Event Feedback - The Skilling Spree Returns!

Ugh, using this forum on and off but not coming by every day or every week makes it really a pain to look up what people are replying to when they don’t quote… like I’m doing as well, lol… but anyway, it’s all good, man. If it sounded like I thought you were stating fact when you were just stating your opinion, my bad.

Free SP is good, yes. I and many other OCDheads with multiple toons wish it was a bit less random (a little more of the every account getting the same amounts from the login screen campaigns, a little less of the every toon getting random amounts from the kill SP task “events”), but it’s still good.

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Yeah, I think the main idea behind the skillpoint tasks was to allow newbie Alpha characters to quickly advance in skills.

All of my newbie Alpha characters went from being in Rookie ship to Combat Frigate due to the free skillpoint giveaways. Would have been nice if they could have got max Alpha skillpoints but at least they got halfway there. Hopefully the next free skillpoint giveaway gets them the rest of the way.

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Yep… All the SP from July till now has been way more of a help to the 3 new alts I made on my 3 accounts last June… than it has been to my 2013/2014-era 3 main toons, that’s for sure. Just proportionally-speaking, for one thing. Along with 3 x 2 = 6 months of MCT, the extra 2.8 to 3.4ish mil SP that you estimated… it’s probably boosted my new characters by about 25% total SP on top of that MCT? (~9 mil SP from MCT, ~3 mil SP from all the login screen SP/kill rat task SP?)

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Still wrong in assuming your view is the only one.

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Well you’ve proven conclusively that you are a bad, and you should feel bad about this. HTFU.

Oh, when you leave, can I have your stuff?


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CCP will try anything once to see if it does what they hope.
and that is to be expected.
to tell you the truth, I think they have improved the EvE for new players.

A few years back, I was introduced to EvE by fellow students (college) in a ‘computer gaming club’.
21 of us started EvE and played long enough to get a general idea of how it went (3 to 6 months).
18 of us quit after the trial period(s).
I was NOT one of the quitters… then.
The main complaint… gankers had a free hand to smash noobs
Secondary complaint… new corps weren’t allowed to survive because there were people who actually 'wardec’d new corps and smashed them.

After graduation, I also quit eve.
A few years later, I came back and was pleasantly (mostly) surprised .
I found the ganking was not quite so heavy and 'wardec’s were limited to corps with stations.

I do not PvP, but that is my choice.
I mine… SOLO mine… and I’m doing pretty good.
I have two accounts running… both omegas.
one account runs an orca and one account runs an exhumer.
After 6 months, the two together have over 400 other ships (mostly amaar and gallente, but many others).

I avoid joining player-run corps because my experience has player corps wanting to use my ships for wars.
Even when I tell them I WILL NOT PvP, they try to trick/force me to PvP. (doesn’t work)

I plan to stay in high sec (in a non-player corp) until my long-term goals force me to leave high.
What are my long-term goals?
To own/master one of each ship from the four main factions (from shuttle to titan).
It is easy to see that will force me out of high… isn’t it?

Now, CCP is trying to force players to leave high sec, but they know some players won’t.
They also know some players will never agree to PvP.
CCP changed when ganking was convincing new players to leave the game.
They changed when wardeccing was discouraging new corps.

Why wouldn’t they change when the future of EvE requires the change?

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I’ve been playing Eve mining and mission runing almost in the same way as you, only difference is that I’ve joined several player run Corps, and I was never in any way forced to do PvP.

I agree with you, is a lot easier now than it was.

Interesting goals… Personally, mine are more to crosstrain into everything from shuttle to Marauder/Black Ops. My main can literally fly every t1/navy/pirate/t2/t3 subcap right now… except for black ops. The last great train(ing) that awaits me…

I have very little interest in caps, personally.

Your cap and supercap crosstrain (don’t forget the pirate ones!) is gonna be… quite expensive. But if you can make it happen, I’m sure it will be a fulfilling experience in the end for you.

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