Event Feedback - XVI Anniversary Celebrations!

You collected your second to last gift, when the counter said you only had a day left to collect a gift.

In other words, the counter was saying it was your last day to collect your gift. You were collecting your second to last gift.

CCP isnt obligated to give us anything

well at least they could celebrate without spitting in the face of less active players and mocking them afterwards… I already was pissed by this kind of event and similar situation at new years celebration. Tho I was satisfied about the fact that GM resolved it manually - the symptoms of impending bs were there. Second time seals the deal - I already stopped prolonging my omega and just waiting for the news about lootboxes incoming or something like that. It sucks to abandon 100+mill SP character, but if i’ll feel the need to be butthurt each time I log in and insulted by devs/publisher, I’ll just play Rust. Facepunch are way better at this.


Not sure how they did this.

I mean, i guess you could say that if you consider all the EVE Vegas events as a spit in the face to less rich players and mocking them afterwards by handing out free gifts based on whether you went there or not, then yeah.

I dont. But if you do, then okay.

By making lengthy accumulative daily login event, where by each missing day during few weeks you are locked out out of most valuable gift available left there. In a game designed at its core not to be punishing for low activity. Also revealing rewards upfront - you wouldn’t get annoyed by the fact that you missed last day reward as much as than being shoved in your face with what you could have but will not get it, but everybody else will, for 2 weeks.

Why Vegas would have to do anything with this?

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The event was 16 days and you could miss 2 days. So you can miss a day during a week, or even a few weeks, and still make it.

Its not a punishment. Missing events and not getting the reward, is not a punishment. Anymore than not being able to log in and defend your structure, is not a punishment. Its just a fact of life and a fact of the game.

There is always a time where real life responsibilities will over-ride your gaming time. And thats good. That means you have a life, and your priorities are straight. The fact that you miss timers, the fact that you wont be able to make all events, is fine. We all have our personal lives to attend to.

But to blame CCP for the fact that you were busy in real life, how does that work? Why should they be responsible for your real life obligations?

Most game companies show you what the rewards are, unless they use a random lootbox method. And even then, they would show you what the potential rewards are.

But yes, sometimes real life prevents you from playing a video game and you miss out on events and rewards.

If you consider this event as spitting in the face of less active players, then EVE Vegas is spitting in the face of less rich players. Almost no one does, of course. Which is why i pointed it out.

So, I didn’t read the entire 465 preceding posts, but I did skim over it and agree with many of the sentiments.

There are a few good reasons why you have to log in to claim the rewards; however, I think it’s safe to say that the many cons vastly outweigh the pros. I think the best solution is to automatically grant the rewards per day, but the rewards can expire if not redeemed after a while. This is already in line with how other rewards are - many of them have one-year expirations in the redeeming queue, for example.


Ye ye… You just making excuses for EvE slowly drifting to mobile gaming marketing model with all its bulls***… I’ve noticed quite an aggressive ad campaign, may be some SJW stuff will be thrown in soon as well… One should avoid stepping on Activision, EA, etc trails in 2019 - this year is bane of gaming industry after all.

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And you’re just making excuses for your own sense of entitlement. Fact is, it’s a gift, not an obligation, and CCP gave it out to everyone who was able to complete the event.

Funny thing is, events like these, where you miss the rewards if you miss the event, occur in every single MMO out there. You think you should be entitled to all the rewards to all the events that occur while you’re afk from world of warcraft for a whole year? Try posting that in their forums, and get laughed at.

CCP won’t be able to go into the mobile gaming app arena with Eve Online. Maybe if…nah wouldn’t work.

From someone who has been playing Eve Online for over ten years, I never thought that the Eve Online would make it this far. There were a lot of MMORPG out there at the time that just made more sense in being part of.

Then, that first time that you un-dock target the closest ship and fire on it and get destroyed each time for the next 15 minutes that you un-dock doing the same thing, you finally realize that you can’t shoot Concord and that…THIS…is Eve Online.

Eve Online will never die because its Capsuleers have made it immortal and the doctrine of myth states that once any story has become an immortal state it will not be let to die. Its throne might change names or face as many pass through its chamber but the myth…its core…will never die…it will merely evolve to one become more than just a game.

When humans finally reach out into the depth of night they will look for inspiration from human created content such as Eve Online to entertain its passengers, its soldiers, its very citizens across the solar system…and beyond.

THIS…is Eve Online’s legacy to humanity.

And how do we make out myth real? By the laws of myth we smite all those who oppose us.

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It’s not though, is it? If you have to go to a specific place and do a specific task to receive something then it’s definitely not a gift.

Payment, wage, reward maybe. But it’s not a gift.

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If you read through this thread you find that people refer to ‘rewards’ when they want to drive home the point that some people don’t put in the effort needed in this game (using strange analogies about marathon running, brick laying, hospitalisation and culinary ventures) but talk about ‘gifts’ when they want to point out how generous CCP is.

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The fact that you have to go to your birthday party in order to get presents, gifts, doesnt mean we stop calling them gifts. Gifts are defined as something given on a special occasion or given without much effort on the person receiving them. The “rewards” were not particularly hard. You just had to log in. Not hard.

Oh no, not at all. The hospitalization was an actual argument made by someone who didnt make all 16 days. Or, atleast on behalf of his friend.

