Eve's true disease - Goonswarm

i have been in eve since launch but have played maybe half that time…id log in and skill change pull out a bp and me another.

fact is i haven’t played eve in years…took a couple months to come back make a choice to stay or go…i choose to go.

glad you love to play…i don’t have that kind of time anymore.


gl luck all and hf,

moving on


Sorry to see you go. Lot’s of players, both past and present, share your sentiments about the game.


Always loved that line… never fails to amuse how so many people fail to spot the two parts of that essentially makes it a double negative :grin:

In this instance “Your” can only be presumed to be addressing everyone who’s not a Goon… once they’ve driven everyone else out they’re not going to hang around with nothing to do are they so off they go too… game over :smirk:

I always wondered why it is that Goons have such a hate boner for CCP that they’d want to destroy their flagship game that way :rofl:

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Its pretty much their style in my eyes.

Can’t beat your enemies in skillful combat? Simple! Just ambush and annoy the crap out of them until the game turns unplayable for ya! Nothing more to fight for? Dead. It’s like a wildfire, once it runs out of fuel it will just die and all we are left with is a barren wasteland.


If it’s OK can I just ask some questions, I’ve never been in Goons so I’ve no idea how things work so a couple of things from your OP are a little confusing for me :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Why did they gank you?

Just because you left Goons or was it a cock up of some sort & they didn’t realize you were a Goon on sabbatical?

  1. Also why did you feel you needed to leave?

Can’t you just stay in Goons while inactive or do they kick for inactivity, even then why would that be a problem… or is there some sort of auto-blacklist for anyone kicked you wanted to avoid?

Oh & this…

Huh?? do you mean you’re trashing all in-game possessions & bio-massing the toons… did I get that right?.. but why? :confused: If you ever do come back for a look-see you’ll be starting entirely from scratch…

If CCP charged some kind of storage fee in real world ISK I could perhaps understand but they don’t so this makes no sense to me :worried:


Good questions. This is a problem of most WH and 0.0 alliances/corps. I’m watching what they are doing just to make a right decision for me if I’ll choose to join to a corporation there someday. I’m feeling it’s impossible to make a right decision. As a result, I’ll gain an Employment History stamp which will define my future in game activity. This is why a thread

Would you, the players who already play, start the game at its current state, and keep on?

exists and why CCP introduced skill injectors. It’s a core game mechanic and curse of this game at the same time.

BTW, I know about a guy who was kicked from Pandemic Horde, with all his Cap ships, just because he asked something into capital chat. What he should do with his assets in 0.0 after that? What should do a player who got a Dislike in those anti-spy buffer corporations/alliances after months of working there. At the same time we see banners: “Don’t be carebear”, “Come to Null-Sec”.


If you want to burn your bridges properly, you can have CCP delete everything.

This might not be bad security practice. If EVE ever gets pwned and the data tables copied, you don’t lose your stuff. The only thing is, you’re really not getting your stuff back if you do that.

Karma can be rough, eh? Buh-bye!


This thread is salty enough to pickle a herring.

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One should never waste good salt. I can station trade you un-pickled red herrings for only 1,000 ISK, I hear pickled herrings go for 1,000,000 in Jita, pm me if you want some :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dont recycle your s**t man, every person I spoke to that recycled or gave all their ■■■■ away regretted it when they decided they wanted to come back to the game, whether it be 6 months, 1 year or five years later. Keep your schnizzle until the rage, dissolution and emptiness subsides…you might want to get up to stuff at some point and you might also want to use some of that stuff to contribute in the great war agaisnt the goons


Ahhh I remember when I thought this way too. Drink deep of the KoolAid™. :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on which corporation he was part of, but there is a path for returning players. If he did not opt for this path, and undocked while appearing neutral in a Goons system…Goons are NBSI…like most NS alliances. He could have opted to rejoin, then move his stuff out then quit.

the fact that I am "bio massing my entire 2007 career…

I find it quite exciting…must be 100 bill or better in isk…no including the money spent…

I am trying to make a statement here…so shh!

why would I stay in goons afk? we have a paps policy an I am not one to take up dead weight…ask my corp mates…I have donated 5 bill easy to my corps cause…plus kept paps…

I was a participant…

they as always, saw my money…and ■■■■ on me. as is the goons way…

the accts have 5 hours till bio mass…

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trust me…I may regret it, but ill be better for it…atm I am in a Hilton in Clearwater FL, why would I continue to play a fail game?

I made 5 figure last year, will make 7 this year…I need eve for what? I totally care little for this game…

I am a convict,
I am doing very well,
I have 3 shops in Denver, Minneapolis and opening one in Tampa…

what has eve to offer me?

goons, who I know well, 90 % of em are nerd 30 year olds living with their parents…who insist their life status symbol revolves around how many rorq kills ( or empire ganks ) they can amass)

seriously, I have better things to do in life…

eve stopped being eve when goonz disbanded bob/it and said it was a victory, because goonz knew they could never beat bob on the field…(true story was there)

now that goonz pull that spy faggotry, bobs gone, goons rule and game has no content…goons main enemy is gone…

and they cant say they beat bob in muscle…they pulled a goon and well, head to head we all know bob would have shown goonz the big member. lol…

bob in combat was always better…hence the goon faggotry…cause goonz could never win…(so cheat)

Molle was a far better tactician, that Martini any day of the week


off to twin peaks for a 32 degree brew…



That observation doesn’t appear to match with OP’s comments?

I presumed from this that the gank occurred in Jita.


no was all around jita

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but, the point is goonz killed one of their own…


I have a pickle for you…and it is a bit hairy. but I’m sure its something your used to :wink:

trust me bio massing my assets is pretty perm… :wink: