Eve Anywhere enters Beta

I just tried with Chrome, worked. Chromium browsers (like Opera) don’t seem supported.

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Who do you think I am? I have never cried about unsubbing, I only tell others to unsub. I am omega, I am logged in and it doesn’t show a button for Anywhere. Care to share a screenshot where the button is for you?

These are the only buttons on the page. If that page doesn’t recognize my omega state, I can’t help it. I am currently sitting in a Loki doing my thing in space, which is decidedly an Omega ship.

I’m using Firefox and that’s supposedly a supported browser.

Anyone knows how to send keystrokes to EvE with an iPad when there is no input field? The virtual keyboard only appears on text input fields.

My problem, I can‘t skip the intro video on startup while starting from iPad …

When I click login from that page, it refreshes with a green, open browser button dead center of the screen

Indeed, did a special install of Chrome and now it works.

edit: THANKS!

I too had great difficulty getting to the ‘Play’ screen.
My Antivirus software has a ‘Browser Guard’ add-on. I disabled it in MS Edge’s ‘Extensions’ link, logged into Eve with my Main and Hey Presto! access granted.
I skipped the intro video by pressing ‘ESC’ on the KB, but couldn’t be bothered with all the resetting of my UI, and closed the browser.

It actually does in Edge. Just in Firefox it won’t, regardless whether I turn off the adblocker and NoScript or not.

However, even though the game tries to start in Edge, it just doesn’t and goes into the CHECKING CONNECTION QUALITY step, then All Checks completed,t he the blue loading animation spins in the bottom right and then it goes back to the website.

This works great for me, the first time I tried it, my keyboard commands were not registered, however the second time the keyboard worked just fine.

Anyone know how long the idle timer is before it kicks you off?

A couple of times I docked up to do some work and when I went back the session had disconnected, presumably due to inactivity

Is this going to allow me to play eve on my phone while out? If so, then I’m in. Otherwise I’ll just use my desktop or laptop.

ive been trying to play but everytime i click to go full screen my cursor goes invisible. Anyone know how to fix this.

If you have Enhanced Tracking Protection enabled in Firefox, try disabling it. This is FF 91 (current version) on a 2018 Mac Mini.

That said, I could not skip the opening movie, as ESC just took me out of full-screen mode. In addition to not preserving client settings, that alone makes this unusable for me. Which is a shame: I’m exactly the kind of player who’d really like this for doing industry and market stuff during the day or whenever I start travelling again for work.

I have given it a try and love it. I, for one, welcome our new cloud gaming overlords. :grinning: But seriously, the ability to play some of my favorite PC games on my cheapie Chromebook is a dream come true. Between Geforce Now and now Eve Anywhere, I can play many of my favorite games on the go. It is getting so that if I see that a certain game isn’t available in the cloud, I lose interest in it. Cloud gaming is just too darn convenient!

So far, good work with Eve Anywhere, CCP. Works great for me!

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So I just tried it out with some minor issues.

One bigger issue: which keyboard layout does the backend assume? I tried to write: ` in order to write a channel name, but it turned into special braces. When you don’t have exactly the same layout it might work for most stuff, but there must be either a check to see wich layout the client uses or a way to set it manually before launch.

I’m suprised I’m the first one to notice, as this is going to be a major issue for most europeans. Even the icelandic developers should have at least noticed this.

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Ultimately, a browser game…


checked Eve anywhere, I-net connection seem to be ok, Eve is running, but i have always around 10 sec delay on every command.
Wanna write in local- 10 sec , spin ship- 10 sec. later, fire weapons same

browsers tested are Edge, Chrome, Firefox on win 10 system. addblock off.

anyone has an idea?



Time dilation?
Just move further away from the black hole next to you :wink:

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May I ask if EVE anywhere is going to be for all continents or just USA / EU.

Maybe disable the intro video by default… Having to sit through it EVERY time is really not fun…

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Since 9/12, I’ve been experiencing lags when using EVE anywhere, to the point that even intro video lags. Located in US & seem to occur 24/7