Event Feedback - The Skilling Spree Returns!

I had a similar situation just now. The number of npcs and points didn’t show. I ran a mission just because that’s what I was going to do. I got 50K unallocated skill points after. I don’t see the reset timer for tomorrow either.

you have to click the little Flag icon at the top left corner of the screen to see the skilling spree task

I imagine this will continue until certain groups have collected and then extracted enough points to cause the Skill Injector market to drop.
Once they are happy with their profit margins, the current spree will probably stop.

I will be watching to see if the average daily log in numbers drop (again) once the current spree is over. They’ve lost a lot of players between the null sec “blackout” and the Triglavian “invasion”. The accounts/toons they banned in their last “security” sweep were probably all back within hours so that probably hasn’t had a great effect on the daily numbers.
An unscientific calculation has the daily numbers down by around 4,000 (on average) from what they used to be.
And that is during what should be prime time in the US time zones.
Still, that’s about 3,000 higher than they were during the “blackout” and the early stages of the “Triglavian” invasion “content”.
(I used to clock around 21-22,000 pilots in game on average during peak UK/US TZs. That dropped to around 14,000ish when the blackout started and the Triglavian “recon fleets” started wiping out a lot of casual players. It’s crept up since the blackout ended but even now it’s just under 17k. That’s a lot of players not in the game anymore.)

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I say MORE, I am literally logging in more often because I can finally get more pilots trained for stuff I couldn’t before.

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I don’t.

The only thing stopping me from making all the ISK in the world is my own lazyness - I can go meet some bloc recruiter and be invited to join in 5 minutes, buy myself a super from the nearest contract, and make it pay for itself within next 3 days or so, then another day for a monthly plex, and grow 10bil a month at minimal effort for the rest of my eve days.

How can I get all the SP in the world? Injectors give me peanuts.

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That’s because there are multiple skills affecting said stats and ship/weapon traits. I’m talking cumulative effect of comparing stats of all-4 and all-5 character stats on any given ship fit in EFT.

https://www.eveonline.com/signup/?invc=49953efa-d6f7-488b-8dc8-c8391f2b9ba2 use my referal code

CCP I hope you made Skilling Spree a permanent feature. That would be awesome! :star_struck:

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Which challenges, though?

If you are really super happy to announce unimaginative stuff, the bar for super happy has really fallen down.

Still, nice free SP to compensate for all the crap with cynos that you have thrown at us lately. Halfway done towards farming for Cyno V. Keep it up a few more weeks.

Well the black out on line numbers during the skill spree look a lot like the numbers during this skill spree.

Personally now Null is back to Bots R Us, there is not much point to bothering with the skills.

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Well, the skilling spree is helping my alts get some quick skill training.

I thought you canceled all your accounts out of protest Mark? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are aware of Alpha accounts right?

I just don’t give CCP money. After all if Null want to control the game they can pay the cash.

I’m not seeing the skilling spree objectives but I am randomly getting injections, I tried clearing the cache and no dice. I loaded an old account and skilling spree showed up just fine, any reason why it isn’t showing up on my main?

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You can hide UI elements now.
Check top left corner of the screen you might find things lika a row of icons including show/hide navigation, skilling spree, system info etc.

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I’ll go and check that now, I dug through the Neocom but I must keep missing it

Thank you for this event!!! I love the free SP!!!

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Support got back to me and said for users less than 30 days old we dont get to “see the skilling spree but can still get rewards” so I guess I just guess? lol

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First off, unlike most Eve players, I love free stuff -especially free unallocated SP. And, hopefully, Skilling Spree is getting players to log in and undock more frequently. Of course, the killing one ship for 10k challenge is kind of underwhelming. I’d rather have to kill 10 ships for 25k, or something like that. But that’s not why I’m writing.

I have a bunch of alpha accounts, with one nearing the 5mil SP alpha training cutoff right now. And it’s causing some peculiar behavior. So, I threw a skill in my queue that was just barely short enough to finish before I hit the 5mil SP mark. But then I picked up an additional 25k SP from a challenge. Now, if I try to apply the unallocated SP, it alternates between giving me dialogue box saying that my skill training is paused (which appears to be false), and giving me an empty dialogue box. Of course, I expect the problem to resolve itself within the next 24 hours, but it probably doesn’t scream polish to new players.

Also, I tried training a skill that required more SP than I had left to train, and couldn’t passively train it at all. I’m sure that this is intended, as I can see how you would normally want to restrict players from being able to partially train a skill that they’ll never be able to complete. However, it is annoying when free SP events are going on. For example, I was about 63k shy of being able to train Hull Upgrades V. It would have been cool if I could have thrown it in the queue to passively train it as much as possible, and use the free SP to finish it off. Of course, I don’t know how often free SP events will be moving forward, and how many players are affected by this, but it is an “argh” moment.

Im having a bug.

My new account wont have it show up for the skilling spree event.

On login it does not show the window of the news of it being around.

In game there is no flag showing the daily npc x kill number and sp given.

I tried on different pc’s.

Sent a ticket in.

Hope to get the sp going lol.