Eiliin Xer heading to the stars

Not sure where you got that bit of information. If you have proven yourself to be an outstanding productive member of your Corporation, then you are afforded, quite frankly, some of the best health care in the cluster. So a broken leg isn’t a problem. But if you’re lazy to begin with, and then you break your leg. Well you’re SoL.


No, it was’t exactly. I understand it. But it’s meaning, in light of your preceeding text, it was. While made in mistake, I had to go with what was written.

No, I didn’t. Never got close the one…

Did you read, what I have written? I tried to explain it to you… “Right for opinion. Right of speech.” etc etc.
If free thought and speech is not allowed in your state, that’s bad. But I am not forcing anything on you, do you understand this?

You sound like Minmattar addicted to Vitoc, but fine. As long as you have your dose… I was not trying to “liberate” you forcefully. I was just stating my concerns…

Good for you. At least you were provided for. I defied my military parents by becoming “combat nurse”. Sometimes I wonder, if I would be better, if I became soldier as they wanted - but probably not… I think I would be dead by now.

That is respectable, and something I understand…

Yeah, kinda. Repeating and restating and explaining, again and again…

“Guilty until proven otherwise” ?

So basically carte blanche to do as you wish, to anybody you wish, because by your definition, everybody non-Caldari is criminal…

Don’t worry, there are other ways than ship-to-ship combat.
Also, I am training and earning for something better. And still have some old favors to rack - although I never thought that I would be forced to cash them… but don’t hold your breath, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.


Dug it somewhere on Galnet, some time ago. While I don’t believe everything I read, there were some very convincing accounts… unfortunately can’t remember details. It was quite long ago.

If that is true, then hooray! I would rather believe this, than that original thing…

Well, still quite harsh, but understandable…

I can send you some evidences of what Federal Navy jailers do to people, but I warn ahead, it’s quite graphic. Amarr slavery is flowers in comparison. And in case you might say that it’s just “can’t be true and just Caldari propaganda”, I can provide you as well with means of obtaining evidences yourself. If you want, of course. You see, we don’t do much propaganda, we are just telling things as they are.

People can think whatever they want, we aren’t Sansha Nation to control that.
Though the whole “right for” and “right of” thing… it is quite a negative connotation, usually those who call about rights are simply trying to get something they believe they should be entitled to, but don’t have a merit for that. As every entitlement shall be backed by the corresponding merit. You don’t own what you haven’t earned.

Moreover, the concept of free speech is dangerous and practically criminal. You can see examples on these same boards. Take your own replies, for example. If you were writing that in the State, I’d already sue you for a criminal case of slander. Free speech allows hatred and insults, it turns almost every dialogue into a farce.

With opinions, it’s easier. Nobody cares.
If you want your opinion to be considered, you have to be a professional in the field and have enough merit to give weight to your opinion, otherwise it’s just empty vibrations of the air.

Technically, our mainstream philosophical thought is concentrated on taking the reality as is without any subjective interpretations. As you can see, opinions only clot the vision and mess with understanding of underlying facts.

It certainly didn’t look like. It looked like an obvious violent intent (fighting for), and with quite destructive goal (freedom). I mean, just re-read what you wrote, concern would sound something more like: “Oh, I am worried you can be detained and imprisoned for what you’ve said!”

I’ve read it again, and what I see is just aggressive intent against my person. I can understand that it’s not what you wanted to say, but you shall understand my reaction of replying on violence with violence instead of blabbering some dumb crap about me like I am “being violent just because of someone’s opinion”.

We aren’t in the Federation for that nonsence. In the State your guilt must be proven.

Is that what your gallente brainwashers made you believe about Caldari? How petty…
You shall read carefully what my definitions are before making stupid claims like that, because they’re definitely not these.

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No need to. I can pull some levers by myself. While I don’t have much weight, I know some people who do. And if it proves true, than we could make enough ruckuss to actualy change something about it… (I hope so)

Good. And as I written elsewhere, merit system has some merits… but I’ll not go into details, as I don’t know all ins and outs of this system.

Believe me, I have read it multiple times too. I see we can’t agree on what is offensive and what is not… and that is core of problem.

Good then.

I was just trying to make sense from your statement…

Ah, innocence lost.

Welcome to the stars, capsuleer.

It only gets louder from here.

It has been known for about a decade already. Who is going to do something about it? And what?
Fed Navy? They won’t do anything about it, since they’re the main culprits and they’re doing that thing.
Fed Government? They would have ordered Fed Navy to stop that crap if they wanted.
CONCORD? You know how they solve problems, “We just make them red, so you can shoot them, if you can shoot them, then shoot them and stop complaining.”

Only ones who actually change something are Caldari Navy and Capsuleers who save these people. But I already got the impression you weren’t going to help us anway.

The statement was rather clear that I’d drag a person (you) to a tribunal (CBT) because they stated interest in an illegal terror activity (fighting for freedom) for the tribunal to investigate if you did something illegal or not.

For sure it wasn’t a “carte blanche to do as you wish”, but more like to do as you have to like a responsible citizen.
And it wasn’t “to anybody you wish”, but more like against those who displayed a criminal intent with their words (fighting for freedom is an illegal terrorist activity in the State).

And, excuse me, part about “everybody non-Caldari is criminal” doesn’t come from anywhere at all, except from copious amounts of gallente brainwashing. I don’t see even a single sentence in my comments that would hint I could think like that.

