EVE X Apple

Here is my recent update on the mac update.

  • Launching the game works again without time delay.
  • Textures of ships and stations load better, with just a one second delay sometimes.
  • I can open windows now without delay.
  • Buttons do not dissapear.

on the bad side…

  • I can not open the character customisation. It gives me over 5 minutes black screen with mouse. fter 5 Minutes the “back” button appears. But no visuals of the character or the clothing sidepanel.
  • Open the contract window is delayed. 1-3 Minutes to see the contracts.
  • Changing ship-skins is delayed. Sometimes it takes over 10 seconds to change. sometimes the texture does not change at all.
  • Sound is broken. The music sometimes stops. Sometimes it comes back but not always. Normal sounds are sometimes distorted.

So ccp… i see you are fixing it. hopefully EVE will come back to its old performance.
Overall graphics with the new mac client are way better.

Thats it for now…

Hi everyone,

I get many crashes (and my computer reboot directly) when i use “Shader” in high mode.
If this mode is in “Low”, it work, but in “High”, the game crashes and reboot my Mac.

I am on a Mac Pro 2019.

I open a request with this number #1677450, with logs from LogLite (logs made before 2 crashes).
I got this crashes with High mode for Shader on the beta version already, before this last one.

I hope you will find this to fix it, will be a pleasure for me.

Kind Regards & FlySafe,

look is the first time in 10 years that i don’t have EVE installed on my PC
at first i was accepting that
but i really miss the game
i have an old Mac i cant update for reasons but i could play the game for ever , now i CANT
i don’t think this is reasonable
yeah its hard to maintain yada yada … give us mac os users pre catalina the old client back
the potatones of eve makes it diverse and strong

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A bug report about CPU usage, EBR-225553.

Many thanks about this Mac version of the EVE client, so far better than the Wine !

Can someone confirm if M1 imac can run 2 clients in high settings?

Hi folks

Thanks for all the feedback. I’m afraid I can’t reply to every post on the forum, but I assure you that I’m reading them all.

A small update:

  • We have identified that some Nvidia + older macOS versions (10.14 specifically) have a driver defect which can cause rendering issues as experienced by @JPVOODOO, @Darianne_Cesaille . We have been trying to find a solution to stop these, but as it’s at the driver level, we are limited in what we can do. There will be a patch in November where we will try to improve the situation for 10.14 users + Nvidia, but it means that a number of visual effects will be disabled (turrets for example, which you can disable now). While this is not ideal, it’s the only thing we can do to improve the situation.
    Upgrading to macOS 10.15 resolves these issues. We have seen this internally and through a user report who forced a higher version of macOS than is officially supported by Apple on their machine. We are not recommending this approach, but it does help validate the root cause.

  • We are currently testing a fix that will help with filesystems that are case-sensitive. This should help to resolve some of the failure to launch problems with the client on these systems.

  • It is possible that some older systems that ‘Download on Demand’ is giving a subpar experience. This is particularly noticeable when on a slower internet connection with a new EVE installation. We suggest downloading the entire client (launcher option) for the best experience. This will use more drive space, but it means that the client will download all the required files when patching, and not when the game is running.

A few general points :slight_smile:

  • GPU drivers on macOS are updated with the operating system. This means that running the latest point release possible can fix issues. Updating to the latest OS release can fix even more issues. We have seen internal tests and reports from players where patching their OS resolved the issue they were encountering.

  • While we try to check things reported on the forums, by far the best way to communicate an issue to us is via an EVE Bug Report. Ideally from the client (F12), but if you can’t launch, then from the website.

  • If you’re using non-Apple hardware (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc…) then it’s important to tell us as much about it as possible. While we focus on Apple hardware naturally, it’s difficult to assess reports unless they include specific details on where you’re experiencing the issue.

  • We do not support Hackintosh systems or Wine. While we do not block or break them intentionally, please refrain from reporting issues on these as we can not investigate them.

  • If you post to see if others are experiencing an issue, try to include your EBR number (Eve Bug Report) so we can collate feedback internally.

I’m sure many of you have seen that we have been releasing patches as soon as we can for the macOS client, so hopefully, many of the issues in this thread have been resolved. Keep filing those EBRs and we’ll investigate them.

Thanks everyone


Does “The Notch” on the new Apple Macs affect gameplay?


I don’t use a Mac. My desktop computer is a powerful Linux box. Recently I have been playing Metro Exodus because I don’t care about rebooting to Windows. The EVE Client sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t on Linux. I hope that the work that is being done for this Mac port, as well as maturing Proton, will lead to support for Linux.

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Today we released more fixes:

  • A fix for certain AMD GPUs having freezes or crashes when using a jump gate. The same fix may also help with general client stability. @d0Ci0n - This may resolve your issue. Could you try and let me know?

  • Launching EVE is now possible on case sensitive file systems


Can’t install 10.15, latest supported OS on my Mac Pro is 10.14. Will try to flash it and install Catalina but I think it will be a problem due hardware.

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Good news, I have flashed my Mac Pro and installed Catalina on unsupported hardware with patcher.
Now I don’t have glitches as was on Mojave

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Great news. This matches what we have seen too - The Nvidia issues are resolved in 10.15.
Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t want to give your hopes up, but they have said recently no support will be given.

They like the Linux gamer’s money though.

I don’t see them refusing that.

It’s not too difficult to add support for Linux. Steam already includes a set of libraries that add binary compatibility to Windows games on Linux, called Proton. If I enable Proton manually in Steam settings, some games will work, some others will not work, and yet others will require some tweaks.

If a developer tests their game using Proton on a supported Linux distribution, which is likely just Ubuntu, a checkbox can be ticked for the Steam release, and the game is then going to be tagged as having native Linux support. It doesn’t need to be recompiled for Linux with exotic libraries or anything, just the exact same Windows binary needs to work reasonably well on Linux/Steam/Proton without tweaks.

Something else to consider: if the game works on Steam/Proton/Linux, and it can be played using the input devices available on a Steam Deck, it can end up as a supported title on that platform. That may end up justifying the effort.

I know I’m late to the party, but gotta jump in to add to the love.


I have m1 Mac. But I cannot understand why client cannot be backwards compatible.

It still seems that this is an emulation of windows. I might be wrong. But if Mac and windows are intel what is the problem?

I think it might be Mac’s policy to never make anything backwards compatible. To everyone’s detriment.

Well this used to work perfectly on my M1 MBA but for the last week or so, I click on my character and all I get is a black screen with a circle in the bottom left. If I click on the circle, this is what I see.

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 15.06.58

All I can do is kill it.

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does anyone have issues with screen resolution on the native macos client? The resolution on my scren is to large i can’t play. everything looks so tiny on the laptop monitor that I can’t actually read anything.

We’ve complained a lot on this, but the official response on this is “it’s just how it is”. The best you can do is set the resolution to a lower one, and make the UI larger. I really wish they’d add in in-game rendering multiplier option, like most of the other modern games provide.

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