Full Freedom of Choice

Somewhere players are free




You are free to fail and quit this game in frustration if you wish.


Free from what? Other players? That takes the MMO out of MMORPG doesn’t it?


For some people, the only way they can win is if there is no one else competing against them.


I thought EVE was an MMO?

We’ve got plenty of single player space games that can be used as a substitute.


I se there is big missunderstanding here. Today there is no more “MMO”, today we have Game As Service.

If you’re so unhappy with the way eve is going, why do you still play it? Or are we watching Stockholm Syndrome in action?

I am not playing any more, just explaining why is Eve poor quality game and why I left :blush:

Game As Service ?




There are still MMOs in the market, just as there are single player and multiplayer games.

“Games as a service” is just an implication that the game you want to play is provided like a service instead of a good. Rather than purchasing the good and paying for the service, you pay for the service to access the good.

Oh, so your own life is so devoid of things going on that all you can do is complain about a game you quit, on their forums, rather than going out and being productive. That’s a thing.

They know they’re not providing anything constructive by doing this and are doing so intentionally. They’re just being disruptive on the forum for the attention and because they want to be, as they feel they have some obligation to make it known how they feel about the game and that others should feel the same.

Yup :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Heard good things about the series, in my “list to eventually play”.

Well, I guess that’s an admission of trolling and we can go ahead and lock this thread now. @ISD_Buldath

But nobody cares about you, what you think, or why you left.

Who cares but OP standing, XY and YX give better freedom of choice and it will be very interesting to know will Eve ever offer somethiong like that or will stay in HTFU mode forever :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This thread is the perfect example of why you should have to have an active sub to post anywhere but new player help.

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