Eve's War Dec Groups and who are they

I’d be down to have a hacking mini game and you could hack player ships to steal stuff, even cloaked. But once gotten you uncloak and suspect flag.

It’d be great fun!


Frankly that’s a strange thing to say . We lost our war Dec ing sys because of the sheer amount of griefing type war decers made having a corp impossible , this is fact and ccp had to change it to what we have now , which is still not great but I hope this can be changed soon.

Why people are talking of Black flag you can debate endlessly if any of BL wars are griefing I’m sure people on the receiving end will feel that it is but from my view they play eve as it is ment to be played why others are pure griefing and we all know who do this but again it’s my view and a take on how I like to play.

I just would like a workable system that allows a small group of players to take part in some of the great parts of this game with out turning it into structure fighting where large groups are always catered for, even the new changes seem to favour large groups


I think the changes were supposed to stop people from owning structures under the premise that it would be too much of a chore to take down, which in the end left them very vulnerable.

Having even a small defense fleet under a skilled FC could technically push things to a point where an Astra core isn’t worth the fight (700 mil is just 2-3 dead Guardians). This together with having the citadel away from Jita, because that brings extra incentives to kill it.

I suggest looking at lowsec and nullsec to see how groups are surviving despite not being the top dogs.

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I guess giving my 5 scent to it. CCP had the genous idee that wars should resolve around structures.

Since everbody now outsorces his strucutres to a 1 man holding corp we are forced to attack 1 man holding corps as we do not know who comes running out of the bushworks to defend it. This is 100% to blaim on ccp in my opinion.

I also can understand why many people droped the wardecing totaly and moved on to ganking people the amount of guesswork invoiled in finding a target that might provide a fight is astronomicaly now. sure some times we are wrong and we figure out we genuinly hit a 4 man corp in such chases diplomatic resoloutions can be explored as in i got better things to do then burn their sctrucure down.

edit: said that we still like to be compensated for effort and time and many people dont get that 0 is surenders i am looking at you.

I would enjoy to know who is hiding behind that one man athanor so i can look for fights not go after ever structure just in the hope someone shows up.

Also the war hq as is is more a problem for blanket deccers then for us we enjoy a good fight defing our hq :smiley:

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Maybe a system where people declare their allegiance to a structure and they are the only one’s who can defend it .
If people want a station they have to make plans to defend it .

This would force people to work together and form defence fleets or hire Mercs, the only unknown factor would be will they show up to fight.

The defending force would be public knowledge and they would not need a war hq, the structure they sign up to defend is war HQ untill it is destroyed , technically they are are war with the aggressor untill this point.

From you’re perspective and war decers you can see what your getting into and plan , for Mercs and people running defence fleets, we would all see who is effective at saving stations .

Avoiding consequences is what eve players do best. The problem with people avoiding consequences in this context is that it leads to the people not avoiding consequences facing more problems which eventually leads to something where anybody not using one or multiple holding corps is a very good target.
Hell, you can create a corp for every Station and individually choose to defend or not.

Holding corps are a pain, as well as undeccable HS groups, as well as pirates who come to your doorstep with some spidery Praxis fleet and blow up your station without you being able to do anything about it. :>

I feel there is no real answer to solve this problem. The mechanics are so broken, I don’t even know where to start. And Eve players will find a way around consequences anyway :frowning:

the somewhat funny part is most groups big enough to *profit" from having their own structures are also big enough to defend it in most cases it doesent even need that much.

but i guess as longs as join us we are undeccable is a recrutment add we will see this farce continue.

oh i see why they do it. also i see why the kinda have to since beeing undecalbe is the norm and falling out of the norm gives you massive penaltis drawing new people to your corp.

also i saw that stab there. but the truth is you are normaly massivly disadventaged if you go attack a structure the defnder has the force multiplier of the station which you can not do anthing about it. they see what you bring and can undock accordingly or not.

the praxis is a noob bs dont be scared :slight_smile:

The most scary part is the red blinking overview of pirates, not the ships in general @_@

By the way, what do you think about the recent structure changes?

Will it help you to destroy more stuff in Highsec or will it make wardeccing much harder, because the War HQ Armor/Hull timer is now always 24h?

I think that’s pretty broken and will it make very hard for pirate groups to defend the War HQ out of their timezone. I hope it’s at least 24h + some hours until owners set reinforcement time.

That is how that works. But that only really matters for wardeccers with medium structures.

We like this change very much. We moved our WarHQ to large structures. Took us 3 minutes to reinforce a shield timer last night of another wardec group.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is CCP’s method of putting the squeeze on wars without implementing a direct nerf to a system of high-sec PvP that’s already hanging on by a mere thread. I guarantee that the words “the wardec problem,” much like “the ganking problem,” are often spoken in the halls and conference rooms of the CCP office in recent times. To them it is a problem, and not just a gameplay style anymore, and they are looking for ways to address it.

Their intent is to lessen the pressure on their null-sec constituents carebearing in high-sec, and random high-sec rabble that doesn’t know any better than to put up high-sec structures. They’re accomplishing this by making changes that would entice the few remaining high-sec war groups to fight each other instead of going after their regular war targets, and by ensuring that a lot more wars will drop off as war HQs get destroyed, leading to less war intensity due to the cooldowns and additional expenditures imposed on high-sec war groups.

The rational response to this would be a degree of solidarity and an even spread of risk, instead of falling right into CCP’s trap by going for the lowest-hanging fruit as kill starvation takes hold. And it will happen anyway as war groups start merging into even fewer, bigger entities in response to this change. The end result will be a single giant entity, or maybe two evenly-matched competing entities locked in a perpetual stare-down of mutually-assured destruction, responsible for all of the wars in high-sec. And then CCP, under the pretense that “things are getting out of control,” will directly address those groups, or the continued existence of the war system in general.

Every time some large group goes after some random tiny group’s war HQ to try to shake loose a few battlecruisers to slaughter, instead of focusing on making high-sec an absolute living nightmare for CSM-backed krabs trying to sell their bot-farmed loot in Jita, we get pushed ever closer toward a PvP-free high-sec.

This narrative regarding CSM and CCP being in bed with each other to look after their (null) interest because Null Blocks and so on is really getting silly now. That is way to much tinfoil hatting.

I mean Null blocks looses billions to us with wars. They die alot. FRAT being the biggest feeder loosing on average 40-60 billion a week when we have wars with them. And this is just on highsec kills.


Decreasing the survival window of war HQs specifically to a total of 24 hours (48 hours for large structures) signifies direct intent to make war HQs die more often. When war HQs die, the existing wars drop off for 14 days.

The net effect of this change will be an average decrease in the amount and duration of wars. That is just a concrete, definitive, mathematical truth.

Null-sec entities are the primary recipients of wars, probably accounting for over 99% of all war-related destruction.

Therefore, an average decrease in the amount and duration of wars will benefit null-sec entities. Once again, the intent is easy to discern.

Which is my exact argument.

I can tell you now, Null sec does not care about highsec wars. The standing though in null… If you loose a ship in highsec to war you deserve it. They do not care about highsec warhq, yes you would have one or two people or a specific corp come and ping your warhq now and again but they rarely, if ever follow through. This happens more often when null is not as active as it has been currently. Then the guys do it out of boredom.

As a matter of fact, I can almost guarantee 95% of warhq losses are done by groups that operate in highsec. And we definitely do that often.

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You should take a stroll through Reddit. It’s almost always full of null krabs complaining about wars and ganking.

And I never argued otherwise. I said that most of the total destruction is experienced by null-sec groups. As such, my argument is that they have a vested interest in there being fewer wars.

Yes, you do. And I find that to be very short-sighted, although it is your prerogative.

The smart thing to do would be to not touch war HQs at all, and in fact to mutually protect the war HQs of other entities, especially the small ones that are nearly extinct, to ensure a vibrant high-sec PvP community. This would constitute effective push-back against CCP’s efforts to whittle away against high-sec PvP.

Instead, we’re moving ever closer to a wholly monolithic system controlled and dominated by a single entity, that can easily be labeled by the developers as public enemy number one, and used as a scapegoat to further dismantle the war declaration system.

Blimey, you are asking the number one merc alliance in the game to protect your Astrahus war HQ for free, they should war dec you for such cheek, hold on, they war decked you already before you even made this request, so isn’t this a plea for them not to blow up your war HQ? Put up a Fortizar and defend it yourselves…, stop being trash!

Might have been someone else’s area. Always check with locals, pay off the bad guys. It’s the way of the game.

Did not know they have a WarHQ…

Did not even know we were at war.

The amount of expensive ships getting blown up on the Tradehubs or flying into gatecamps for no valid reason at all is indeed staggering.
And everybody who lost a blingy battleship or an Orca or a freighter to some wardeccers is just fueling the fire that consumes them. So maybe nullsecs big conspiracy is getting the wardeccers fueled up with blingy Ships and a lot of ISK to spread even more chaos in HS.