geten) #386

I’ve done it for several years but I had friends helping me. Was perfectly fine since we had yearly meetings, we were from a web browser game from all ages, and we had brought our families on the forum because we had all met IRL. The fact we knew each other and knew none would want to harm one made it so we did not need moderators, cause there was no harm intended and people would call me IRL to make apologies (actually happened) when they thought I had gone too far (or other people had gone too far). The main players group was… dunno, 20 players? Then we had children, husbands and wives, I mean THAT was a real social experience (there was no facebook yet). Once I made over 900km by car to spend a week, along with 10 other peoples, in the mountains at another’s camp site. Good memories, and the river was icy when outside was full summer.

I was on other forums too, and once we met IRL they started being less “trigger-easy”. I mean, behind your screen you can’t feel empathy for pixels easily, and don’t mind getting all wrong about what the other account really means. When you learn how difficult it can be to convey complex thought through a keyboard, you start giving second thoughts… some people call that “become adult”. Some people I still have contact with, other met their other half IRL thanks to me. Was a good experience too.

There had always been trolls but if you don’t consider them like you owe them something, and make it clear that their behaviour does not belong to this place, they can learn from thee forum (if they are ready to) and eventually stop being an issue. Of course giving em air is important too, and not bullying them because they are trolls can help them feel integrated faster.

/me should stop thinking about the past. Good things though, sometimes I’m happy I was born.

(Foggy Bernstein) #387

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(Omar Alharazaad) #388

We’re a salty batch of shitpoasting morons from all sectors of space.
Many of us are drunk.
Of course the ISD is necessary to moderate what we say… because believe me, you do NOT want to be subjected to my unfiltered dernked shitpoasts

I get full on aggro, a bit ragey even… especially when confronted with the living embodiment of genetic dysfunction dragging their ass across what I consider to be my living room rug.

This is the back alley behind the dive bar of MMO’s, and the forum for that. This really should set your expectations in regards to the forums.

(Solstice Projekt) #389

Man, I rrreeeaaaaallllyyyyy struck a nerve! :blush:

(Solstice Projekt) #390

You should look up the “lighting rod” thing in connection with exISD Ezwal.

Also, besides all the nonsense around here… the reason why sites like StackExchange (all of the subsites) aren’t cesspools of stupid, is because they’re heavily moderated with strict behavioural guidelines. The reason why this forum is so horrible, is because it is not heavily moderated, because there are no behavioural guidelines and especially because it lacks a paywall.

When everyone’s allowed to speak his mind, nothing good comes out of it, because the vast majority of people aren’t smart. They just don’t know they’re not smart. Just look at Anderson, or yourself. Someone smart wouldn’t want “no moderation”. That’s how you destroy communities.

There is a lot to learn about this, maybe you care about learning about it. You could start by educating yourself about “Eternal September”. :slight_smile:

This thread is a gold mine for someone like me.
Lots of people exposing what’s going on in their minds. :slight_smile:

(Anderson Geten) #391

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(Dom Arkaral) #392

You really need to stop with all the ad-hominem

(Anderson Geten) #393

You really need to stop with the ad-generem.
(hominem is a male noun for those who don’t get it)

And BTW you saying that? In many posts I started it to answer in your own tone. You are the one responsible for those.

(Erik Aihaken) #394

Enough with this pointless bickering !!

(Dom Arkaral) #395



I’m also the one responsible for Jita local being a :poop: show
Or the mass murder of fedos,
Or ag being terrible at the game

That’s just another free personal attack coming from you :sweat_smile:

You should really step back and calm down.

(Anderson Geten) #396

I knew it all along, there’s no need for you to confess.

And now you are denying your responsibility behind the “personal attacks” curtain. When will you ever become an adult ? It’s time to grow some !

(Dom Arkaral) #397

Whatever floats your boat pal :joy:

@Solstice_Projekt is right

As for hs and protection
The sheep will always cry about the wolves picking on them for being weak.

The wolves will always win, because they’re smart enough to figure out new ways to do things, as opposed to sheep who only know how to cry :joy:

(Sovereign - Citizen) #398


Asked and answered.

(Sovereign - Citizen) #399

You fancy yourself a wolf? Last time I checked you were James315’s little *female dog. :poodle:

(Dom Arkaral) #400

Show me on the Charon where the catalyst touched you :joy:

(Sovereign - Citizen) #401

Is this your version of sexual harassment? I don’t haul stuff, so try again.