Factional Warfare Feedback Thread

I meant can’t T2 stuff fit in bigger NVY complexes, like T3Ds in Large NVYs?

Things I still want:

Corp and alliance level LP taxing and the ability to make LP store purchases via corp and alliance LP

A character setting that lets us turn off the standings loss from militia damage so we can run smartbombs in fleets, currently pirate entities have a massive advantage in being able to reliably smartbomb off fighters and drones whilst us in militia cannot, we have to use neutral alts which works somewhat against drones but not against fighters and requires a dedicated toon on grid doing nothing but that. If we have a toggle that means nobody loses standings whilst aggressing us in militia/in fleet then that would fix this.

Everybody still uses the classic star map because its functionally far better and you haven’t made the effort to improve the new map to parity, since your clearly never removing the old map, can you please fix the FW sov on that map, as the bubbles are just a large bright mess, just make the circles smaller and give them brightness based on advantage and size based on contestation but a lot smaller and it would be good.

FW missions could do with a proper overhaul to be more engaging rather than still being totally seperate PVE that revolves around multiboxing extremely cheap and efficient and hard to catch ships that are barely valuable enough to bother mentioning on comms, jackdaw and stealth bomber spam is a prime example of this. We could really do with them being junked and replaced by the modern AIR experience or NPE missions which would involve things like mine X from enemy systems, destroy so many enemy beacons, setup so many of your own beacons, scan so many enemy sites, just general PVE stuff that still involves actual fw. Currently it is more efficient for you to run missions using toons in the enemy fw because it depresses their LP and gives you access to another factions LP store ships and modules which is logically terrible.

The edencom and trig bonuses specifically bonus one type of defense system which is annoying as ■■■■ when the design is that we basically use our LP to source navy ships for battlefields and plexes. This is a problem when some systems give 10% armour or 10% shield which benefits ONE fw side due to a mechanic that is totally unrelated to FW, these should be removed or moved to a nearby equivalent non-fw system

Corporation offices in NPC stations are a requirement for fw, the mandatory office limit existed to force people to spread out in the early days, this is no longer an issue, the rental fee is also hilariously out of date. Currently becuase the fee is so low and because the game is so old there are corps with over a decade of inactivity still taking up corp office spaces for no reason and this limits us greatly. It is also super cheap to simply buy out all of the office spaces in the warzone or at least key systems with alt corps to prevent new entities from setting up. This is terrible for allowing newer groups to get setup. Just remove or drasticlly increase the corp office limit and update the rental fee, there is no reason to have it anymore.

The faction warfare bonus for reducing station job costs up to 50% applies to the station not to the user. This means toons not in FW who have nothing to do with the warzone are getting the benefits of FW players donating LP to upgrade a system. this should be removed entirely so you only get the station job reduction and market fee bonuses for characters currently in FW when they run the job.

Inter alliance and inter militia logistics is still a pain because we cannot use either militia wide contracts or standings based contracts to stop enemy alts from just buying out contracts. We are still forced to use public contracts which can be easily seen and bought by the enemy forcing us to make them economically inviable and we can’t limit them to standings or militia only which would be a massive help to handing stuff out. CCP should know that militia fleets are mixed alliances and default militia, we STILL have to hand out ships in 2023 whilst null gets everything provided for them to work at a bigger scale. Now that FW is more popular handing out up to 30 ships to enforce a doctrine is pain for FC’s

The ability to dock in enemy stations in a pod is still dumb, please remove it for rearguard systems

Awoxing standing penalties should be harsher to standings losses and corps and alliances and characters should have limits to the amount of militia aggressions they can make, now that FW is popular again the numbers of people just cheating overview settings and using alts to maintain fw status corp wide is rising and needs worked on

You banned spamming alpha toons to suicide gank without losing sec status, you need to ban alpha spamming for FW awoxing also, this is being done and its inconsistent and cancerous

We still have no battlecruiser level plexes, I think this is a travesty we have been asking for this since FW came about

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No, they can’t.

Oh… that… is weird…

I guess solo battleships are super viable now, because you can’t get reconned!

Are Jove ships NVY or ADV?

You guys still haven’t solved the problem of commitment into plexes. Empty hulls are the obvious result of that and will remain so until you solve the question of “why stay and fight when I can warp away and just start a new plexe?”

The clear answer to me is that it has to be about the time investment being stolen.

Empty hulls is only a defensive plexes Problem so at least it is partially solved.
Furthermore now with the frontlines there is less space for just looking for a new plex.
Finally, you should be not forced to commit to a fight. There is no point in fighting if the enemy is too strong and you know you will lose. But as you want to finish a plex, get the LP there is some incentive to fight.

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I love hunting these dudes in the new combat explo ships. Slap combat probes on and no safe spot is safe. Make sure to not pod them so it’s more work for the player dude.

Yes. Also the point about the new Frontline mechanics. I have caught a bunch of empty ships belonging to very overwhelmed multiboxers. I have fun plexing while permanantly scramming their capsules until they self-destruct them.

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A quality of life change would be to separate pilots in your militia from pilots allied to your militia in the overview settings. The default colours can remain the same, but the ability to make the two distinct from each other on custom overviews in colour and exception would help distinguish friendly from potentially hostile as this seems to be a frequent scenario militia members find themselves in.

For example, Gallente Militia members sometimes find themselves fighting Minmatar Militia, despite being ‘allies’.

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What FW really needs (and eve in general) is proximity chat. Text proximity chat with chat bubbles.

