Eve's War Dec Groups and who are they

Your alliances war with RIOT starts at 23:03 Eve Time tonight, just an amused observation of course. o7

They had people camping in around JITA again.

Time to interfere in timers and pop a WarHQ again.

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I had no idea about any wars either, as I had not logged in since yesterday afternoon due to work. Dracvlad is just reaching for straws because he hates PvP, and my advocacy for returning EVE to a state in which small groups are able to conduct wars abjectly terrifies him.

Didn’t he self-grief himself out of the forums and say he wasn’t going to post here anymore, though? :thinking:

The only problem with that strategy is that long-term, it’s going to force everyone to ball-up just to be able to survive against the apex entity. Like I said in previous posts, you’re only playing into CCP’s hands by doing this, since they absolutely love it when the war guys bash each other instead of their bot-farming constituents.

Also, I took a look at the kill boards, and it’s just like one guy who just joined the alliance and killed an Atron and a Catalyst. I think this has less to do with that, and more to do with going on a structure-bashing warpath now that it’s so much quicker and easier to destroy them.

I am restricting myself to commenting rather than posting: So I will comment on your rubbish post:

Maybe you did not know about the war, but you lie so easily. Who cares in any case, it was still weakness on your part and I find it amusing.

On these forums I have suggested several times to limit the number of concurrent wars to three war decs and make it so every one can be war decced, however to do more than 3 war decs requires a war HQ. Go back to living in your fantasy world of make believe, where war deccers all sit around the fire and sing kumbaya together while holding hands. Hilarious, especially when you tell me that I don’t want PVP and then you decide that all war deccers should be helping each other, ROFL.

Did you ask him to leave, or just looking for a excuse?

I am prolly the only one that will ever ask first.

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That was already tried. We had glorious fights with 700 people in local at the biggest of the fights.

But things go through cycles in EVE. People move on and other group grow and take control and it keeps on cycling around. Nothing in EVE is certain, I could loose everything I got tomorrow but I know I will be ok and move on to the next challenge.

I don’t think Kane’s responsible for the decision, but it’s most likely the latter.

If we approach the current events from a realist perspective, right now is a very good time for anyone who is able to get some hits in to do so, so they’d be stupid not to. Short-term gains always trump long-term thinking.

My issue isn’t individual conflicts, but the overall inability for small groups to operate in any capacity (and I’m not including us in that classification, being the second or third-biggest one).

That, and allowing CCP to continue nerfing high-sec PvP by any means necessary, which BF. is helping them do by not taking issue with their policies. You’re effectively cannibalizing the system that feeds you in favor of having some extra kills in the near future. But, to be fair, pretty much every apex high-sec war group did that throughout EVE’s history. They all thought that the gravy train would keep rolling, and then CCP did things like increasing war fees up to 500 million ISK, and cutting target availability by 95% with structure requirements. Those aren’t going to be the final changes we’ll see to the system.

It was that fee that brough everybody into bigger groups in the first place.

remove the structure need to wardec or be wardecced, limit the amount of wars that can be declared. And you will see the 3-5 man wardec groups again fighting each other.

The problem you also mention about the small corps, I myself with 1 char and two guardians was already to much for small corps to handle taking down their structure on my own. When I was on my own, the small corps that tried died at my structure undock. Without needing me to bring in additional chars.

But yeah keep fighting the fight. I am playing a game, I will adapt and continue to play a game.

This is only possible to do while there’s still a game to play.

Many play styles have been not just nerfed, but entirely removed, and that’s not something to which you can “adapt.” At that point, the only way to “adapt” is to find a completely new activity to perform, which probably isn’t the kind of adaptation you’re envisioning in your mind that’s such a source of pride for you.

A somewhat ironic source of pride, as one of your members literally just made a thread to complain about players stealing “your” cores and asking for CCP to change suspect mechanics, which is like one of the few methods, if not the only viable one, for most players to fight back against your alliance. In fact you joined in on that complaint, lamenting that it’s not always possible for you to bring interceptors to counter a cloaking ninja looter. Is that also “adapting?”

Couple of big Reddit threads from Frat. members who got sick and tired of losing that “40-60 billion a week” to you, and a few meetings with the CSM, and we’re going to get something like a high-sec structure requirement for entities to receive wars, and then you won’t be able to declare war on a single null-sec entity.

And the biggest irony is that you won’t even stick around for people to mock you back for not being able to adapt anymore. You’ll just never log in again, joining all the lofties and the awoxers and the trade window scammers and the friendly-fire assassins who left before you.

War should be at the very core of eve , it should never be taken away , unlink it from structures and give people a good reason to be in a corp , so they stay when war deced.

Maybe the new stuff coming is linked to this based around faction warfare or factions , is this new event the start.

WarDecs are pretty much dead, no?

Dead as Dickens.

Basically just 3 large groups alternating between declaring war on the same dozen or so largest null-sec entities and picking people off at hubs and the main trade pipe.

LOL you said you were leaving entirely. Such lying and drama ROFL :smiley:

This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

Dracvlad has some kind of mental disorder which makes it impossible for him to ever concede when he is wrong, at fault, or has changed his position. Although he has repeatedly ‘quit’ the forums and the game, he is still here! Ah, but he is not ‘posting’, he is just ‘commenting’. What a loon! I call them ‘antigwankers’.

I am not commenting, I am just communicating.

From my experience it’s the wardecs from the small ones that used to be the best. As a small corp working together to overcome that situation by sticking together and finding ways to work around the circumstances… get some kills in… it’s something that matures a player and a new corporation’s memberbase.


Why is it okay for a highsec mining group to get wardecced and their space being turned into nullsec but if nullsec is temporary turned into WH space it’s such a problem?

Why does CCP change blackout mechanics instantly but never changes the wardec mechanics?
I think the highsec miners and missionrunners are feeling the same amount of frustration, but I guess it’s okay to stomp on highsec players because they are poor anyway?

Wouldn’t the answer to that be choice? Blackout was not something you could opt out of.

Don’t want to be war dec’ed in high sec. Don’t own a structure. Problem solved.

Not saying either mechanic is good. Just pointing out you are comparing two completely different things like they are the same. They arnt.

Don’t like Blackout. mine in Lowsec. Problem solved.

You can’t opt out of a wardec as well. Sure you can not anchor a Raitaru or Athanor but it would be better if you just could without being punished for it. Because that’s the goal of probably 90% of small industry corps :frowning: