Eve ship stats are too overbalanced - I REFUSE to skill for the Triglavian ships

Right, apparently my question has been misunderstood. Let me try again.

My question wasn’t about to-hit mechanics (which I’m quite familiar with, having been around and spreadsheeting builds since before turret tracking was simplified), it was about whether Triglavian disruptors would activate at all if their target is outside of their optimal range.

You can activate any Empire turret/launcher on any target you have locked regardless of range, even if you have no (or effectively no) chance of hitting it. But with a scram/web, if your target is beyond optimal, you cannot even activate the module. See the distinction I’m getting at? This matters because Empire turrets/launchers don’t have that unique Triglavian disruptor mechanic where their damage builds up over time as long as they are activated against the same target.

So this gets me back to my original question (although hopefully better worded this time): does a Triglavian disruptor stop cycling (or not allow you to activate it) when its target exceeds its optimal range like a scram/web, or does it keep cycling with zero chance to hit like an Empire turret firing well beyond its optimal/falloff? I know this may seem like a trivial distinction, but it’s really not.

Easy answer no.

As noted in my post they act like launchers, once out of range they just stop.

You can target like all weapons, but like launchers and drones nothing happens till target comes within range of weapon.

Normal turrets will allow you to attack as soon as you have target lock.

The missiles just stop, yes. But I can still activate the launcher at any range and keep that launcher active for as long as I want regardless of whether the missiles can ever possibly hit their target.

The damage-build-up-over-time mechanic of the Triglavian disruptors is based on the number of cycles the disruptor has been active on the same target, not whether it’s actually hitting the target or not. Again, I do not care about to-hit mechanics, I am only interested in module cycling mechanics. If you’re trying to tell me that disruptors stop cycling when their target exceeds their optimal range, great, I appreciate the answer, but using launchers as an example is a horrible way to do it because they keep cycling no matter what. :wink:

At this point, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not coming across clearly and will just go try it in-game for myself and see.

(Drones are another topic entirely. They’ll follow targets well past your drone control range so long as the order to attack was initiated while the target was in range, which makes them…weird.)

God …

Once a target is out of range you cant hit and it stops the cycles stop.

And only launchers with autotargeting missiles stay active when a target fly out of range.

Incorrect. You can keep using other weapon systems while target is out of weapon range. For missiles it means wasting ordnance, for other (non-triglavian) weapon systems it means counting on luck.

odd, maybe it’s my setting, as only launchers with Auto-targeting missiles continue firing if I have nothing locked.

but even those deactivate if it has nothing withing missile range.

and Trig turret won’t fire if you have not target lock or target is outside of it’s optimal range.

and the other turrets won’t fire if they have no target lock. all turrets (other than Trig one) have much farther range than Optimal + Falloff, they actually have another 2 +falloff, (each has a lower change of hitting) at extreme range (optimal+(3xfalloff)) you have a 2% chance of hitting.

Ideally you want to hit targets will within optimal range as every hit will hit, only thing is how much damage is inflicted (based on target and your speed, tracking, sig of targets and other factors)

And you can refuse to skill into them that’s a perfectly your choice that just like some people won’t fly capitals that’s basically what you’re saying don’t you just love first world problems laughing

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Well, this is what you have written:

And this is what you respond with:

Seems you lack understanding - being out of weapons range doesn’t mean being out of lock range (and other way around as well)

Obviously only fof missiles will keep firing if you you have nothing locked.

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This is exactly the situation and has been for a long number of posts. You keep talking to a guy that doesn’t know what he’s talking about, as if he did. And then @Bronson_Hughes even thinks he didn’t make himself clear, when it was perfectly clear what he meant from the very beginning, but he was talking to someone that conflates a target being within targeting range with it being within the weapon’s optimal range…

EDIT: To answer the question and help make this clear, in case it wasn’t already, yes, unlike all the other weapon systems, entropic disintegrators deactivate when target goes beyond the weapon’s optimal range (regardless of whether the target is still locked or not):



Trig turret won’t fire if you have not target lock or target is outside of it’s optimal range.

This answer the question, yet for some reason out of the post all that referred to was about launchers…

That may be because you threw launchers into the mix at the beginning of this now thoroughly off-topic discussion:

And not even correctly mind you. Launchers don’t have optimal, they have speed and flight time, and their max range is slightly random depending on how close their flight time is to a server tick.

Thank you sir. I was beginning to think I had lost my marbles.

Serves you well for asking on the forums what you could have looked up in UniWiki instead. :wink: :rofl:

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He should be flogged for such blatant ignorance.
Maybe others won’t waste the internets’s time with such trivial posts.

Such redundant information is also a terrible waste of drive space.

True that may have confused it a bit.

But was to show a similar comparision of a weapon with no falloff range capability. As both have 100% hit chance only, with damage adjusted by other factors like target speed, size, etc…

Uh what?
Disintergrators work like all the other turrets and can even miss.

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LOL. No, they don’t. Unlike what happens with all the other weapon systems, entropic disintegrators deactivate when the target goes beyond their optimal range. No other weapon system does that. That’s exactly the point. That’s exactly what was being asked. That’s why comparing them to any other weapon system to “explain” their behaviour is such nonsense…

I can’t believe this is still going even after it has been explained already… :roll_eyes:


Context is key to understanding.
I was talking about the fact they miss, can wrecking shot etc.


I think at this point, clarifying whether you’re talking about “to-hit” mechanics or “module cycling” mechanics should be mandatory. Heh.

I feel like 90% of this thread could have been eliminated if everyone (myself included) had done a better job of doing that.


LOL. Exactly. The context here was the question @Bronson_Hughes asked, which was whether the weapons deactivate when the target leaves optimal. It was in that context that you said:

Of course they may miss too, but so what? What does it have to do with anything that was being discussed? How on earth can you tell anyone here that “context is key to understanding”?