Factional Warfare Feedback Thread

Supply caches do not spawn in Command Operations Systems owned by the enemy. This means that one can run up attacker’s advantage in an enemy Command Operations System and there is no way for them to reduce it without listening posts. This is very broken, please fix.


Agree with all of this ^

Regarding non FW pilots assisting with plexing/deplexing sites. Seems to be getting more common. If that is going to be standard practice at least some sort of LP reward for killing them? Anyway, something to consider if* it gets more prolific.


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Make the BF’s payout the same for offense / defence - you have to do the same amount of work to complete them and this would attract people to either sites, creating fights. At the moment, people tend to go for offensive BFs only.

You could leave it as a BF per side without increasing the VP, or increase the VP and then only have 1 spawn at a time, rather than 1 per faction. Otherwise BFs take over FW life and plexes become irrelevant.

Stop DT BF Spawns - obviously AU dudes need content, but they get a spawn at 1100 every day, which other TZs dont get

On the note of plex spawns - make the number of roaming plexes relative to the number of front lines, as Amarr/Min only has 6 front lines, there are far too many plexes so people dont fight.

Give more mechanisms for negative advantage - the only way at the moment is the supply depots and listening posts, so Adv just maxes out quickly for both sides in a contested system rendering the system a bit moot

Provide supply depots in rear guard systems for both sides - currently they only spawn for the side that hold the system, so the attacker can EASILY maintain a high adv level. Alternatively, make rear guard systems naturally degrade system contest % to zero so you dont have to deplex them or something. In practice when you push the front line forward, it means previously contested system hold high advantage making it easier for the enemy to open up a random front line - we were told that is supposed to be hard.

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  • Increase VP payout on Battlefields so people compete for them again(They were great!)
  • Reduce the spawn rate of plexes and increase the VP for each(especially smalls and scouts, so they are woth a scrap again) plex so systems are captured quicker or limit amount of plexes to 6-8 at one time in a system, this will make plexes more competitive(more fights)
  • Increase the amount of Avanced plexes, T2 ships are cool
  • Advanced BF rare spawn
  • Fix advantage so its not a isk/time sink that no-one fights over(suggest listening post etc last for 1 hr unless destroyed giving temp boost max of 3) So static places to fight over advanatge for limited time.
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I’m certain Non-FW pirates are being rewarded with ISK or even LP that are being given out by the contracting Faction War militia as rewards, basically, Hired Hitmen or Mercs.

A new mechanic should be introduced that tags the Non-FW pirate ship. When entering any size of FW complex site, the Non-FW pirate would have an LP value assigned to their ship based on how expensive the ship is. Then either side could attack the Non-FW pirate and gain the LP reward.

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Upgrading Navy-1 sites to Navy-5.

All Navy-1 sites need to be upgraded to NAVY-5 to promote more PvP in sites. As it stands, usually one ship will be present in a Navy-1 due to the LP being awarded which usually sees the single FW ship being pounced by a fleet of five or more. Making the Navy-1’s into Navy-5’s will keep more FW pilots in the Navy-5 which means more ships will engage in PvP.

Or make the Navy-1 possibly escalate to the next higher tier.

For example, a Caldari Small Nvy-1 could escalate into a Caldari Small Esc (escalated) Nvy-5 at some point during the timer run down and even a Caldari Nvy-5 Escalated site. When the site escalates, a new timer would appear that must be run down in order to capture. An escalated site will always have longer timers and yield more LP.

An escalated site will also have NPC defenders that warp in, similar to the Supply Cache, The largest NPC that warps into a first Tier escalated site would be cruisers with battlecruisers being the largest NPC in Navy-5 Escalated site.

In a Navy-5 Escalated site, there would also be two cargo containers that would open after the Navy-5 Escalated timer has been ran down and the site captured allowing either faction to loot the cargo containers. Loot drops could be anything from either faction militia LP store, Cal/Galmil or Am/Minmil, depending on which side you are fighting for.

An Entosis Link could be used to increase the percentage of chance of escalating the Small Navy-1 to a Small Escalated site and then to the Navy-5 Escalated site, 75% and 45% respectively. Only a percentage of Small Nvy-1 sites would be able to be escalated, but all Small Nvy-1 sites would have the Entosis Link node.

Why not make the warzone hostile to all non-warzone players? Make all station and gate guns fire without cause on anyone who isn’t a FW member. Put up a warning to anyone who will be attacked in this way, before they enter the system. Add some gate/station guns to the plexs, that are only there to shoot at non-FW players. This will solve a ton of issues including gate camps by non-FW players in the warzone.

Well, I would argue that this isn’t actually an issue. The issue might just be a lack of coordination on the militia’s part. In which case, we could ask what tools could be provided to enable better coordination within militias?

