Ganking, or rather the Right to Gank

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So you have no idea about opposing ganking at all, well it did show.

Is a very good example… If you are going to suggest something like that then you have to add the detail. To me that is hot air and wind, the sort of stuff that is normal for these forums, the sort of stuff that 10 people come out with all the time.

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and you’re going to tell us you do?
you cry more on these forums than a little girl who lost her favorite Barbie back in the day lol

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Well… I was curious enough that I reinstalled EvE on my laptop. And I did get to log in and read your email.

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You’re a typical example of all anti-gankers in the game, all talk, no action.

But you just talk way too much

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Trying to wade through all this filth… @Dracvladive been thinking more about your module idea and the more I think about it, the more I believe that it won’t see effective use.

Since I’ve started playing the game there has always been exponentially more effort put in by gankers than their hauling counter-parts. A module like this would at bare minimum require then to fly with a scout or have pre-made bookmarks on gates along their path of travel in order for it to be effective.

I have bumped freighter for a very very long time and I have only seen warp to a bookmark on the gate. I have seen a few try to use an alt to get a warpout, but it’s still extremely uncommon. You can tell a freighter pilot exactly what to do to stay safe and they aren’t likely to listen and follow advice. I honestly think it’s because hauling at its core is a boring and very passive activity, that they don’t care too much about it.

So in short, I think that even if CCP created a module like this, you will still be unsatisfied. Not saying you’re whining or whatever, but that the change isn’t likely to be effective.

PS. You should take a look at my campaign thread for CSM 14 :slight_smile:

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Often it is the case that people look at current behaviour and say it will continue as is and not change, and in terms of some that will be true, but most people don’t make BM’s because there is a faint chance of being able to warp to them. However I did, and I had a scout and a webber up until I stopped using freighters, well that is a little lie, I don’t use freighters through the main pipes :stuck_out_tongue: Today I moved 40bn worth of stuff, half of it to Amarr.

I agree that the gankers put a lot of effort into their operations, never said otherwise, but as I keep pointing out bumping just makes it too certain. But I put a lot of effort into avoiding being ganked, a hell of a lot of effort, but I feel very strongly, which you might have noticed that at the base freighter level there is no real counter to being bumped and that is what I am taking aim at and I want to remove that strategic advantage, or reduce it a bit.

Before I left to join my current alliance I saved a Bowhead in Uedama, he was an incursion runner with the correct fit, MWD to warp faster, I talked a new AG player into burning in the direction of the bump and join fleet with the Bowhead. As the gank fleet came into Uedama the Bowhead warped away to the Atron. He then warped to the station as they got probes on him and was safe.

I have laid out here what I think needs to be changed, and I would still give freighters BS MWD capability too if it was me, but I think I have laid out all that I want to see changed and if it does not work that means players are not taking advantage of it and deserve the gank. But note that my objective here is to give the freighter in terms of their fit decisions a possible counter, it will work with an alt and it could work with the BM’s but in the end at some point the freighter will be going too damn fast to continue to bump.

Balance is never something that stands still, there are always changes that impact the game, so I cannot say for certain that other changes might not require further changes to balance out. But what I have suggested here will put it into a better place.

PS I am now watching that CSM thread, I find you a thoughtful intelligent player who is prepared to listen to others and I think that you would be a great addition to the knowledge of the CSM, even though I disagree with some of your ideas. Good luck.

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You say it makes it too predictable? For the ganker? Because lets be honest here, the people who should profit the most from an “endless” bump are the people who try to mess with the ganker as they have time to organize. So what is your idea, that there is no element of predictability on all sides? That gankers just exclusively gank on top of the gates so ag can sit there and wait? Without the freighter having any chance to make a run or get help?

There isn’t really an argument that profits ag gameplay here. And there is no profit in ganker gameplay either as it just removes a tool. So what is the real motivation you have? I don’t buy the “stale gameplay” and “too predictable” excuse.

I rather think that you just want to remove a tool the gankers use by fiat CCP because you despise ganking, you think it’s wrong, it offends your inner white knight. You also completely failed doing something against gankers in-game so now you just do other things but push for changes in the hope to hurt that old enemy you ran away from by trying to meta game it.

And it’s not just the bumping, the NPC station access, the loot mechanics, all thing you would rather have removed or changed for the exact same reason.

It’s so transparent, but probably the only one that can’t see it is you, because you convinced yourself that you do this for actual reasons that are not a personal grudge. It’s simply a lie. It’s also pretty pathetic.

I can’t think of a deeper fall as a gamer if you give up, run away and then try to come back at the enemy you could not beat by the rules by trying to meta game and change those rules. It is just tragic really.

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… Isnt meta-manipulation considered just another facet of “the game”? I’d have sworn at some point in the history of this game, goonswarm has been accused of it.

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“Gankers shouldn’t be able to dock in NPC stations make them only dock in citadels”
“Gankers should have to use NPC stations Citadels OP”

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Never said that and in any case anyone saying that is not thinking about consequences, because you have to defend a Citadel.

So predictable, projecting again…, your post is all about your feelings about me, nothing to debate the actual points raised, what a fail.

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What am I projecting? I’m not the one trying to change the game rules to get back on an old enemy because I sucked at the game and could not do anything about it by the rules. That’s clearly you. Stop pretending, it makes you just look even more pathetic.

I don’t care what others think and I care even less what some goons think. In my opinion trying to manipulate the rules of a game is not better than crying for moms help to get the rules changed in your favor because you can’t beat your brother in a fair game of monopoly.

Yeah, we had already some cry to make tether go away for -10. They don’t even wait until the previous nerf they cried for gets implemented this days.

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It wasn’t specific at you. I was skimming the thread

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Not sure why people would suggest that as it would not make any sense.

Well that I half understand, but I don’t have a beef with it.

As for your posting, you post all the time to defend your ganking and the ganking of CODE with personal attack posts like te one above on me, which was all about your feelings, so you are manipulating the meta to keep your advantages.

(Ima Wreckyou) #584

It is obvious to everyone that there is a extremely big difference if you push for changes to the game how it exists for personal reasons or if you argue against those pushing for their own benefit. Just another excuse to justify your pathetic crying for CCPs help.

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I don’t recall seeing any recent - say the past two months - posts with substantive arguments on why ganking needs to be rebalanced. It is either “ganking makes it hard for me to AFK EVE” or “ganking gives me the bad feelsies and therefore must go”.

There was some attempt at discussing freighter bumping, but that discussion ran into the usual problem with AG and assorted hanger-ons: they didn’t want to learn about existing game mechanics, and any solution may not take more than 30 seconds of effort or “it is too hard :cry::cry:

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Again all the ganker replies are general no detail rubbish, personal sobbing and feelings. You are only convincing yourselves…

Fixed it for you

[09:39:47] Dracvlad > <url=showinfo:1378//95381505>Australian Excellence o7
[09:40:25] Dracvlad > I got through Ag win again
[09:57:53] Dracvlad > Boring!

I thought that was amusing, though it is technically incorrect as I am not AG. :stuck_out_tongue:

[10:41:59] Dracvlad > <url=showinfo:1375//2112667006>HSM Bumplord Rusell o7 missed again

[10:42:23] In my Abode > go cry on the forums some more

Look at the crying in reply :rofl:

And I had even named my Cynabal in honor of you…

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Good to see you finally caught on to the quality of AG posting.

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He was literally just in Uedama crying to me as I dunked a freighter :rofl: