Does eve have an elitism problem?

(Avaelica Kuershin) #44

Assuming those who play EVE are a representative sample of the general population. Which is very likely not a good assumption.

(Kuba Ganowski) #45

I think Nana Skalski has right and Fractal is bluffing

(Quor Dresden) #46

Like all MMOs, yes, of course some elitists exist. It’s only a problem if you take it personal.

(Kuba Ganowski) #47

Who has that problem?

Do you know or you are another king of the theory?

I take it personal and I dont have problem with this

(Nana Skalski) #48

I dont think its bad. Not bad and not good. I think its not special.

(Sebs Pride) #49

I would never say eve is toxic, in all my experience I have mostly found friendly and accepting people.
This is more about when someone asks what to do a bunch of vets throw their Epeen on the table and start arguing over income like angry animals.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #50

Its not so much that eve has an elitism problem, as the gaming community on the whole has an elitism problem. and compared to most other games, I’d say that eve players are in general more helpful than most. Thats not to say that we don’t have any shitty elitist players, but they are the minority… just a very VERY loud minority.


Eve has an “every other game is garbage” problem.

Eve is garbage to be sure, but it’s the only decent garbage around.

(zluq zabaa) #52

Let’s just hope you’re right about that.

Can you please explain how that relates to the question “does eve have an elitism problem”? Do you mean because the price of the ship may be too high for someone who just unlocked (!) level 3 missions? Or is it that Gilas are super bad for missions (I don’t know) and these people give bad advice due to spodbrain? The SP needed to fly a somewhat okayish PVE Gila isn’t much. For me that’s rather lack of elitism, because they didn’t tell him to lol multibox Rorquals or C5 ratting Dreads or Supers.

That being said, tell him to take a Stabber Fleet Issue. It’s a great ship for all kinds of things!

I remember vaguely, that I tortured myself with missions for a couple of days (almost made me quit the game). It was too boring to remember it vividly, but I’m pretty sure a Gila is a bit overkill. So what you may have here isn’t elitism, it’s just that those players have forgotten any other ship, because they know the Gila is effective for their ratting stuff and so they repeat what has been told to them.

(zluq zabaa) #53

It’s not even that. These people don’t have a “play style”, they just follow what has been told to them and they pretend they understand anything, but they actually don’t. They’re followers, not more. And because they need to proof themselves that they’re not what they actually are, they’ll happily look out for opportunities to give some new player ■■■■ for exploring the game for themselves and thinking for themselves. (Edit: to be clear, there is nothing wrong with following what others do or did, but when you do, don’t pretend you invented that crap and give other people sh*t for going a different path)

Pathetic people, they don’t have style, just the lack of brains corresponds with the lack of heart.

(Sasha Viderzei) #54

Can’t deny it, however I like to hear them for time to time. As you said, they’re jut sheeps following a trend, so it’s quite easy to roast them on public comms.

(zluq zabaa) #55

I edited my post above, because it could be read like following anothers lead is generally wrong. It’s not, it’s actually totally common and good practise. What I meant were people who do that but at the same time lack the humbleness of accepting it for what it is and by pushing others down they attempt to fix their ego, while they’re actually just mad at themselves for not finding it out on their own. It’s not an EVE issue, it’s a people issue. I’ve seen this pretty much everywhere.

(Nana Skalski) #56

𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐌𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜 𝐈𝐈𝐈

(Killer Gandry) #57

I can fly about any ship in any fit in the game, yet when someone asks me what kinda ship and setup to use I tend to advise them a lot cheaper options to use than the faction stuff for min-maxing the missions.
I myself tend to lean more towards the old school stuff like a regular cruiser / battlecruiser / battleship more than going for the faction ships.
They are way more affordable, less prone to gankers who want to plug yet another pinata, hurt less if you lose one and to be even more specific, you also need to work more on your core skills to use a regular ship for stuff like missions.
I don’t use faction modules, don’t use faction ammo or faction ships, so the threshhold to get into them financially is also less of a burden of those who are rather new to the pve part of EVE who aren’t buying and selling plex to leviate their possible losses.
The iSK might flow in a bit faster if I were to use a Gila or Rattlesnake, but if I personally would play the game to maximise my ISK income i would A: not run missions in high sec and B: I would lose my intrest in the game pretty fast because it sounds to me more like a job than a game.

(Aiko Danuja) #58

Catalyst or Thrasher is much better than Gila.

(Drago Shouna) #59

Well said, I always used to use a Domi with drones/sentries. It might not be the most efficient thing out there but I enjoyed using it, it was fun.

(Sebs Pride) #60

Suppose the price is one aspect that makes my eyes roll the most, and on top of that is them saying, “drop everything your training as its a waste of time, how dare you use something you enjoy REEEEEEE”

Same thing happens to me if I ever mention that I fly an Abaddon, I get the whole
“Ew, why are you flying amarr, their damage lock suck you will struggle on everything”
I am a nul sec flying in blood raider space and if I need to leave I can fly a geddon.
They then get upset and ask WHY DONT YOU JUST FLY A RATTLESNAKE.

Well A: I dont want to train into gallente/caldari.
And B: a Rattlesnakes hull costs more than 6 times the Amegadons hull.
And C: I enjoy being a special snowflake

(K'uata Sayus) #61

Viewed a YouTube video wherein a nullsec corp took a year to stage an eviction of a wormhole corp. Had to destroy two Keepstars plus a score of smaller structures. That is a game far beyond my interest in playing, and can’t imagine the grief and manhours involved in such an endeavor.

The OP talks about “elitists” and thinks he/she will get some good feedback. In my mind, some of us are building sandcastles and clapping our hand in glee, and a lot of others are involved in a SciFi Game of Thrones that span years of effort.

When I drive in RL and see a bumper sticker or a window sticker that indicates one is a half marathoner or hunter or scuba diver or has a wife, two kids, a dog, a cat, and a few goats, I get a smile on my face.

To some degree, we are all all elitists in our own minds…

(Solecist Project) #62

When the mainstreamers hit this game …
… we all stopped being at the top of the MMO food chain.

Nowadays this game needs to bait people into logging in …
… it’s too easy, except for those who are too dumb …
… and people are being protected from making mistakes.

EVE ONLINE has devolved into a generic MMO not worth being proud about.

(Rexxar Santaro) #63

Hehehe… If you are suffering from elitism problem then you should gonna type something into web search boxes. Those brave who tried to help you are mainly carebears, those who cares about new bros, than elitists. Just enjoy it until you can, because soon enough almost all will reject your conversation ‘popups’. This kind of elitism isn’t a problem like it isn’t schools and universities.

I do agree, the EVE has an elitist problem and your example in the OP just pointing to it. The elitism persist between two groups of players: one group is trying to convince us that Gila is /'hi:la/, while another one is convinced that Gila is /ˈ In my opinion, the first group tend to be a part of healers group, while the second group tend to be a part of damagers group. I’m not sure who is the taunter here… Maybe you?