Does eve have an elitism problem?

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Not a lot of people have the time or energy necessary to do that any more.

Also rose-colored lenses and all that. My raven was equipped with the following:

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Anyone thin skinned enough to worry about this is not going to last. This thread is wasting disk space.

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Indeed. Such prole-ish behavior I say.

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I think the below skillbook is meant for OP :smiling_imp:

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Speaking of sandcastles…

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No. Actual elitism resembles and often overlaps with racism. Being told you come from the wrong family and thus you aren’t allowed to participate is elitist. Being told that the best tool for the job is expensive isn’t elitism.

Being a self-entitled toddler flying off the handle because you don’t get high-end toys for free is why you shouldn’t be allowed to participate. It has nothing to do with not having the correct socioeconomic background.

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Eve community is pretty complex. If you post here in General Discussion, you’re just inviting flamethrower bursts, misunderstanding of your question, hyper-literal readings of your words, nitpicking, smoke-weighing, etc. If you go to the ingame Help chat channel, there are people there who will talk you through any problem, or try too. Same for New Players Help forum. Reddit-- I don’t know. Results may differ.

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Elitism is a person who has a sense of entitlement because of a group they perceive they are in.
Its like playing checkers and not chess and a chest player thinks what you are playing is wrong, he will get very vocal but all though the chess player
Perceives himself as a “chess player” they are generally solo as with high sec mission runners and it is unlikely that they take you outback and you get beaten up by a bunch of chess players.

It is more than simply “not having the most expensive toys”
Its about how there is a mineset of one option to play, and every other option is wrong, even if the one option is unrealistic.

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Firstly, no. It’s not. Your horrible, typo-ridden example is called “having a preference.” “Elitism” means something specific. Something in the ballpark of “racism” “homophobia” or bigotry of any flavor. It’s despicable to co-opt a legitimate, if complicated, social issue just because people don’t like you because of your prepubescent whining.

Secondly, your example has nothing to do with the OP. I’d try to pick it apart, but seriously, only about 70% of it was intelligible to begin with.

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noun: elitism

  1. the belief that a society or system should be led by an elite.

“local government in the nineteenth century was the very essence of elitism”

  • the dominance of a society or system by an elite.

  • the superior attitude or behaviour associated with an elite.

“I’ve been accused of elitism and snobbery because of my views on grammar and spelling”

I see nothing in that definition that in any way implies racism, homophobia or bigotry.

It does refer to your elitism and snobbery about spelling and grammar though, possibly even racism as not everyone on here uses English as their primary language…

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You could have snuck a spelling mistake in there for me to pick on, but noooooo…

: - )

Isn’t it ironic an AMARRIAN posts this? The epicenter of racism and bigotry! Filthy amarrian scumbag pretending to be on the moral highground. You’ve enslaved my people for thousands of years, killed in the name of your imaginary asshole, claimed that all the other races are inferior and YOU DARE POSTING THIS???

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Substitute the word “elite” for “race” and you’ve just posted a passable definition of racism as well. And in this case since “elite” is never specifically defined, race often becomes that definition. Especially since “elite” typically refers to what family you were born into, just like race does. So once again, it’s despicable anyone would cry use of a legitimate form of oppression in knee jerk fashion.

What OP is saying is about the same as “public high schools have an elitism problem because they won’t let me attend until I’ve passed the relevant tests!” Or “my job has an elitism problem, they won’t pay me if I don’t show up!”

The highest performing groups in EVE are too smart to be elitists. They know the best way to stay good is to recruit new talent. They select based on performance criteria and group cohesion. They aren’t rejecting OP because he’s part of some marginalized group, but because he sucks, crying on the forums at the drop of a hat. Blubbering like a child “buh buh the buh big kids buh won’t let me buh play with them, waaah haaa haaah.” Yeah, well I wouldn’t either!

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Does it have elitists? Yes, of course it does. Is it a problem? No, not really.

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Only if you consider being elite a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like Dr Steve Brule used to say:

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Yes, but fortunately CCP is working hard at destroying the core game so we can all be Alpha lemmings and bots.

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This is, by far, the least fancy thread i’ve every read.

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Not much of an insult coming from a pig :stuck_out_tongue:

ba dum oink


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It does, yes. There are many basement-dwelling tryhards. Having said that, this is true of many games and I don’t believe EvE is any different to most.