EVE: Evolved - Career Agents Overhaul Thread

He’s not a troll. He lacks tact. There’s a difference.

And yes, that is honestly what I believe about most threads. I’m sure you disagree with my assessment, and may think I’m an idiot for believing it, but I am not BS’ing you because I honestly believe it.

He lacks much more than tact but I’m not going to pursue that line of comment. He means nothing to me so no need to antagonize him further.

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On which thread do I complain that it now takes longer, on selecting an item in Overview, for the Jump, Dock, etc icons to appear.

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I love the new look. May I suggest some less obvious changes involving the writer being overly familiar with jargon of Eve. A polite request for more documentation for the starting windows. It makes a huge difference for new players.

  • What is low sec? What is High or null sec. What is wormhole space. What is Pochven and Trig space? A hyperlink with a tooltip on click or UI link to the explanation in help would be beautiful.

  • Similarly, what is Kernite, Plagiogase, scordite, and veldspar. 3 of 4 are in the tutorial, but a hyperlink to the market info bock would be great. The closest soverignty with the missing piece would also be great as plagiogase is common in Gallente, but Pyroxerces isn’t but is in Amarr.

  • What is a combat site? Is it a place where PvP has occurred? A pirate stronghold? Incursion site? Faction War site? Or what was likely intended - combat anomalies in the explorer activity window - which could be linked to from the description.

  • What is a wormhole? What are it’s properties? benefits? Drawbacks? What does it look ike on screen - a hyperlink to the wormhole info site would be beautiful.

  • What is a successful salvage? i.e. Explain openly that must retrieve an item that must be returned to a base to be counted. A help topic mentioned linked in would be great. Explain before the massive Eve broken forum posts that they have get something and bring to a base before its considered ‘successful’ - disappearing the wreck is insufficient.

  • Likewise - explain in the mining info or help menu that mining only counts in activity if the ore is transferred to someone else [or a station hanger] without the ship being destroyed - so there is a built in delay before the mining is official - also forestalling Eve is broken posts.

I Hope this helps you and helps with easing new players into this bizarrely beautiful game.


I seriously think this is heading towards an almost Black Desert Online scenario where they think that 4 classes are all that are really needed. It is channeled so that players start thinking of it that way (Explorer, Enforcer, Soldier of Fortune, and if they still have it around that time Industrialist). Slap the skills into whatever class set and BOOM! you’ve just simplified the game so everyone can play it! Right now you can buy Career Packs for the classes except for Industrialist. Honestly, I think this is going to become a Facebook game by the time this whole thing just fizzles out if someone can’t wrench it back to some semblance of skill/tactical thinking to play this game.

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Yeah, that’s annoying. Guess now would be a good time to learn your hotkeys, which will dramatically improve your execution. I know there are a crap ton of them, but most are rather useless. So, most players only need to learn around 14, which is much more manageable.

  1. Stop Ship: Ctrl + Space
  2. Lock Target: Ctrl + Left Click
  3. Unlock Target: Ctrl + Shift + Left Click
  4. Activate Top Row Module: F1-F8 (note that you can put mid and lowslot active mods into the top row of your hud)
  5. Overheat Module: Shift + Left Click
  6. Align: Q
  7. Orbit: W
  8. Keep at Range: E
  9. Dock/Jump/Activate Gate: D
  10. Launch Drones: T (My Custom Keybind)
  11. Engage Drones: F
  12. Recall Drones: Ctrl + T (My Custom Keybind -makes it really easy to reload and recall drones)
  13. Reload: Ctrl + R
  14. D-Scan: V

Also, you should probably complain about it in the official known issues thread.


One of the tasks of the Soldier of Fortune career is to lose 20 ships.


My settings;
Stop Ship: Space
Lock Target: T
Unlock Target: U

**Align =`
**Approach = A

Orbit: O
Keep at Range: R
Dock/Jump/Activate Gate: J

Info = I

Map= M

Most the same as standard but I remove many shortcuts and just use the mouse as I am a clicker!

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Indeed it is.
It’s also a lot of misinformation, and there’s a lot of outdated information.

There is a lot of youtube videos, just the university ones would take weeks to get trough, as basic concepts are hidden between a million things you don’t need or care about when you just want to know why your turret is so bad. Or there is videos called stuff like “Newbro 101” and it’s actually just a 6h stream getting off topic every 5’th min.

In rookie chat it’s often hard to get a straight answer, wiki links are often used over rough explanations.
The problems with this is that when you open the wiki 20 other concepts you don’t know hits you in the face. And it’s hard to evaluate if much of the information is current or dated.

When I started this game a very nice GM that offered me some ships. but then he threw a bunch of wiki links and told me to press alt-D.

At this point I had barley left the hangar and busy trying to figure out what each ship module did, but to be polite I visited the wiki, and did not understand what the info was about at all. Just a bunch of concepts I had no idea if I needed right away or not. Alt-D did not do a thing inside the station, Tried Alt-o and Alt-0 and some other things ending up messing up the UI.

