Doctor Who event

Might I ask how long it took you to acquire these items?

That was one Mysterious filament, took me about 22 minutes to run.

Took me a while to build it, but I collected other things along the way, and now that I have unlocked it making more is easier.

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Awesome! Thanks!

I have left it and no sign of the anomalies.

Also I see you have to build some filaments to get in the sites that are actually of any importance, seems like the event was badly thought out with anti-mass-running in place.
So where is a place for new player in it? I think most of them didnt leave high sec in beginning, and low sec is very dangerous for new alpha player. Seems my concerns that CCP basically wants more fodder for PvP players became truth.


Whoo Hoooo. I got an “Extendable Plunger Tool”!!! The Dalek Weapon thing.

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Drowning in the deepest irony I can imagine, I’m starting to think that the most rational thing for CCP to do at this point would be to extend the event by a few weeks to give new players a chance to actually see some of this content.


13 Cosmic sigs in Kasi. Uhg.

Uh. Sadly low sec not that dangerous anymore.

You’re literally playing an open world PvP sandbox game ROFL.

You ARE a PvP player.

The sites are literally everywhere, I haven’t had to travel very far at all to find them. Just find a small loop of 5-6 systems, quickly probe down all the existing signatures (anything that is difficult to probe can be ignored), now re-fly your loop, any new sigs are highly likely to be event sites.

Be aware that the sigs despawn shortly after the first can has been hacked, so it looks like they aren’t there, but believe me there are plenty.

If you told me that you will gift me a ship with the condition that I kept an item from this event in the hold I would reject it.

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No AT ship for you then. :stuck_out_tongue: :upside_down_face:

Are you sure. I have an extra Marshall with your name on it. We can run the sites together. :heart:

Pokemon Drifters and Sleepers to boot.

yes, I’m sure, not even a tournament prize ship would make me accept it. In fact, after the subscription runs out, I’m not resubbing. It’s getting silly.

This has nothing to do w/ working agile (it’s a mindset, not a methodology ) or iterating in sprints (with all due respect).

It’s just a crap idea, poorly executed.

End of.

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Put your stuff in a station vault and contract it to me.

It’ll be waiting for you when you come back.

Obligatory stuff request.

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I say CCP should do more events that are “New player” focused. These events should go one for a whole month, and all newbeans who stick to that whole month should get a nice boost to their adventures in New Eden. I do not know, but do four of theses events in one year, advertise them right and make the rewards “rewarding” and you have a nice event for the whole player base.

After that we get waifu SKINS for our ships, and New Eden is safe. Everyone is happy.

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I’m not sure why people are so salty about this event. After going through it I must say it is very well designed and has a good “in event” progression for new players and enough of a challenge in the higher tiers for more experienced players.

The complaints about the lore and how this is ruining the game to me seems to be nonsense. Yes, the marketing is focussing on Dr Who but in game and in character you really have no idea of this. Everything is very carefully worded so that those with knowledge of Dr Who as a person will get the references, but the character has no clue at all.

This event is a prime example of how you should really separate your RL knowledge and understanding from that of the character, basic RP things…

I found the references in the text in the blue notebook one of the best ones…

I’d say well done CCP, I hope the efforts pay off and we’ll see fresh blood come to the game which I feel is the main driver for it.