Does eve have an elitism problem?

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I had a very similar experience, though I wasn’t involved in it.
There was a one man merc group who wardecced our indy corp back when I was a new player, our CEO was a member of ENERGY and he gave us the rundown on what not to do during wars.
The wardeccer had an alt spy who undocked a faction fitted retreiver and got blown up by his astero and after my corp leader chewed him out he got kicked.
We found out after he was just an alt trying to pad his wartime history as he wasnt getting anything interesting after he sent a corp wide insult from his alt saying it was already “too late”.
Later after we baited his astero between that and his pod was a 2bil kill (which was three plex at the time) he dropped corp and made another because we damaged his corps image.

Some people are overly obsessed with their killboards.

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And yet you would not even get that.

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I thought he was describing himself.

In any case you can tell a man by the company he keeps and the people who have upvoted his comment are a religious fanatic in terms of acutely embarrassing James315 loving, role play drivel and the other is without any doubt the nuttiest person I have yet met in Eve, who really believes that carebears are fascists…

Galaxy plughole is in like-minded company. :popcorn:

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Yes. Killmails do not help people advance in the game. I guess they make some people smile and feel all good about their name being included on a killmail. Can I trade my killmails in for isk? Cause that would be nice. Then I could understand why so many love PvP.

For me, its ultra boring.

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Pew pew is less than 5% of actual pvp. Which part you find boring? Research, theorycrafting, finding/ waiting for target, logistics (manufacturing, moving fits or caps), diplomacy (aka. deception and espionage)…? Not to mention there are things like metagame, market and yolo/ drunk pvp.

If you are mining, manufacturing, converting LP, trading or moving stuff I’d say you take part in pvp.

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I have played since 2006 and in no shape or form would I say I am elite! I know the game well and am involved in many areas , But to say you are elite in any given area is in your perception only!

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Yes, ever MMO does. Heck, anything with a following does. I can’t even play new tabletop games anymore without running into elities who are idiots that you don’t know everything, have everything ever needed purchased and you know.

But yes, Eve has it bad too

(Aaron) #134

I have very much enjoyed my experience, it is/was the best gaming experience of my life.

I still dream about what you, Roosterton, Demolishar, and myself could have achieved if only we had a similar mindset and were happy to work together. We would have been unstoppable and that is no exaggeration.

As you can see I am feeling nostalgia, I think you would still make a great alliance leader if you had more acceptance of the mechanics and you were more open to doing things the hard way or the only possible way.

In my opinion I have only met one true elitist and the funny thing is he has no name, you can’t find him on any zkillboard because he operates from the shadows and has over 20 different faces. He could be your corp mate or he could be your alliance leader, I refer to him as the man of many faces who has earned trillions from stealing from alliances, Stealing entire 30 strong capital fleets, receiving full payment for Titan class ships and then cyno jumping out with the said Titans.

I once caught wind of one of his long running cons to steal an alliances entire wealth and tried to extort money from him which failed because I had only talked to him briefly through a friend and I didn’t have the full details of his operation all I had was his Ip address on teamspeak which I was prepared to send to every alliance leader in the game if he had not complied with my request for 25 billion isk. In the end I backed out because an IP address is private data and I wanted to keep it real and 100% within Eve also I felt like I would have been cheating if I had done that.

So elitists do exist IMO, i suppose in any community you will have people pretending to be elite and the actual and real elites who are hidden.

(Dracvlad) #135

Here are the issues that I have raised over the years:

Bumping in hisec is a mechanic I have an issue with, for solo freighter players the only option is to dock up and log off. There is no counter. The only real counter is about four to five people willing and able to gank the bumper, it happens very rarely due to a number of reasons.

Loot scooping via DST’s to avoid consequences.

Lack of real consequences to -10 level, I would like no access to hisec NPC stations.

Scam contracts to citadels, sorted by CCP.

Imbalance to mining ship tanks after destroyers were DPS buffed, sorted by CCP after two and a half years of lost subs by casual hisec players.

Blanket war decs, currently being looked at by CCP.

AFK cloaky camping, which is the one you seem to be basing that feeling on based on me deliberately allowing myself to be camped in 6Y-0TW. The Burn Eden AFK cloaky camping of us in Stain was sad because they were account sharing, something that I decided not to report. The issue that I saw with it was that it destroyed the commitment of lessor players to what we were doing.

I have seen the impact of AFK cloaky camping on players, I think it is pretty destructive to weak willed players.

At a personal level AFK cloaky camping never affected me, in fact I rather liked hunting them and baiting them. I would also do stuff when people tried camping me, after all I survived being dropped by Tek Enarthu, I am sure you remember him and he never came back after his failure.

In UF-KKH I setup with multiple warp in’s to each belt, I would pick an asteroid to warp to away from the rats and pulled them in the direction of a safe which I could warp to as soon as anyone uncloaked.

When ratting in X501-L I would switch systems when they dropped a camper in system after waiting ten minutes for him to go AFK, then after an hour or more they would come to the next system and repeat. Easy to deal with.

I repeat, I have no issue personally with it.

When PL was ineffectually camping Tactical Supremacy’s space in Catch I was making sure the ADM’s were kept up and I lost a Vexor, I had another nine, big deal. And I told them that. During that period I have a fair number of kills on AFK Cloaky campers.

And surely you remember me conditioning that one in 6Y-0TW to fix his MTU’s and catching him when he got complacent. Do you remember when we first turned up with SAS and I organised a hunter killer group of covert ops.

Do not fall into the trap like so many of the posters here that when I point out game issues that I am unable to deal with them myself.

For example bumping, I use a max skilled Impel DST with a deadspace fit and high grade slaves, with heat it is too much to gank. I never get myself into a position to have to use a freighter along the main pipes and am very able to hang tough and do things over time and with a lot of effort.

So when you say that I find it weird, can you tell me what gives you that impression?

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I found your problem. You are flying an expensive ship without escort.

You are doing it wrong.

Then after doing it wrong you are being a sore loser.

(Salt Foambreaker) #137

AFK is not illegal in EVE. It just isn’t.

Cloaking is a supported game mechanic.

Pixel Fear is not supported and can’t be fixed.

(Dracvlad) #138

Incorrect, I always used a scout/webber.

Incorrect I was doing it right.

I lost a thrasher once to Russian gankers when trying to blow them up, I have never lost anything else to a gank. The sore loser is not me.

Don’t think I ever said that, projecting is so sad mate.

Where did I ever say that cloaking is not a supported game mechanic?

Where did I ever say that in terms of my own game play.

Seriously mate, dumb is dumb…

(Aaron) #139

I know you are more than capable of dealing with most game issues.

Obviously I am passionate about Stain so understand that I am talking from my perspective alone and not anyone else. I felt you gave up on Stain when you found carrier routes into Stain were gone, You didn’t seem to want or have motivation in using wormholes. when you lost enthusiasm for stain many people followed your lead. I was thinking that if you were more accepting of what was youd be more enthusiastic and people would follow you. I’m not sure if you properly noticed but many people were prepared to follow you.

Obviously Stain isnt the only area so I understand that it is not for everyone.

All I’m really saying here is chill out, try to look at your game as a role-play “The Space Adventures of Dracvlad” What ever it is you want to do in game go ahead and do it and give it your best for even with bad/wrong mechanics fun can still be had.

(Salt Foambreaker) #140

Yet you complain about ship bumping.

(Dracvlad) #141

Yes, that is indeed where I did fail personally, but I did it for a while, I just found it so boring and tedious and hit and miss, it was after I kept getting WH systems which had so many sigs in, it just took forever.

OK thanks I now understand where you are coming from and it is totally valid, I did give up on Stain based on that. I appreciate your clarification here as I thought it was based on the AFK cloaky camping which was never an issue to me personally.

PS. I still have assets and jump clones in Stain, so can quite easily go there for fun

(Dracvlad) #142

For valid game balance reasons.

(Aaron) #143

I wouldn’t even say you failed. We have to acknowledge that you did assist me for a long time you listened and for a while we had some good pvp. For that you have my respect, you were very brave to come out of your comfort zone and the absolute truth is many people who try to wind you up here would in no way be prepared to come out of their comfort zone.

Perhaps my judgement of you is a little unfair, you responded to the call and did your best which is much more than most others did.

I’d genuinely like to thank you Dracvlad for being a good sport. salutes

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Yup. The oldest, the better.

(Sebs Pride) #145

I dont know if old is exactly right on this aspect, Ive seen many good fleet commanders that have been very understanding that new people dont have everything.