Ex-CCP Employee giving away free stuff in Atlanta this weekend!

Hi there you wonderful bastards of New Eden. This is your friendly Ex-GM Pyro (this is one of my many alt characters so don’t think you found my main) and I’m moving away from the Atlanta area. I have a lot of EVE related stuff that I’m not taking with me when I move. If I don’t give it away, I’m just going to throw it in the dumpster. I really don’t want to do this as I know y’all would much rather have this stuff.

I’ve been meaning to make this post all month but alas, I haven’t played in over 2 years and keep forgetting. If I see no replies to this saying someone will be there, I’m not going to bother, but I want to give y’all a chance. Some of the many things I have to bring and give away:

  • 6 Sealed Collector’s editions
  • EON Magazines
  • Shot glasses
  • Shirts
  • Magnets
  • Sealed boxes of the game from years past
  • Playing cards
  • Ship Models
  • Many other things I can’t think off off hand

Now where and when will I be giving this stuff away at you ask? The usual old Atlanta meetup location in Decatur, MacMcGees Irish pub around the corner from the old CCP office. I’ll get there around 7pm on Saturday, August 18th, assuming someone else will show up.

Hope to see y’all this weekend.

Edit: updated quantity of collectors editions
Edit #2: fixed a typo


can you ship me some stuff lol

its a bit far to come by from Australia but love that you are still thinking of every one

Im not much of a drinker, but I’ll come hang out for a while if work allows it! It’d be nice to meet some fellow eve buds around the area.

Yeah any chance to ship some?

The one and only time I will ever regret not living in Atlanta.

You take care out there and best of luck in your new home. o7

You’ll have to convince someone else to pick something up and ship it for you. I’ve shipped stuff in the past and can’t justify it this time around.

I will buy one of the collector editions off you and pay for shipping.

For serial, I will finance some of your drinking for one.

I’m like 3 hours from there, but I’m gonna do my damndest to get there for some free stuff. Please don’t let this be a premeditated kidnapping/murder.

Sorry, but I’m not selling any of it. If someone wants to buy me a drink, I won’t say no, but it definitely isn’t required.

As for kidnapping attempts, this would be a very odd way to go about doing so.

There have been stranger and more elaborate attempts in the past… welcome to humanity lol. Got tentative perms from my “FC” to make the trip.

I am flying in for a family get together this Friday. I will try and drag the gf there for a drink on my way to the hotel…and buy one for you of course.

Man I work like 20 minutes from there and sadly will be at work at that time. Pretty awesome what you’re doing though. If I can break away I will slide down there.

Not odd, no.
Just really bold.


Here’s a picture of the stuff I’ll be bringing.

2 dust shot glasses
a bunch of magnets and pins
4 copies of Trinity
2 special edition
2 commissioned officer edition
1 (chinese?) foreign boxed edition
eve Vegas poker chips (2nd or 3rd eve Vegas)
flash drive
a bunch of concord shirts (large)
some guristas shirts (2xl)
2 yellow quafe shirts (2xl) (cat slept on one at some point, so a bit of cat hair included)
4 sets of playing cards
A yellow quafe gift bag
2 starter decks of the eve card game
6 ship models (2 boxed)
Isk the guide 2.0
6 collectors editions
2009 quarterly newsletters book (in game finances)
2011 calendar, women of CCP Reykjavík
Eve window sticker
Poster from one of the eon magazines
Pc gamer magazine featuring eve (sealed in bag)
20 eon magazines

Edit: forgot to include the mousepad in the list
Edit #2: found the publication stuff and added to the list
Edit #3: fixed a couple of autocorrects


I will be sending my finest Atlanta-based bros in hopes of nabbing some of those goodies :slight_smile: Really good of you to think about the community and giving it back rather than just trashing it :slight_smile:

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My girlfriend and I will be there at 7pm to buy you at LEAST 1 drink :slight_smile:

Be glad, there’s a good reason why it is also called hotlanta.

Pyro I have no means to get to Atlanta but I will happily pay shipping fees for a shot glass and an old sealed boxed version or a collectors version to show my kids

Can i call dibs on one of the ship models, a collector’s edition (or 2), isk the guide 2.0, 1 yellow quafe shirt, a poker chip, and a shot glass?

If not, I wonder now that there will be so many people showing up, how will it be decided who gets what? Also it seems like a little impromptu Eve Atlanta gathering is gonna happen at Mac Mcgees pub now lol.