Ganking is too easy and there's no real PvP counter. CCP should balance ganking and anti-ganking. Discuss


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As in the title, ganking is far too easy. It’s low risk, low cost and worst of all is a PvP mechanic with no realistic PvP counter. I know that this thread will immediately fill up with gankers calling me a carebear and whatnot for suggesting their gameplay should be made more difficult, but it’s an important topic for discussion so let’s try to avoid shouting and screaming and lobbing personal insults about (ok CODE?)

The main problem as I see it is that there’s no decent PvP counter. Anti-gankers are widely ridiculed by gankers for having no ability to stop ganks, and the honest truth is that the gankers are right. Anti-ganking is a basically impossible playstyle. It requires players to know exactly which target is going to be ganked, to already be on grid and to put in a whole range of tactics to block gankers and even then it’s at most a delay tactic. Having been in many ganks with anti-gankers around, the vast majority of the time you simply ignore them and the tiny minority of time you don’t it takes no more than a minor adjustment in approach to make them irrelevant. On top of this anti-gankers stand to gain nothing from the playstyle.

So the point of this discussion is to talk about the balance between what should be two opposing playstyles and see if there are any ideas on how to make the ganker/anti-ganker gameplay richer. Ideally, if people can take a step back from their own playstyle and look objectively at these mechanics that would be great, and I want to try to avoid people declaring that one or the other simply shouldn’t exist.



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Agreed. This is just unnecessary. We have more than enough discussions about ganking in Crime & Punishment. It doesn’t need another thread.


Wanting to create yet another thread can at best only underline how much of a special snowflake one is.

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How boring.

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If you feel the thread is unneccesary, don’t post in it. I want to have a constructive discussion over the balance of ganking and anti-ganking. If you aren’t posting on that topic then your post does not belong here.

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Then use the existing threads, or your wish to have a constructive discussion and to be constructive fails due to your failing to take part in the existing ones.

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No you don’t. You want to start another drama-laden shitshow on the forums, so that many pages of insults and petty fuckery can be mined for salt and amusement.

Which has been done. To death.

How ■■■■■■■ boring.

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You mean besides PvPing back?

DUH :rofl:

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Thank you.

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I’ve covered that in the body of the thread. The problem is that as gankers only arrive on grid as the gank is going down and are there for a short period of time, anti-gankers have to do a lot of work and have strong intel just to get on the right grid at the right time. I’d love for there to be a real PvP counter so that anti-gankers actually stood a chance but the vast majority of the time they can simply be ignored as they stand no chance of slowing down most ganks let alone stopping them.

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There needs to be a ganking megathread similar to the cloaky camping one so mods can just merge posts into one thread to avoid the constant spam.

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So being unprepared is now a justification to nerf PvP.

Are you going to show us the killmail that caused you to whine like this?

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@ISD_Buldath Respectfully request a lock and/or merge on this dribblefest?

We actually don’t need yet another topic “fer lulz” on this, crapping up the forum.

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Having discussions on aspects of a subject isn’t “spam”. Again, if you don’t want to engage in this subject, don’t post. There’s no need to constantly bring in an army of people to derail threads because it’s a subject you don’t want people talking about.

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People don’t want the 100th discussion of this topic.

People don’t want to discuss this with you.

Stop shitting up the forum.

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No and I’ve made no such suggestion. Anti-ganking is simply an unrealistic playstyle. Gankers themselves state this repeatedly, that anti-ganking is entirely futile. I think that since EVE is a PvP game that having a decent counter mechanic would be far better for the game. It’s fine if you disagree though I’d like to understand why you believe that a given mechanic should be one-sided.

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