Ganking from Alpha account SHOULDNT be allowed

I don’t. I don’t even use alts to loot, because I don’t care. I hunt for sports. The adrenaline rush I get is when I find an afk 5.0sec pod that I just can’t get close to, needing to bounce around two dozen times dropping four dozen bookmarks in hopes I can get close before he wakes up.

That’s fun!

Same goes for autopiloters. When the timing just isn’t right it can be a real problem actually catching them and that’s what I like most about doing it in the first place, next to the interesting fights that can be had with people who aren’t actually just brain dead morons not understanding how the mechanics work.

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Can I have your stuff instead and you get yourself banned? :smiley:

Calm down miners, calm down…

Maybe new players should have to tick an agreement before launching their ship for the first time from a station to help them increase their spatial awareness…?

This is Eve…you are now a target

Or something like that.

Okay let’s find a middle ground where everyone enjoys the game. How about Alphas can only start ganking after 3 months with a sec status of minimum 3.0 ?

Sounds like an exploit, as you are avoiding the penalties incurred by ganking through creating a throw away character, funding it with isk from your main, and then tossing it when your security status becomes too much.
Then again, most eve players will do whatever they can to get an edge, even if doing so is against the TOS or EULA, so I’m not surprised.

That’s some really weird experience in game if you are seeing this.

My experience is totally the opposite of this. Most players just play the game, totally within the rules and never do anything even remotely to break the EULA or TOS.

What you’ve described is an exploit,

But it has nothing to do with alphas. Omega players are just as inclined to perform this exploit.

Nice try though.

Alpha accounts specifically throw away the entire account, thereby avoiding easy detection of monitoring systems. Especially when combined with the known ways of multiboxing alphas.
And are zero investment.

Is that actually happening? How would you know and ccp not?

These accounts still need ships/equipment, which is traceable. Ccp can fine a corp/alliance for enabling players exploiting rules.

And again, the exploit is recognised by ccp. It’s not a reason to take ganking away from all alphas. It’s a reason to punish those exploiting rules.

My point was it is specific to alphas. I’m not advocating for alphas to be locked to green or yellow safeties. Just making the point it is an alpha specific problem.

I still think nearly all of these things get made less an issue by longer concord timers and real fitting since it becomes less a multibox thing then for everyone and more about active piloting.

The walls of the sandbox are made of code and rules.

For human behavior issues rules are always preferable.

I like the idea of preventing Alphas from using Red safety. They can play the game just fine w/o it. The only thing it prevents is disposable gank alts.


But what if they want to have Ganking as a career? Alot of newbros start with pve (as a source of funding) and ultimately want to Pvp (or any other hsec fly dangerous style).

I can’t see them adding a Gank Career Agent to the beginner tutorial process. “Now boys and girls, we’re going to kill an unsuspecting player just like you.”

Why can’t they go out to Low and Null, where all that stuff is supposed to happen anyway? If they want to PvP in HS, they can duel or wardec.

:sweat_smile: would be hilarious imo.

Yeah that’s the thing, there need to be a decent prize at the end, then they’ll come to nul/low. And the few coming still need continuous stimulus to stick around. I think they get used to to running their pve missions in high sec, so most are skeptical about the BIG move to low/null. So they seek Pvp via what’s in high sec. And the most common Pvp in hs are mercs or gankers. Maybe CCP needs to ask the newbros where they want to start their career - maybe some can start directly in low or npc regions, by then maybe it’ll be better for the game’s health.

Haha, threads like this would make me feel sick if I had to take them seriously, but posts like this make them great:

ROFLMAO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Then they can pay their $15/month for a real account.

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Fair deal. But for those who $15 is too much, they’ll opt for cheaper games.

Let’s speculate a bit (from my noobish point of view) here; if enough new bloods leave, and let’s say with an exponential climb over 3-4 years, then expect PA to acquire / run / decide / have absolute control over Eve online. Maybe, why I think the game adopted the concept of Alpha / F2P before the merger. Forward 10 years later, I bet PA won’t be delivering the same instance that CCP Team offers (fanfest/AT/event, etc.) and all the paying vets will also opt for greener grass games.

But that’s just me and my noobish facts/analytics, it won’t probably ever get to that point. :grin:

Then they aren’t customers and it doesn’t really matter if they leave. New players are only valuable if they convert into paying customers, the last thing you want to do is allow them to stay as alpha accounts forever.


Which is what will happen if they keep giving Alphas more and more features.

  • They used to be limited to T1 only. But they cried, and now they can use a ton of T2s mods.
  • They used to be limited to their initial Race of ships. But they cried, and now they can use other races and Faction ships too.

Alphas will cry until they get all the features they want. And then they won’t need to pay for anything, b/c they’ll be content.

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