Doing FW for the first time for the last little while.
Loving the setup to encourage small ship warfare.
I’m Tribal Liberation Force in caldari/Gallente space mostly.
Whenever I open the FW button in my neocom I firstly have to go through the drop down list to choose the Gallente/caldari map, I would like that to remember my choice of map at least per login session.
For some reason the option to retire is right there every time I open that same button, I’d prefer it to be maybe less prominent to every single time I open that button to look at the map.
Doesn’t happen with my Gal toon in Gal/cal space though, he is in a Player corp, perhaps that has something to do with it?
Over all myself and the few people I hang with, also new to FW are enjoying it.
Also…F-Caldari. :slight_smile:

Just a quick one… showing route on facwar map ingame when you have set a destination; seems like it should already but noticed last night when trying to plan a route it didnt :frowning:

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))))))) rebalanced imagine to buy trash ships for 600m

I’ve been thinking about the quality and scale of fights taking place on Battlefields and that they aren’t really suitable for what the Battlefield is intended to facilitate.

I think that Battlefields could come to incentivize larger scale, organized PvP, and that the standard plexes we have available could come to incentivize the small scale, ad hoc PvP that the Battlefields are mostly facilitating at the moment.

What could be done to Plexes:

  • Perhaps Plexes could be reduced in number.

  • A 3-person Plex could be added to dilute the number of 1-Person plexes and incentivize a scale of PvP above solo.

  • Defensive payouts could be made more rewarding. I.E defending a system could be made worth defending instead of abandoning the system in favor of offensive plexing.

  • Defensive timers could automatically deteriorate back to the 50/50 mark if no-one is present.

  • A snowball mechanic could be introduced in which a percentage of LP awarded from kills inside a plex and it’s boundary could be added on to the final pay-out of a successfully capture/defended plex, increasing the incentive to return and fight for the plex.

What could be done to Battlefields:

  • The NPC mechanism could be adjusted to avoid allowing a single frigate to capture the control zone.

  • The NPC mechanism could be adjusted to require some form of logistics to be present when capturing (the idea is to encourage coordination and cooperation)

  • The impact of the Battlefield on the warzone could be significantly increased. Victory points could be increased, the system could be placed in a state where the victors of the battlefield have a significantly increased chance of higher tier plexes spawning for a duration, more relative advantage points could be rewarded.

Some of these ideas have been mentioned already, so I’ve mentioned them again in support of the idea.

I’ve been doing the Rendezvous points. They are really hard to kill in a solo active tanked pvp fitted cruiser or above. Either I need to bring another pilot or two or refit my cruiser/BC/BS hull into PVE which leaves me vulnerable to PVP. I really don’t mind the pvp but the mechanics and the RAT AI makes it hard.

Please improve this somehow. And give a boost to the LP. 10k LP isn’t alot when risking a BC that isn’t properly fitted. Maybe 20K with a max payout to 5 pilots.

There’s been a lot of good feedback here, but the one I will say I agree with the most is that battlefields should pay the same LP, no matter if it’s a defensive battlefield or an offensive one.

I understand making defensive plexing pay less than oplexing; I mean, c’mon, you don’t even need to have guns on your ship to deplex. But battlefields are different. They require more. And as it stands, when I check the FW map and I see a defensive battlefield up at the same time as an offensive one, I just skip right over the defensive one and go into the offensive one. And my enemies are doing the same thing! We’re skipping right past eachother, to run the battlefields with the highest payout. Wasn’t the point to cause pvp to happen? Even if a defensive battlefield is the only one up at the time, I feel much less incentive to go run it because I can just wait for an offensive one to show up and it will give me more reward for my time anyway.

Another point I agree with is reducing the number of plexes. You know how frontlines incentivize players to plex in just a small handful of systems, rather than spread out over 60 different systems? That’s a good thing. Do the same thing with plexes. Rather than having everyone spread out across 15 different plexes in a system, have them crunched together in only 5.

Transform all NVY-1 into NVY-5, at least.

Ideally, make all Scout and Small sites ADV too.

That is all.

There is a lot of wrong info here.

First, ADV ships can enter NVY plexes of larger size. A Dramiel can still enter a Small NVY-1.

More than 5 players can enter the -5 plexes, but only up to 5x the standard LP payout will drop, one for every player up to five, and then subsequent players only serve to spread out that pool. If all small or novice sites were ADV, there would be no room for T1 or faction frigates. T2Ds, Worms, and AFs would absolutely rule, and nothing could be done about it.

Bennington, you can’t speak for Minmatar or Amarr on account of a) the Amarr actually siding with the Caldari and b) your recent Gallente dealings. Also, I don’t think your losses are worthy of being Minmatar. Stay in your permacancer ECM logi roaming gang hell and try to actually fight if you would, instead of just complaining on the forums.

The reason large ADV and NVY stuff is balances is because of Recons. They are an actual pain. Die to Rooks, Huginns, and especially Curses enough times in your solo cruiser without any kills to show for it and you too will rejoice at the addition of the Medium NVY-1 complex.

This only applies to T3 on ADV plexes.

Can T3Ds not enter Large ADV complexes?

dont be daft.

T3s can enter Large ADV, but a pirate or T2 cruiser cannot enter a NVY site. Also T3Ds can enter Medium ADV but pirate/T2 DDs cannot.