Dream Story Masquerade Ball on YC121.07.20 1900 NEST [UPDATED: Date Change]

Masquerade! Seething shadows breathing lies
Masquerade! You can fool any friend who ever knew you

I am now the proud owner of the Castle of the Sapphire Sun on Deninard IV, which was first built by Baron Moger Dallocort, a noble of the Garoun kingdom in 1612AR. He ruled over the first colony there, and his descendants inherited the title until the Federal Charter came into effect. Following that, the Baron, now an elected title that in practice went to the descendants of Baron Moger, continued to rule over the city of Malipense. Fifty years ago, the City of Malipense divested themselves of the barony and elected a mayor at large.

The castle itself is some 100 kilometers from the town, and the lands comprise about 50 square kilometers. It is mostly built out of stone in an ‘Ancient Garoun’ style, though does contain modern amenities.

One of the main features of the castle is the grand ballroom, with the ability to fit 300 people easily. Now, how can I have a ballroom with no balls?

I can’t.

So, on July 20th, I intend to hold a Grand Masquerade Ball starting at 1900 New Eden Stardard Time.

Everyone is invited*. Yes, everyone. This is a masquerade, and it is expected that all be in masques and costumes that conceal their identities.

The venues that will be available to guests include the Grand Ballroom, which will be playing classic music. The courtyard will feature a bonfire and buffet in a spacious outdoor setting just adjacent to the Grand Ballroom. Guess may also enter the Garden of Blue Roses by passing through the Hall of Statues adjacent the courtyard.

Since this will be open to pilots from all races and empires, a few ground rules are in order, to ensure the evening goes pleasant despite the myriad cultures I hope attend.

There is no nudity allowed. Nor are sexually obscene costumes allowed. No weapons will be allowed. No nanites of any weird kind allowed, be they Sansha, clothing-dissolving, or fire-starting. Guests engaging in inappropriate behaviour may be warned or removed with no notice.

For more information on costumes, click here.

*Nauplius is not invited.

P.S., I am starting to think this invitation needs a change log.


Miss Lithara,

Let me start by saying what a wonderful event you have planned, I hope, no I am sure it will all go according to your plans. With such security measures and door policies you have in place, the same blanket measures and generalizations which you bemoaned our location for the other day. Of course you reserve the right for yourself to put such measures in place, after all, it is your event and your location.

In conclusion, I am happy you have come to see reason with door policies such as these and I hope you will forgive me for keeping to mine.

I hope you have a wonderful evening.

E.V. ‘Faith’ diAngelo.

P.S. Seeing how I am holding my annual holidays with the family, I sadly won’t be able to attend.

I am sorry you will miss it.

As far as my door policies go, I am sure you do not wish to be discussing this in public, Miss diAngelo. The door policies are there for this party only. If someone wishes to come to the Harvest Moon Festival later in the year, well, if you’re not dancing naked around the bonfire by midnight, you’re not really having a good time, are you?

P.S. for those wondering, the Dream Story Masquerade is NOT the Harvest Moon Festival.

Excuse me, ma’am, I simply don’t understand, how such disgusting, depraved, obnoxious, disgracing, obscene and humiliating to human nature activity could even be remotely considered a “good time”…

It’s a different culture, Commander Kim, so you have to understand that what you might call comforting discipline might feel restrictive and repressive to someone else. In that case, momentary dissolution of the social order would be quite a relief.