DutchGunner for CSM 16

Hello everyone,

My name is DutchGunner and I’m running for CSM 16. I’ve run for CSM 15 last year, and ran a lot of public fleets from ARC (Arataka Research Consortium) during chapter 1 and 2 of the Triglavian invasions. I’ve also run public Pochven fleets to help people experience its content, gain standings with EDENCOM and Triglavians, take on the challenge of fighting the Drifters and their doomsday weapon and I’ve written a manual on how to successfully do this without losing ships.

My EVE story so far:
I’ve been playing EVE since 2003 and I’ve done everything in EVE except for scamming. My initial focus in EVE was in PVP, and most of this has been anti-piracy. This was a challenge that I enjoyed immensely (and still do, if we’re being honest). Over time my focus has shifted to group content in high sec and helping out other players, no matter how short or long they’ve been playing. I love sharing my enthusiasm for this game with others, and helping others discover new content or what to do in a fleet (both as a member and in a leading position). This brings a level of fulfilment and joy to my gameplay I could never have imagined.

My area of expertise:
My expertise lies with High Security space in general and Pochven, EVE lore and corresponding (public) group PVE and the PVE/PVP in particular.

Having said that, I’m a solid example of the saying “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Due to my EVE story so far, I’m not limited to just my expertise to provide useful input and contributions to the CSM.
I thrive on analysing my environment and adjusting my course accordingly. I excel in looking at issues from all angles, and combining different ideas to create one or more possible solutions. I’m patient, and I’m always willing to listen to and work with the input and ideas of others. No matter your background or your beliefs, if your ideas and input are valuable, I will gladly acknowledge them (and you) and use these ideas to achieve the best results.
In real life I’ve been involved in organising and (financially) managing LARP events for larger groups of people for several years now. This means I have experience with balancing different types of players and playstyles, making sure players are heard and having an enjoyable experience while ensuring a healthy gaming experience for all those involved. I believe all of these qualities will make me a good addition to the CSM.

My reason for candidacy:
I want to run for CSM not only because I’ve been in love with this game since my first forays into gameplay back in 2003, but also because I want to do my part in ensuring this game lasts far into the next decade, with a thriving player base at its core. This has become even more important when CCP decided to implement more fundamental changes and revisions of game mechanics. There is still a lot that can be done to build upon the current EDENCOM and Poshven situation, especially with regard to EDENCOM. Adressing this will be a big step in restoring the willingness from players to get involved in future events where players can or have to choose a side.
I’m also encouraged by how well I did with running for CSM last year, to see other candidates also pick up lore and lore related content in their campaign this year and all the positive feedback I got from both voters and other candidates.

My agenda:
What can you expect from me as a CSM member? I will keep a close eye on the feedback that you, the player, the very core of this game, are giving us. Through this feedback we can surely find ways to improve and expand the game. Having access to and enjoying content should not require being an established player, being part of a large group or having deep pockets.
My expertise may lie with high sec and public group PVE but my main focus, should I become part of the CSM, will be on ensuring accessibility of content without encouraging n+1 or just throwing isk at it.
Lore, industry, PVE and the varying types of PVP (including involuntary) have their place and should be equally represented on the CSM.

In closing
There isn’t a single way to play EVE, so let’s make EVE a great experience together!

Interview from the EVE Univer show by Ashterothi (1 hour and 10 minutes)
Interview/Episode from Push to Talk (2 hours and 15 minutes)
Interview by CCP (about 13 minutes)
Interview by RHP (no audio/video available)
Interview by DTM135 (video did not get uploaded)

Getting in contact:
If you want to contact me, the best way is via Discord: DutchGunner#6903


It’s good to see you in the running again, Dutch. You have my support.

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You were on my ticket last year due to associations with ARC.

Thank you for the interview with @Ashterothi.

Thanks for posting this! Here is the interview on Yoututbe https://youtu.be/ITis2B5g2ok

You got my vote.

I know csm doesn’t actually get to make changes to the game but if you could how would you handle drifter hives?

Also do you think it’ll be difficult being apart of the lore community and potentially learning about lore things ahead of time. Like it might make the game less enjoyable as the discovery is gone. How do you plan to move forward with that?

The Drifter Hives are a precarious thing to balance. I would strongly suggest CCP to look at the Drifter story and the hints/info/lore that have been missed by players. This could (partially) be gathered by players if they hand in Sentinel, Barbican, Vidette, Conflux or Redoubt elements or the Coalesced Element. The players can hand them in at a representative of an NPC corporation and receive an item with a hint/information/lore related to the Drifters. What you will get should be randomized, like with the Triglavian Trinary Datastreams in abyssal space.
To give a bigger incentive for people to get involved, the player/corp/alliance that hands in the most items of one type, will be rewarded. The reward could be a monument with their names on it or have their name included in a meta variant of a module or another permanent reminder/log of their achievement. This way, everyone has an opportunity to make it to the top of a list and if people have a pile of elements, they will have to decide on how they want to use them.

I don’t think it will be difficult to be on the CSM and being part of the lore community. If CCP roles out new lore or expand upon existing lore, I don’t expect that they will share that many details with the CSM. I expect they would share how they want to put it into the game and the CSM provides feedback on the implementation, not the actual lore/story. If anything, I believe it makes it more enjoyable as it is always unknown where things will lead once players start interacting with it.

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When it comes to lore, no, they don’t. Oh the occasional thing but nothing large.


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Perfect response, I wanted to ask what I thought were some good questions. I hope that we both get into the CSM I would love to work with you.

So it is now possible to start voting for CSM 16. This year is an amazing year with so many good candidates. I look forward to seeing how all the voting is going to turn out.

You can drag candidates up to the numbered slots above the list of candidates. The positions will be filled in the order by which you dragged the candidates up. You can still swap candidates around by dragging one candidate to the # spot where you would like to have them. All the other candidates will be re-positioned in the new order when you do this.
Once all 10 slots are filled, you will first have to remove a candidate before you can add a different candidate. Dragging a different candidate to a # spot will not work if you’ve already selected 10 candidates. In order to make room; drag the candidate you no longer want on your ballot to the bottom of the list of the candidates you can choose from. This will open up the #10 positions on your ballot. Drag in your new candidate and put your 10 candidates in the order you prefer.

Vote for the candidate you want to have on the CSM by putting that person on the #1 spot. This is SUPER important as the people who have the least #1 votes will be eliminated early in the process. Candidates with a lot of ballots on which they are #2, #3 or #4 or further down the list will not benefit from those votes if they are eliminated early, so give your favorite candidate the #1 spot on your ballot.

Each ballot has 10 spots. After you’ve put your favorite candidate on #1, fill as many of those spots with other people you want to see on the CSM. Keep in mind that if your #1 is voted in or eliminated, your vote will go for your #2 candidate if he/she is not yet eliminated. So the order of people on your ballot matters a lot.

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And I have endorsement in a year full of high quality candidates.

Thank you @Shipwreck_Jones for your research into the candidates and the endorsement.

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Sorry it’s so late, but I endorse DutchGunner for CSM 16!
(I’m the idiot from A Bad Show for Bad People).

A big thank you to everyone who has voted and congratulations to all the candidates who got elected. I will run again next year!

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