Eve with Razer Stealth 13/Nvidea MTX150


Thinking of ditching my 2015 Macbook Air and buying the Razer Stealth 13 instead. My Macbook won’t play games anymore.

Does a Nvidea Geforce MTX150 running at 25watts with an Intel i7 cut it with Eve Online?

Thx, Soph

When you tell me the exact model number I will be able to tell you if it’s going to thermally throttle, making it not worth the money. It probably does in every case, though. The MX150 is around half as fast as a first gen 1050, if not less due to likely throttling, so I honestly doubt you’re going to be very happy with that investment.

This sounds like an Out Of Pod question, honestly.

I’ve found that Razer makes mediocre accessories at best, and I’ve never heard any significant buzz over their machines. If I were making a new purchase, I’d go with System76. They’re Linux, but I run Arch Linux and I haven’t really met a game that I couldn’t find a way to play on it yet. I actually get better performance in DX11 EVE with Linux + DXVK than I do under Windows. My specific setup has gained some quirks over time that make EVE a bit unstable, but that’s purely my doing; I like to tweak a lot. A system like Ubuntu or Pop!_OS is going to be much, much more stable for gaming, though they’re a bit more bloated.

Should probably throw out there that I’m not affiliated with System76 at all. I just really believe in their product, and the only time I ever promote a product is when I believe in it. Which, incidentally, is why everyone who knows me, knows I’m an EVE player. :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering that the OP is unlikely able to handle Linux, especially Arch, and considering that your post is pretty much completely off-topic, I’m not inclined to believe you. Worse, you’ve forgotten to post specs, which means that we’re not going to pay you for this advertisement and add a “strike”. Remember that, when you’ve received three strikes, you’re out of our direct marketing program. Permanently.


Just sharing my recommendations. I don’t remember the specs of any of their laptops off the top of my head, but I remember they’re plenty beefy. And if I were affiliated with them, I’d have mentioned just how low, low, low those prices are. They aren’t, they’re actually pretty pricey, Dell is cheaper, actually literally anything is cheaper.

You’re fired.

Seriously though, don’t buy this for gaming. Don’t buy these at all, especially because of the intel chips. Worse, likely all of these notebooks will thermally throttle their overly expensive CPUs. These are products made for the worst clueless consumers.

What’s wrong with Intel chips (other than IME)?

Price, performance and efficiency.

… Fair points, all of those. You win this one. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll shut up now.

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I’m glad you’re not taking this personally. :slight_smile:

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An unexpected but lovely pleasure to see System76 pop up in here but the post is focused on the Razer Stealth 13. System76 14" notebooks don’t have the graphics cards and the notebook must be approx 1.3 kgs.

Yes, this user can handle any O/S. Arch Linux is fine, but I’ll be playing more than Eve on it so sadly Windows will be used.

Intel i7-8565U ( https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/149091/intel-core-i7-8565u-processor-8m-cache-up-to-4-60-ghz.html )
16Gb RAM LPDDR3 2133Mhz
GeForce MTX150 25Watt 4GB GDDR5 VRAM
FHD Matter 1920x1080
Intel Wireless AC-9560

Review here :

EVE runs on a medium power computer.

One of the greatest joys of playing games on a laptop is throwing the dice. You know your gpu isn’t supported officially, but it could still work. Maybe.

Good luck on those dice OP.

I’m sorry for assuming otherwise, but assuming otherwise is correct 99% of the time. As you probably know. If you really think this notebook is worth more than the gimmick it provides, then go for it. Personally I’m convinced you’d be better off spending all that money on a notebook with higher refresh display and a Ryzen CPU, that’s actually more future proof.

For the money you’re willing to spend for this notebook, you can get yourself a small chassis 15" notebook (which are still thick enough for proper cooling) that’s going to last your a few years. I’ve been exclusively using notebooks since the mid 2000s and after owning several UltraBooks, I’ve learned that I rather use 15". With that amount of money, you can make yourself far more happier by not paying extra for the “high mobility AND performance” gimmick, especially when there’s zero guarantee that it’ll actually deliver the expected performance.

Will it play EVE on max settings with one client? Probably. Will you notice the fans? Most likely. Will you still be happy in six months? Most likely not. Will you notice the heat and noise it produces under combined CPU/GPU load? Definitely.

Had a feeling this was going south pretty quickly :frowning: My ASUS ROG 14" was excellent but was sold years back. It could play games well at the time.

Why does it have to be a Stealth 13 anyway?

can the old one I posted about for approx. 1000 us refurbished.

The new one costs nearer 1900 US (reduced on the Razer website) but has a i7-1065G7 3.9Ghz and a GTX 1650 4GB Max-Q.

From what I read in benchmark comparisions the MTX150 at 25W would perform better than the GTX 1650, but I might be very wrong.

Annoyingly Razer regionalise the keyboards and won’t cross sell. I live in Belgium and learnt to type on a US qwerty. The UK qwerty keyboard layout suck, and the Belgian azerty was invested by a sadist who would have his secretary take down his dictation. Which means I can only buy the Razer Stealth from Amazon.com, because they ship to me.

Thermal throttling might be at work here.

Ugh. Why would anyone do this?

I have NEVER subscribed to the minimalist mindset.

GET A middle of the road dell or a high-end Alienware.

off topic, I never fathomed why they put the trackpad in front of the keyboard when I use it the least.