And it’s hard to trust anything, take shield tanking. Your fitting window tells you something and you soon realize something is off your regen is much slower, So you google “eve shield tank” and end up on a wiki site that clearly is edited a bunch of times. Tells you how to min/max, calculations with peak ratio not explaining what peak is. Before what looks like a added box all the way down that basically you should take all you learned above with a grain of salt as you can’t hit peak before 75%.

Great you think, after 75% full regen roger that. (Utterly wrong).

It might be easy for vets to filter info on the net, and I understand everyone learned “the hard way” and I assume that “Back in the day” it was even harder and maybe even the game have gotten so noob friendly it hurts.

But keep in mind many of you have grown with the game, some of you maybe started as a clueless bunch helping each other figure out things, been on top of patches and new content, today it’s a lot harder to evaluate what information a person needs for the task at hand.

Either you get treated as a complete idiot guided trough a 2h video I would applaud anyone staying awake longer than the geometry and math, and even if you did you’ll end up a little smarter but nothing solid you can use in game. When you wonder where you should set your gun ranges, a 2h lesson don’t help you. You now know in detail how it works, and a few tricks to utilize it, but it did not answer what you came there for.

Or it’s the wiki jungle, if you search a topic and hit less than 6 hyperlinks you never encountered in game you are probably not on your first week. And ofc many of them leads to pages like “this is no longer the case as of patch x.x”

Rambled long enough, just want to say this community has to try getting into the meat of questions then tell them where they can learn more, or give basic examples and comparisons before overloading people with information they don’t need, understand or have encountered in game.

Try not to instantly throw a wiki link when someone ask why their missing at optimal range. They will learn so much more if you just give them a few tips on things they can try and a hint of why it works that way. Instead of a wall of hyperlinked words. (they will end up there when they got a feel for all the moving parts, and at that point it’s readable)


So I had spent close to 3 hours thinking about what to select and just can’t pick which reward to start collecting the career points.

Also I curently still have a unfinished Arc for SoE Will I lose that progress if I start doing something else?

loading the game is soooo sloowwww, and the flickering of the ship is enoying

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It stopped working, doesnt see achievements as completed. Tried multiple times and no reaction. Worked just fine and in the next moment doesnt work.

So much for professionalism. it looks like usual CCP quality.

I am back to DX12 but it’s killing my computer. Everything I undock or dock in station. I have multi monitors and don’t know why it is freezing my other parts of my computer when before I use to be able to multibox.
I’m stumped.

I never said that getting the info was easy. It’s actually the most difficult of EVE besides getting intel. The game is over-complicated but it’s not always a bad thing.
I agree with you mostly. Thanks for the reply.

Ok this is going to sound like I’m being a d*ck. It’s not the intention but I know fine well im going to be snarky because your post annoyed me.

Helping people takes time. This attitude that because you have asked something in chat means you are entitled to a full response. The people trying to help you are playing the game to. They could be in the middle of something and the best they can do at that given time is post a link as posting an explanation while running an Abyss site or similar will mean they lose a ship.

And then of course there are the times I’m asked a question and give a detailed reply and get called out for “telling my life story” to what is a “simple question”

And perhaps what seems like a simple question is not actually simple. Perhaps the answer is yes ………… but that yes needs to be qualified with a list of exceptions. And instead of listing those all out and risking missing something its far easier to give a link that has ALL the information instead of risking giving someone incomplete information.

Or as has happened to me before i post a link. Get told that they just wanted the simple version. I give a simple version. Player dies and then moans at me because its now my fault because I didn’t give all the information.

Helping people in this game is mostly a thankless task. However I didn’t really expect to have to endure a post complaining that people are helping you wrong. How about you learn yourself and quit being so ungrateful to the people who are giving up their time to help you?

This is just entitled bllsht.


Whenever some help or explanation takes real effort I’ll simply tell them to convo or mail me, even that little amount of effort and agency already takes care of most of the lazy ones who would otherwise be a complete waste of my time, effort and energy. Things I’d much rather spend on helping 2 other newbies instead.

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I was not intending to complain about the way people are helping, but I can see clear as day that I did.

The way to long post was more how I remembered the first weeks/months, my difficulties, and was meant as suggestions.

For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.


Show them this:


That right there is an ongoing struggle with people bleeting out oversimplified, or just plain wrong, answers to newbie’s questions. It’s not only newbies wanting easy answers, which is partly understandable as they don’t realise the complexity of the game yet, it’s also “helpers” being clueless or only using their own perspective.

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Replying to the OP.

I think I’ve officially hit the “Salty Veteran” status with this comment.

I hate it.

The end.

Honestly, I was pretty put off by it. It’s large, intrusive, got hung up on how to navigate it. When learning how to navigate it is a learning cliff in-of-itself, I closed it, shrugged and told myself “I didn’t do the career agents when I started, and I’m doing fine, I don’t need to do this mess”

With my opinionated rant over, I do hope that it does help new people learn how to play EvE and makes the gameplay learning cliff a bit less vertical.