Ganking from Alpha account SHOULDNT be allowed

(Solecist Project) #81

I don’t. I don’t even use alts to loot, because I don’t care. I hunt for sports. The adrenaline rush I get is when I find an afk 5.0sec pod that I just can’t get close to, needing to bounce around two dozen times dropping four dozen bookmarks in hopes I can get close before he wakes up.

That’s fun!

Same goes for autopiloters. When the timing just isn’t right it can be a real problem actually catching them and that’s what I like most about doing it in the first place, next to the interesting fights that can be had with people who aren’t actually just brain dead morons not understanding how the mechanics work.

(Solecist Project) #82

Can I have your stuff instead and you get yourself banned? :smiley: