Does eve have an elitism problem?

(Solstice Projekt) #106

Hu? He made a list, i added appropriately, no?

(zluq zabaa) #107

No exactly, I agree. What makes me curious is the reason for the 2nd elite to get offended, as you say. Is it that having the same outcome doesn’t yield the same feeling of accomplishment if the way to it was too easy? Does that result in some form of unrest within themselves, because what was supposed to give them a self-image of success, only makes them compare themselves with those, who had to prove themselves more to reach it? Can this finally lead to a situation in which objective success subjectively turns into a sour self-image of inferiority and to escape that dilemma they over-compensate by, as you called it, belittle others or gloat in ways that just feels a bit off?

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #108

For a creepy cousin post demonstrating people who think everything means one thing, here is Exhibit A.

We were right about not giving children brain meds back around 20 years ago.

(Galaxy Pig) #109

Nobody knows what you’re rambling about.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #110

Nobody cares about what we are rambling about. That list of yours was short, as is the list of people around here like you. Those echoes you hear are not a conversation.

(Galaxy Pig) #111

I’ll just respond the same way I would to my local crazy homeless man in front of a convenience store:

Smile, nod, here’s a dollar, okay have a good one! :slight_smile:

(Blade Darth) #112

Does eve have an e̶l̶i̶t̶i̶s̶m̶ autism problem?

(Nicolai Serkanner) #113

You added to the list indeed.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #114

You live around elements like that? No wonder you hide in your house and be like this.

(Galaxy Pig) #115

I live in America, yes.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #116

So do I.
But then I made better decisions and got a house in a town where panhandlers are run off. Even the alcoholics across the street have more dignity.

(Galaxy Pig) #117

Ah, I see where the discrepancy lies.

I actually live an a city, where we generally regard those who live in “towns” as ignorant, backward people.

Your opinion is valued, though. :avocado:

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #118

So you are an urban hipster. Maybe if you put down the avocado toast you could afford a real house.

(March rabbit) #119

Ha! Here in Russia we too have people who blame everyone around for their success instead of spending dime of effort to improve their own life.

(Galaxy Pig) #120

Um, that sentence you wrote there doesn’t actually make any sense.

I forgive you though, you probably grew up in a “town”.

(Aaron) #121

Yes Eve has an Elitism problem.

I remember setting up a player to be ganked in Stain when he was flying around in a 2 billion isk battleship. I wasn’t in a position to take him out myself so I called on some other guys to do it.

When his battleship was attacked he quickly brought in a carrier and then the guys attacking him brought in 2 dreadnoughts.

After he lost the battleship and carrier I looked on his killboard and found he had fired at his own battleship and carrier because he knew he was going down and wanted approx 5 billion isk in kill value added to his Zkill record. This was a long time ago and I am not sure if he had done it on a regular basis. Until this point I had viewed him as a good player, in my opinion a good player shouldn’t have to take these actions just to give the appearance he is an elite player.

I have never done anything like this because I wanted my Zkill record to be a true reflection of my ability and experience in PVP.

(Aiko Danuja) #122

Yah, zkill is stupid. Once I had the opportunity to fire a meaningless ecm burst at a target that would have been a great ‘kill’, but it wasn’t legit - so I declined. Other people are desperate to get 0.1% on a titan, or whore on a CONCORD killmail with 0% damage. Whoever runs zkill is obviously not all that up to speed on what is or isn’t a metric of skill. It’s a nice looking site, but I’d never say it means much of anything at all.

What means something to me, is when someone sends me 10 million isk. Everytime that happens, I know that I have achieved victory.

(Dracvlad) #123

I know who you are talking about as I remember the incident. It shocked me too, because he was a very good player and in my opinion did not need to do that.

Also for people who might look at Aaron’s killboard and sniff at him, you should understand that Aaron has continuously fought while out-numbered and has played Eve on hard mode, which is why I have an awful lot of respect for him, in spite of our disagreements, in fact this is something that impresses the hell out of me in terms of Aaron.

(Galaxy Pig) #124

I wish I had the respect of a pathologically lying, forum-dwelling weirdo… :unamused:

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