Fix market sell price mechanics

Okay, clearly there’s a language barrier here, because “implementation” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

The client does not know that OP wanted to pay the “best sell offer” - it only knows what it was told, and that was what he told it - buy the things at 4.7 mil each. That’s not an implementation issue, and I think the last thing anybody wants is for CCP to program the market to do what it assumes you meant to do, and not what you actually told it.

So, again, the best you’re going to get is a pop-up warning. There is no other way to do this that won’t cause more problems than it solves.

Yes pretty much.

the act of putting a plan into action or of starting to use something

The provided function is to allow an actor to purchase items listed on the market.

The implementation is to purchases the assets at the exact price asked by the actor, which is bad. They should be purchased at the offered price, if it is better than the actor’s.

The correct implementation, which is given by OP, does not require such a notion.

No. The SERVER was told the price. And yes, THAT is the problem : this is not what the player wants. There is no way to say if you want UP TO or EXACTLY AT that price, so your claim that this is what he sent is wrong. He sent, 4.7M, that’s all.

Yes it is, because it assumes the player wants to purchase the goods for the highest price, which is stupid. In a market, you want to exchange at the best price available, always.

An implementation that rely on stupid assumption is bad.

Please, shove that popup where the moon does not shine, thanks. That’s the best you could do with it.

Okay, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, so I’m going to leave you to your complaining.

Just once it would be nice to have a conversation about this stuff without it devolving into juvenile insults.

Just once, it would be nice if you could actually read what the OP wrote.

All your claims about the OP are in contradiction with its first post.
I mean, what do you expect ?

I also told you once that the popup was not the problem. And then you keep bashing this idea like it was related.

And yes, it would be nice if, instead of saying I have no idea what I’m talking about when I give you a definition, which is a personal attack, you actually explained why it was not correct. THAT would be a correct step into an adult conversation.

I explained why it was not correct. I don’t even know what an “implementation” issue is or what you even mean by it. You seem to think that the market should be able to determine what OP meant to do when he changed his buy order, and that because it took what he said that it is somehow implemented wrong. I explained that the market doesn’t know what he’s intending, only what he did. Same as any other situation where a player inputs a number into the game, whether it’s through a buy order, contracts or sell orders.

So what does the game do when the number inputted is way out of wack? It provides a pop-up warning - “this is 23094820938420398423% above the local price, are you sure you want to do this?” or “you’re about to buy a contract for 23423094820938423 bil is, are you sure you want to do this?”

In this situation, because OP was changing an existing buy order, the system didn’t give him a pop up that asked if he really wanted to do it, or if he had fat fingered it. He recognized this because he specifically said “What makes no sense here is that the game actually lets me do this. Didn’t get a warning either.”

He suggests that he should have paid the “best sell offer” but that’s not what he told the system to do, and as I noted, it’s a bad idea if the market starts assuming when you input a number that you really meant to do something completely different. Thus, if you want to fix this, the only way that makes any actual sense is to make a pop-up warning when the number is out of wack, like we see with every other market input where fat fingering a number is possible.

Had that been implemented, he would have got a warning, realized he ■■■■■■ up and not did it. That solves the problem. That is why I am bringing up the pop-up, especially since this is literally how the market works in every other way in the game.

You seem to be suggesting (like OP did) that he should never be allowed to pay more for an item than the lowest price, and I think that’s a bad idea and going way too far. The game should do what you tell it to do, not assume it knows more than you do about what you’re trying to do.

Regardless, as I’ve already noted, I think this whole issue is a waste of time to be talking about because this is such a miniscule issue, and to fix it would require far more dev time than it’s worth and thus is a bad use of resources. And I certainly think it’s the dumbest issue I’ve ever seen someone get so salty and ragey about, dude.

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@Brisc_Rubal , @Anderson_Geten

I do appreciate both you taking the time to discuss this, but at this point it seems it may go nowhere beyond this threat. It was certainly not my intention to steer such discussion, but rather to steer towards a constructive resolution.

Anderson does understand what Im trying to say: the way the orders are being fulfilled is not great and does not reflect reality (my typo just made me aware of it). Maybe that’s how it’s been for 19 years, but it could be better (without more popups).

Now is it worth spending the time to address? That’s not my call, it’s up to CCP. I would say yes as you can literally empty a character or corporation wallet on a typo, which can be pretty destructive (low risk, but high impact). I’m also a developer and understand that while this may look simple on paper, it could be tricky to implement in an environment like EVE. Maybe assessing what the necessary efforts are would be helpful to determine what to do. Who knows, could be a quick fix.

At this point I would simply appreciate if this could be raised with CCP and relevant stakeholders, maybe put on the wish list, and someday be addressed. I’ll keep playing and enjoying EVE either way.

In that case, just make it a suggestion in the small things qol thread

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This post has a good mix of stuff. I like it.

  1. OP points out a dumb programming error that CCP probably doesn’t understand and certainly can’t fix.
  2. The CCP shill shows up to say it isn’t a problem.
  3. A bunch of trolls jump on to say “git gud.”

Please continue.

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