But gift and reward are interchangeable. This event didnt take any effort. It was easy to get the first, first few gifts. And for those who stuck out till the end got the best reward.

If you’ve been here for longer than a year, you would know the celebration birthday last year was useless trinkets and ships that everyone has nowadays because they were handed out again and again over multiple events.

This year, it was much more generous and valuable.

Okay. You’re young. Your erratic punctuation and spelling is therefore excused. However, understand this: one doesn’t have to go to parties to receive gifts. I, my mother, and my sisters haven’t lived in the same city for over 25 years. We try to get together, but it’s not always practical (I live 8 time zones away) but we send and receive gifts just fine.

Gifts are given unconditionally. An American dictionary defined them thus: something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation.

And forget the special occasion crap too. I’m just guessing here, but I’d hazard a guess you’re yet to have received the favours of a young lady. Surprise and spontaneity with gifts - no need to be expensive - can work charms here mate.

Anyway, way off topic. On topic:

This “event” was a PR disaster. No doubt about it.

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If it is a reward - event where you have to login daily for 2 weeks? Wow, amazing! Discriminating less active players in a game that is designed not to be punishing for low activity - is a way to go.
And if it a gift - I thought gifts are unconditional. I guess I’m not worthy… Well, I picked my lump of coal and moved on somewhere else…

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Im typing on my phone, and i didnt make any spelling mistakes.

But generally, for most people, if you dont throw a birthday party, you wont receive gifts from the people who attend it.

Sure. There was no necessary payment. You could be alpha and still receive the 16 days worth of gifts.

Theres nothing wrong with receiving spontaneous gifts, but lets not be disingenuous here. Those gifts are given as a quid pro quo, and your girlfriend, if you have one, is expecting something in return. For the rest of us that have actually had women in our lives, we can tell you, this is true. If you are truly expecting nothing in return, you would give presents to a random stranger who doesnt know you, anonymously.

By the way, its “you’ve” and not “you’re”. I usually dont point these things out, because, you know, English might not be your first language, you might be typing on a phone and therefore had your words auto-corrected or typed too fast that you didnt realize what you had written. And most of all, because its meaningless and irrelevant to the discussion at hand as to whether someone misspelled or punctuated improperly, and only serves to distract from the actual arguments being presented. But it seems fitting to point this out.

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Yes. And if the event only required you to log in for one day, in the span of 2 weeks, and you couldnt log in for a month, wow, amazing! You would still consider it a discrimination against less active players in a game that is designed not to be punishing for low activity.

But your argument doesnt make any sense. You keep repeating this “Game is designed not to be punishing for low activity” nonsense, and its not true.

Both of us agree that a person who logs in 10 hours a day and makes 100 mill an hour, would have more ISK at the end of the month than a person who logs in 1 hour a week and makes 100 mill an hour. Is the game, “punishing” the less active player? And more importantly, should it? Should a Guy who logs in 1 hour a week, be able to make the same as someone who logs in 10 hours a day doing the exact same thing?

Of course not. And you would agree with that, too.

So no, the game is not designed not to be punishing for less active players in every respect.

And if you concede to that, then your argument utterly fails.

If an icecream shop is offering free sundaes, and you dont show up to the icecream shop, you wont get your free sundae.

If your friend sends you a gift for your birthday, and the postman puts the gift in your mailbox, if you dont open your mailbox, you wont get your gift.

If CCP sends you a gift for their anniversary celebration, and you dont log in to claim it, you wont get your gift.

Starting to see a pattern here?

Wow, what an old romantic you are! No, I don’t have a girlfriend, but I met my wife in '96 and she’s pretty traditional, so girlfriends are verboten.

As to you’ve vs you’re:

“France have yet to score”
“France are yet to score”

I’m pretty sure both are fine. I avoided the construction:

“…you have yet to have…” as the repetition seems clumsy to me.

Anyway, you won’t win a language contest here, so drop it. I only concentrated on your language use because I suspected you to be an employee of CCP based on your many responses to this thread, and on the tone of those.

I don’t believe you are, but I’m puzzled as to why you’re defending what has obviously turned out to be a fairly terrible public relations opportunity.

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Wow. You’ve completely missed the entire point of my argument. Are you honestly saying that you’ve never made a punctuation error in this forums before? Seriously? Don’t you think that I’d be able to find a mistake of yours, going back into your forum posts?

Also, “you’ve”(past tense) is still correct over “you’re”(present tense).

Also, you do realize that a lot of CCP employees are from Iceland. Guess what the official language of Iceland is? Hint: it’s not English.

Yes. CCP employees have the word “ISD” or “CCP” in front of their names. You just realized that, huh. Good for you.

What I’m defending, is the fact that CCP didn’t fail at public relations. It’s the difference between being fair, and unfair. CCP told everyone when the event would begin(At downtime on the 2nd), when the event would end(On the 20th of May), and sent an email on the last possible day to receive all the rewards(may 4th), specifically stating that you can get all the rewards as long as you log in every single day.

For those of us who followed the rules, we got our prize.

For those who didn’t, well, now they’re complaining about how it was unfair.

It’s not. It would be unfair, for CCP to hand out the rewards to every player that failed the event. But CCP didn’t, and therefore, they were fair. People don’t like it, because CCP didn’t rule in their favor. And I understand that. But a lot of what they said in this thread, is wrong. And I pointed it out.

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