This would be such a huge boost to community, bonding, and retaining of player base everywhere, not just in faction warfare.

Being able to strategize with new people in proximity is the difference between life and death in a plex, newbies have chat channels stacked up and are not in tuned enough to be aware of dscan.

Proximity text chat will be a huge boon to FW and EVE in general.

Also, battlefields give way too little victory points and if they gave 5 or 10% the incentive to form and go for them would be much bigger

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While i’d love to dive into FW, as long as it is not possible to fix standings with isk, it’s a pirate life for me.

Why not make Empire Standings like sec status?

There are several freighter corps that can get your modules into Low to sell. Buy cheap in Jita sell in Low.

Small requests:

  1. Militia stations should offer free repairs / jump clones to their faction.
  2. Minmatar militia stations need a wider docking ring. Not sure about other factions.

Other than that, it would be nice if we could find a way to shift more of the LP rewards to actual fighting vs. plexing, just from a fun perspective.

Current issues i have in Factional warefare:

Pirate fleets up to 5 to 15 players terrorizing Faction Warfare space without any restriction, they roaming the plexes looking for easy targets (soloers) and jump in as a fleet,
Now i dont mind pirates in FW but his goes abit to far imo. Can this be adressed by the amount of Pirates who can enter a plex at the same time?

After the Uprising patch T1 frigates are nearly dissapeared from Faction Warfare, maybe because Faction frigates are much cheaper now but i like to fly T1 frigates aswell and they deserve there own spot in FW, maybe bring the novice plexes back for T1 frigates only.

As long as I’m shouting into the void, allow militia pilots to clone jump between friendly militia stations in friendly systems without jump clone timer. This would allow them to park a learning clone in one station and then jump close to a frontline system to fight.

Sounds like you are in the wrong warzone.
We don’t have that out in Minamarr space. If you are ever solo in Calgal, prepare for permacancer ECM logi roaming gangs all the time.

This is very wrong. I find great T1 frig fights all the time!
Also, just punch up. I have specific anti-Slicer fits, and I will go for people in faction frigates just because I can. Even though I am a solo alpha clone, I am willing to take Magnate v Comet (I lost), Breacher v. Crucifier Navy (I won), Breacher v Slicer (1-1 on that matchup), Slasher v. Slicer (6-0), Merlin v. Firetail (I lost), Magnate v. Slicer (2-1)and a bunch of other stuff too. Stay away from anything Caldari or Minmatar faction though, as those ships are usually competent and scary.

Let’s rename “Faction Warfare” to “Lousek Beacons”.

Hi all. In my opinion, the whole concept of the war of States collapses because of the chaos that is happening on the beacon. I’m not talking about pirates, which are common in lowsec.
I’m talking about those frequent cases when their own allies kill.

I’m a new player and don’t play with 5 windows at the same time. Joining the militia, I wanted to temporarily become part of a large army that is at war with another army, where it is clearly clear where the ally is and where the enemy is. I think it would look very cool and contrasting in EVE, especially against the background of the usual “Trust no one” rule.

I go to FW alone, I thought I could get my comrades right in the battle on the battlefield. As a result, I was faced with chaos, where you are killed by your own allies. As a result, it turned out that only one is safe on the beacon, and anyone who arrives is your enemy, even if he is from your militia.
Deadlock, it turns out that either you fly to the beacon to help the allies and they kill you because of the LP. Or an ally flies to you on a beacon with five windows and kills you because of LP.

I think it’s worth renaming the names so that new players do not get fooled. There are no militia here, there is no war of states, there are no armies in the war. It’s just pirate skirmishes in low, only now with beacons.

Didn’t mean to offend anyone, this is just a newbie’s opinion.

Are you in Caldari-Gallente? Because that doesn’t seem to happen in the Minamarr warzone. Maybe it’s just me.
I have been AWOXed twice, and one time I was able to get away. I have not been AWOXed since Uprising. I pretty much only use T1 frigates, with some destroyers, and the occasional faction frigate or T1 cruiser. Maybe you use more expensive stuff, and maybe you only farm. I use solo pvp fits on all my ships, and I only feel the urge to AWOX when they are farming with an unfitted ship and ignoring me. That’s just rude and they deserve to die.

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This very rarely happens with the Gallentean Faction, I do however often see the State squabbling over the sites in local all the time, to the point where they are more distracted with “efficient” farming that they often do not support each other when we move to push them out of plexes.


Been trying the new faction war and honestly is absolutely terrible, I’m loosing more ships to packs of pirate alts in destroyers in the same Militia as me than I am to actual enemy actions.

The worst part is the current Faction War system is set up to actively protect players doing this from retaliation.

They keep on killing friendlies over and over eventually loosing enough standing to get denied access to Faction War. They just delete the character and create a new Alt in a destroyer.

The rest of us actual players try to identify and pre-emptively kill them off We loosing standings on our main characters which is a rather large imposition.

There needs to be some kind of corrective action here. Those of us actually playing the game need to be able to retaliate and defend ourselves against these squads of disposable destroyers ganking friendlies without penalty.


The second massive problem is people using neutral alts to attack players in their high sec without any Navy involvement.

Step 1 - Launch Drone At Safe Spot
Step 2- Use Neutral Alt to repair drone
Step 3 - Warp off

Its as simple as that the Navy Spawn that should be engaging the player for being in enemy high sec is just sitting there shooting the drone being repaired by a Neutral allowing the player free Reign to fight is in high sec.

It sounds like FW sucks.