Fix this CCP. You keep losing players

TBH, that freighter was triple anti-tanked. With three bulkheads probably it wouldn´t have been attacked.

RvB as described above is long gone. It was more to do with roaming together in low-sec than R fighting B at the end (I was in it). I’m not sure it even exists any more.

unrelated to the point I made.

Which direction your ship is facing doesn’t affect your align time if you started at zero speed, which you do when you jumped through a gate, and thus also doesn’t affect your “webbing trick”.

What you probably ran in to is the fact that you need to give that freighter a bit of time to gain enough speed (around 20-25m/s, depending on type and fit) before you web it in order to have enough over speed as you web it. If you web it to soon™ then even after the webbing the ship still needs to perform a bit of alignment.

And that time it needs could coincide with the graphics engine making the ship “turn around” (which is really a meaningless thing for the physics engine).

Don´t think so. You can´t say a moa is overpowered for being able to kill an armor raven equipped with lasers and mining drones.

Fitting matters.

We are not talking about a raven, nor a moa.

If your moa can suicide gank an armor raven, to the point the suicide gankers can just ignore the costs, then yes your moa is OP.

Context, it is required.

Unfortunately that’s the way to get yourself pointed by a suicide point and then killed.

The correct way is to lock the tick after decloak and then web the next tick, making the ship invulnerable because it will enter warp immediately.

3 ticks total from decloak to warp.

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But it won’t warp immediately as it will still have to align to its new 75% max speed which takes longer than giving it a bit of time unwebbed. Unless you use 3 webs or a Daredevil and even then it’s not “on the next tick”

Peeps doing PvE always seen that when they are webbed after they initiate warp, they go into warp faster, only thing then was to apply it to every situation it would be beneficial.

There is also that thing that you dont web someone in PvP first when you suddenly drop on someone. Always Scram first, because someone can be warping away faster if you web them.

Three webs on a Rapier, Huginn or Loki is the correct way to use a webbing alt, especially if you are hauling cargo for others and/or anything of value.

Using a Rapier or Huginn means you never have to worry about range even at regional gates, but a Loki offers other options as well.

And yes, tripple webs from those ships and the freighter is in warp in 3 ticks from decloaking.

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That seems awfully tight taking into account targeting time and the speed required but can’t test it right now so I’ll take your word for it.

Sebo’s and scan res scripts help a lot with the lock times.

Imagine being so bad at EVE you can’t haul stuff trough highsec of all places.

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You can warp your alt off the gate, align back to gate, and warp to your freighter when it’s in system. You will land on it even if it is cloaked.

for scan, you just need targeting rigs.

A sebo’d rapier locks a freighter in about 0.8 seconds. That’s awfully close to the one second mark and if you’re just a little bit slow or you have some latency you go over that 1 second which means you’re a tick “late”.

True enough, skill and luck play their part but nothing is guaranteed in Eve.

Freighters have a large signature. With proper fit the lock time is way under 1 second

I still had my webber burn to gate on regional gates before uncloacking the freighter because sometimes (rarely) the ships appeared more than 34km from each other. (yeah, only got Recon IV)

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Sadly you left and there’s no point to post this here: “In the era of destruction there’s no place for hauling”.

But something’s puzzling about this.

You jump through a gate. Doesn’t matter if cloaked or not, when you hit CTRL+ALT+SPACE to gain speed … you move forward, into the direction your ship’s facing. If the ship had no directional vector, then it wouldn’t know which direction to go. As the ship moves forward it must have a directional vector.



I forgot.

There is no directional vector at all.
There’s only a vector for velocity, which is never exactly zero.