February 2020 Release - General Feedback


Are you sure? The Falcon that I remember would post stupid cat pics and throw a fit because people are so toxic.

:red_circle: DING DONG :red_circle:


See, I thought I was responding to a child of reasonable intelligence,

Now I realise I was responding to an entitled man baby, such disappoint.

For someone who claims to have been around for such a long time it is telling that you have not worked out you can edit a post on a forum… also sad (and confusing) that you’d think a chat program was a forum… but that just reinforces my earlier discovery so isn’t surprising.



Please give us a way to turn off that dumb red dot and incessant noise that comes with it! I cannot actually think of a way anything would end up in my inventory where I did not already know it was coming, why would I need this notification?


I want the tracking bonus of the Gala Tornados. they are alphaing my light drones with 1200mm guns. I want that, too!

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So paying back your 7B (how do you get that fit?) investment in 28 hours is not enough now?

Tracking implant.
Tracking booster.
Two Target Painters.
Two Tracking Computers.
At least one Tracking Enhancer.
Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium.
Tracking Skill at V.
Ungrouped Turrets.
Wait for them to turn on their mwd.
Always adjust your ship’s movement to tracking related data visible in the overview.
Train, knowing what range you need for what type of target, until it’s just a feeling you can trust.

It’s actually surprisingly easy once you get the hang out of it.
The hard part is getting to the point where you finally got a hang out of it.
I’ve learned that flying a 1400mm Tornado is unlike flying any other ship.
It’s actually not like flying an 80km range Thrasher on steroids.

There’s also another interesting factor many don’t consider, like …
… your align time …
(the time it takes between getting out of warp to 0msec)
… which is why the Higgs rig is awesome for snipers.

Every tiny bit helps.

Bonus Material: Why ungroup the turrets? Because when one turret misses the target, the next turret will miss the target most likely as well. Having six more turrets to shoot with beats having zero turrets to shoot with until their cycle ends. That way you can micro-manage your movement and try again much quicker. It’s also fun to play that way in missions, because most small rats pop from a single turret. An extremely satisfying experience.

You’re welcome.


:red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle::red_circle::red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle::red_circle::red_circle:


Has CCP now also externalized their exploration content service to an external sever? Signatures have been very slow to appear after DT for days now. Good work.

Oh damn i just klicked a ‘loot all’ button and did not get a pop up! I picked up my MTU and still no dinging in my ear - is the :red_circle: dot fix finally upon us? Did we survive the epidemic of CCPustules?


Dear CCP,

I have played Eve since 2004 and seen many changes, some good… some bad, but one thing remains consistent, every time I find a way to enjoy the game you go and change it.

I took a 5 year break vowing to never play the game again, stupidly I came back…it took me about a year to get comfortable with all the changes, new ships etc on my return. Finding my way like a beginner player.

And here we are, again needless changes for the sake of change…I’ve always wanted Eve to succeed as a mainstream game but you seem hell bent to punish your players for their loyalty. Everything is ridiculously time penalised. Autopilot at 10-15km, have you tried moving a higgs fitted BS on autopilot? How about 30 days training for a meaningless 2% increase?

Any smart corporation would be looking to enhance the gameplay but if your agenda is to keep Eve small then carry on. I can just imagine the CCP Good Ideas Team screwing up more gameplay. Capital ships…I have zero desire to ever own one again, thank you for that.

Wormholes - I enjoy living in a wormhole to keep away from the majority of idiots while trying to scratch a living with the futile spawn rates & occasional PVP…and now I have a constant 8-10 wormholes connected, in the last few days I have found I am spending my gameplay time probing…It is ridiculous.

Just a few thoughts at the moment, i’m sure if I really put an effort into this post I would give you enough for a business plan. As it is abundantly clear you never listen to the players you just cook some crap up and serve it.

Oh and red dot, cargo …where did that brain fart come from? Looks like you want the game to be more plinky plonky sounds like some space candy crush.

Soon to be unsubbing. Plenty of meat here for the trolls but this is my opinion & feedback.


ever since a recent patch a new frustrating glitch has appeared where everything that appears into my station inventory either from the market or emptied out of my ship gets placed at the very top of my inventory.

Is there an official place i can go to to get this posted so it can be rectified. Why after nearly a decade (or longer for many) would the inventory system be completely and utterly flipped upside down? I strongly dislike this new everything to the top mode, it destroys my long time inventory system and is just unnecessary.

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Oh wow you fixed the red dot for ‘loot all’ buttons bit i still get ding dong in my ears evry 5 seconds while salvaging?
:red_circle:FIX :red_circle:YOUR :red_circle:GODDAMN :red_circle:NONSENSE :red_circle:

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Children of EVE looking for the lost gameplay get redpox. Taken from different thread. Original picture was posted by https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Uriel_the_Flame.


oh, guys ,

21 wrecks
21 times bing (sound)
21 new red dots in my inverntar ?
why is this still happening ?

Unfortunately i don’t see any replacement for my missing playing time in the last weeks ?
due to several disconnects I was tied up in my hangar for a long time and the fun of playing was lost considerably.
My 2 omega accounts expire on 28 february and i don’t see any way to extend them at the moment.
This shouldn’t be a promise now but since I’m already turning to other new as well as old games at the moment this may well be the case
But okey I wish you all the best for the future because eve online (when it is running) is already a very interesting and exciting game.


Seriously guys…enough already with the super annoying dots and pop up on inventory…stop bashing your own game and make it great again. I heard it used to be great. ? :slight_smile: Some parts are now for sure. :slight_smile: But the red dots aren’t!


Guys, please remove the dot. Seriously, pretty please.




The ding for the MTU will hit when you change systems.

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