I’m going to bow out now, but hopefully will see you around. Sometimes, I’m in The Summit, but I also run L’Amore in Ballo, a nightclub in Kasrasi. Stop by for a drink some time :slight_smile:

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Save yourself the trouble and just don’t. You will be happier in the long run.


Just how dreary do people have to be inside to take a thread about an azure star goddess worshipping mother of four beautiful children, who has only recently gained her wings to explore the cluster, and fill it with their banal, incessant rants about the correct method and temperature for cooking mushrooms?

Anyway, welcome and fly safe out there.


As dreary as a Caldari fascist advocate.

Decent pilot, though.

Welcome to space,

The cluster is a beautiful place and exploration is a noble start to a pilot’s career. I actually started as an explorer myself, even if that’s not the path I ended up sticking to in the long run. In this regard, I wish you luck.

Without extended badgering, I hope that your interest in the Triglavians is purely academic. I suggest you to visit the collection of occupied worlds known as Pochven and see with your own eyes what the Triglavians are about. Then, hopefully you see that they are to be opposed.

New Eden is paradoxical in that it is both large and small. Flying normally from end to end will take you quite some time, but the distance can also be traversed almost immediately if one knows how to move around with the various tools at our disposal as capsuleers.

I suggest you find a group of like-minded capsuleers to fly with and learn from as soon as you can. Standing alone as a new pilot can be overwhelming.

If you have questions, my inbox is open.

Just like one should not decide whether one will choose violence or reconciliation while the anger is still burning hot, or whether to marry someone in the throes of first passions, one should not decide between freedom or death while fear death is actually imminent. A human’s mind is weak when controlled by emotions, and battle plans are best made with cool heads and then executed when the situation actually arises.

Welcome to space, Eiliin Xer, and to IGS.

And so you should be, there is more to the Collective and what they are doing (in Pochven) than the Empires would lead you to believe. I would encourage you visit Pochven to see for yourself.

I am DONE talking to you (for now), as I should have many posts ago. But no big loss for you, hmm?

I was interested in sensible discussion, despite multiple warnings of others, that it is simply not possible with you. But I tried…

  • Your very first post here was defamatory against my people
  • You have slandered my people and myself multiple times, even after (or “just because”) you learned who I am.
  • You used personal attacks against myself multiple times, and then called me on it when I slipped once. Hypocrisy, anyone?
  • You turned any argument I made, into another attack against either myself or my people, twisting everything beyond belief. All constructed around single sentence, that I explained multiple times since…
  • I tried to provide constructive critism, or my opinion, but you turned it into another attack.
  • When you ran out of arguments, you started to simply bully me, without any constructive critism.
  • Even when I agreed on some things with you, YOU either simply ignored it, or turned it into another attack against myself.
  • You threatened Me personally multiple times with violence against myself - and then you called me for threatening you or your people, all constructed from single sentence, that you twisted according to your needs…
  • You turned any single mistake, or slightly incorrect information I have or said, into another attack, or used to invalidate everything I said (or both).
    (I am pretty sure, that you could find some in this very post, but I no longer care…)
  • …and many others, that I no longer have strenght to look back for.

You see, some of things in above list are serious offenses here on IGS. And there is a lot more of evidence, that I didn’t listed, because I don’t want to pour more fuel into the fire, or call attention of higher powers of IGS upon us.
I tolerated it, because I was (and, despite all of this, still I am) interested in continuing discussion with you. However, it should be constructive discussion… But my tolerance of abuse against myself, while quite high, has its limits.

But if you continue to abuse me, I will either simply ignore you (like many here recommended), or just report you outright…


Gladly… :wink:

I will heed thy advice…

Exactly. And thanks.

That I can appreciate…

Yes, it is. And I have seen some pictures and videos of Pochven, and I don’t like it. Too dark, too red…

Thanks. Seems I need to learn fast…

I intent to, one day… I want to learn more. And I am pretty sure, that is more. I want to find out…

A word on this, Ms. Xer.

The Triglavians are fascinating. I, also, want to learn more, and intend to. One important thing to understand about them, though, is that they don’t actually seem to care a lot whether you’re “for” them or not, and recent data suggests that they shouldn’t be treated as a single “nation” that maintains a single foreign policy and acts on it in unity.

However, to side with them is to betray basically everyone you’ve ever met.

If that is your path, so be it, but you should learn, first, as much as you can, both about the Triglavians and about the capsuleers who support them. Masters and servants are not at all the same in this case, and joining the kybernauts is as irrevocable a step as you’re ever likely to take in this world.

Yes, I know. This “triality” principle they use (both on personal and collective level}, seems fascinating for me. Does it provide stability, or more dynamics…? Worth further research, hovewer limited it could be… Maybe we could learn something from them - either to incorporate to our own, or to avoid.

I don’t want to side with anyone. I want to learn, to research, to observe. If I could stay neutral, good. If I can’t - well, I still haven’t decided for them or against them. But that doesn’t change a bit about them fascinating me.
There is lot to learn, even without picking sides. And if time comes to choose, I will, but not on impulse, but on having as much information as possible, and with knowledge of consequences of doing so…


May you walk your path with eyes unclouded.


I sincerely hope, that I will be able to…

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Well, this may seem as out-of-topic, but what it is with Galnet software removing my quotations from some posts, and marking it as an edit, as soon as I post?
It happened already twice in this very topic…

I am Galnet node developer myself, but I don’t know much about software behind IGS…