Factional Warfare Feedback Thread

You sound like you need to a) stop farming so much, b) stop invading other peoples’ complexes, and c) join a militia that isn’t CalGal. CalGal just is so bad.

It in fact does not suck.

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Vastly reduce how many tags these navy faction modules cost and have player ships drop higher tier tags. I’ve earned millions of lp from plexing and pvp but I’ve only had enough tags for 1 faction gun. A lot of these modules would be cool to use but their extreme price makes them not worth using or even trying to obtain with how cheap t2 modules are.


CCP: Please look at including some viable way to fix Faction Standings. This has been an issue since Faction Warfare started years ago. Still do not have a solution to this problem. Cosmos Missions, Data Centers and SOE Epic Arc are not enough. Once you have exhausted the Cosmos and Data Centers. Which are only good for a 1 time mission. Then you have SOE Epic Arc which is on a 90 day cooldown.

Consequences are fine but provide a viable way to fix standings. 90 days for a 0.7 change to 1 Faction is not enough.

There are tags to fix Sec Status. Why not Tags or Missions to repair / increase Faction Standings with out damaging the opposite factions standings. Why not add an extractor to the New Eden Store that pulls positive Faction standings from a Character. And sell those standings to other characters. Win Win, CCP makes money and players can fix standings with some coin or plex.

After 15 years I come back to FW and I see the same issue. When in FW your standings tank, hard. But there is no reciprocating avenue for improving them. Again, it seems, CCP spent all this effort on this shiny new mechanic but didn’t address a glaring, long-standing issue barring access to it. No other aspect in Eve that I can think of is as inflexibly designed or implemented as faction standings. I came back after 7 years and now wanting to join a specific Militia to play with the few friends I have left, I’m faced with weeks or months of slow, from-the-bottom standings grinding. Compared to the avenues for increasing sec status - where you can simply turn in tags for a quick-but-expensive method or farm rats for a longer but straightward path - the hoops one must jump through to increase Empire faction standings is ludicrous. So I propose the following (note, this really only applies to the 4 empire factions:

  • A “relationship normalization” slow-rate decrease over time of negative standings for EMPIRE FACTIONS only, for people, like me, who stop playing for extended periods only to come back and find they can’t even fly in half of highsec because of faction standings;
  • A quick-n-dirty way to increase Empire factions by handing in tags of the opposing faction;
  • Specific “redemption” missions/design to repair (but not exceed beyond) negative standings;

If you want people to play with your new toys, please put in a little effort to make it less unbearable to access.

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You can always fix faction standings by grinding storyline missions. After playing 16 missions of any kind (Mining, Distribution, Security) with the same level and faction you will get a storyline mission. Some of these missions give huge standings, especially the ones with combat involved.

Only drawback is that you will lose standings with the opposing faction, called derived standings. But only to a certain point. For example you play storylines for Gallente all the time. You would end up with the following base standings:

Gallente 10.0
Minmatar 8.0
Amarr -2.0
Caldari -5.0

This would be the point where the other factions treat you as being a typical member of Gallente.

A quick way to trigger storylines is to play Level 4 distribution missions. Just fit a Blockade Runner or fast T1 hauler to load up to 8000 m³ and add some Hyperspatial rigs. Level 3 security missions can also be very fast if you blitz them. And they tend to have much less missions against empire factions.

If your standings are below -2, you are limited to Level 1 agents, which would mean a very slow and painful grind. Diplomacy V might help here. Or run storylines with a friendly faction. For example if you have -4 with Amarr you could try to fix that by playing storylines for Caldari.

And remember: Each faction has 3 sets of career agents, which also gives some faction standings upon completion. But this a one-time option only.

Derived faction standing (ie. inclusion of Diplomacy skill etc…) is not properly accounted for, and it seems faction standing may only be recalculated after relogging (log out and back in again for the updated value)?

I fixed my Minmatar faction standing to be +0.9 with inclusion of diplomacy 5 and attempted to re-join faction warfare on the minmatar side. instead, the game says i have a -1.3736 (my base standing). What’s the point of having a skill that allows you to have positive relations, when it doesn’t actually let you make use of all the mechanics that require positive relations? Can this please be fixed to take into account skills affecting standings? I saw this issue raised back in December 2022 in this thread as well.

Not ruining my standings. Way too much of a pain to repair.

Balancing Caldari / Gallente Facwar:

First off the recent changes to facwar are largely positive and appreciative. I help run Guardians of the Gate (long time Galente Corp) and we’ve recently begun rejoining facwar.

Now onto the crux of this post…

Assumption: Faction parity (at least to some degree) benefits both facwar parties. With parity both entities get more and better content (fights) as well as offensive plexing (isk)

The issue: There is an inherent imbalance with Gal/Cal facwar and it largely revolves around LP farming.

  1. In short, Galente LP is the least valuable resource of all the races bc the ships that can be traded for with LP (lp-hulls) have no PVE or large scale fleet usage. As a result there is little to no demand for Galente ships outside of Galente RP, and facwar players with LP excess. Even the small gang masses generally avoid Gallente hulls bc of poor range, speed and tracking.
  2. This creates a natural tendency for farmers and the likes to almost-never choose Gallente as their faction. The repercussion of this is minimal total Gallente pilots with almost no farmers. As a result a tremendous and natural Plex pressure occurs in favor of Caldari.
  3. This natural Plex pressure creates an insurmountable landscape for Gallente. Even if Gallente were to win every fight, there is not enough player balance to even out system holdings.
  4. This risks ultimately creating a vicious circle where remaining pilots decide to leave Gallente faction compounding the problem.

Solution: To balance the Gallente / Caldari landscape at least one of the Gallente LP-hulls needs to be viable for PVE and/or Fleets.

Recommendation: Rework the Navy Myrm to have bandwidth for 5 heavy drones and perhaps some fleet-worthy bonuses. This would reintroduce a T1 hull with 5 heavy drones which could be useful for fleets or PVE. It would 2-3x more expensive than the old Vexor Navy and thus not as broken.



because FW requires umodified standings of 0.0

You can do the epic arc to finish raising that up to 0.0

Sorry for the late reply - and welcome back to New Eden!

There is actually a method to increase your faction standings relatively quickly using the Data Centers. EVE University, as always, has a great reference page for these: Data centers - EVE University Wiki

Essentially, this allows you to quickly raise your Empire standings such that you can enlist with your preferred empire without having to spend an inordinate amount of time grinding standings through Storyline missions.

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