Ganking, or rather the Right to Gank

(Australian Excellence) #649

Looks like 71 characters shot that freighter. Maybe I’m just bad at math

Lol, do you actually think it’s the opposite and antigankers are the knowledgeable skills players and the guys multiboxing 20+ characters are the bad ones? :rofl:

I bet I’ve spent more on this one gank than antigankers have risked all year combined EASILY

(Lucas Kell) #650

Fair enough, you were obviously overganking. The majority are still not close to that, and still noone is suggesting that a handful of player should be able to overpower 70 players.

I’d say most players are more knowledgable than the average ganker. Multiboxing gankers is not difficult matey, it’s peasant level multiboxing at its best.

Of course you would :roll_eyes:. The reality will certainly be that you are incorrect about that, besides which you risk that for a massive payout while they risk it for basically nothing. Yet another disadvantage for anti-gankers. Must be nice to have such an easy mechanic that rewards you and has such a weak counter that you can outright ignore any attempts to stop you. Doesn’t really sound like EVE though.

(holdmybeer) #651

I’ve come into the conclusion that all people over here that think ganking isn’t balanced and are crying CCP for nerfs have low IQ and don’t know much about eve mechanics.

Other people who are smarter and know better just don’t give a crap about ganking, since it simply doesn’t concern them, and carry on with their eve lives.

Then there are next level stupid guys, who are so bad in eve that they rather spend their time in the forums crying about how multiboxing gankers is so damn easy, instead of actually playing eve. If multiboxing many gankers was actually easy, there would be tons of players doing it. Instead there’s only a handful, and people still cry

You guys know what is actually easy and tons of people are actually doing it? Rorqual mining :rightparrot:

(Uriel the Flame) #652

Crying on the forums is too easy and requires no skills at all, ccp should nerf right naow. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Though even forum tears are funny so at least, even in the worst case, they are mildly entertaining. :wink: )

(Lucas Kell) #653

Of course, because you think your opinion is right and that anyone holding a different opinion is an idiot. The fact that you think that way however doesn’t mean that’s the reality.

Unless of course they actually like EVE and think that balancing the game overall is important.

Please refrain from personal attacks. Just FYI while I was telling him how easy multiboxing gankers is on the forum I was multiboxing 16 accounts. I’m a seasoned multiboxer so I do in fact know what I’m talking about.

Not true. In fact in a game like EVE most people are actually looking for a challenge. Not many people will want to dedicate a bunch of character slots and a load of time repeating an easy mechanic because it’s simply not interesting.

Noone said it’s the easiest mechanic in the game. But as far as mechanics go ganking is way down the list with mission running. That said, Rorqual mining puts you at a significantly higher risk than ganking.

(holdmybeer) #654

You sound like someone who multiboxes 16 rorquals and is trying to hide the fact how easy and safe it is

(Lucas Kell) #655

Not quite. I don’t even own a rorq these days. Since I’ve come back I’m still trying to find something fun to multibox. Maybe these Abyssal things will be the way to go once they make the chances to let you go in small groups.

(holdmybeer) #656

this is what a person who multiboxer 16 rorquals would say

(Ima Wreckyou) #657

Lucas used to multibox miners in highsec with that isboxer software, before one CODE. ganker started to use it for ganking and CCP immediately banned it. That is why he hates us so much and why he tries to nerf ganking since forever, we killed his cheat software.

I know he will immediately deny it as all he does is lying to hide his motive, but anyone interested can just go to the isboxer thread on the old forums and look at the public record of his tears.

(Clockwork Robot) #658

That’s not me personally attacking you.

That’s you describing yourself.

(Lucas Kell) #659

Swing and a miss. I only ever used ISBoxer to see what it’s capabilities were when people were going nuts about it. The multibox software I used continues to be within the rules and I still use it to this day, eve-o preview.

Of course I deny it when gankbears start making stuff up to try to derail discussions that might make their gameplay harder.

What people will see when they go there is me stating that banning ISBoxer doesn’t solve the problem and that what should be done is simplistic and easily multiboxed mechanics, such as mining and ratting should be made more complex so that multiboxing is less viable. Not exactly sure why people like yourself are so against having active mechanics over AFK ones, but there we go.

(Galaxy Chicken) #660

LOL keep praying, carebears… :rofl:

(Mister Ark) #661

There are tools for Antigankers. Many are just too inept to use them.

Logistics, ECM, or even some combination of this can ruin a gank.

(Ima Wreckyou) #662

They have some great hopes now that CCP is owned by a new company. I wonder how long they will stay around and preach those doomsday messages until they realize that the core of EVE can’t be changed and that is what they actually hate. :joy:

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #663

Not sure or particulary care whether CCP will disable wardecs before implementing a new solution. I doubt they will disable wardecs, because probably by now even CCP realizes they don’t have the capability to program a decent replacement within 12 months.
But should CCP disable wardecs, I suspect a large number of current wardeccers are going to try the -10 gank lifestyle in various mission hubs.

(Marta Joringer) #664

Thank you all for the replies and discussion in this thread. :smiley:

I think what we’re saying is ganking MUST stay, although there may be tweeks to it?

Hoping about 600+ pro-ganking repies is some evidence for PA, if/when they start to meddle…

Fly easy o/

(Galaxy Chicken) #665

:blush: I’m reminded of the crimewatch changes that were going to end CODE. lololololol

“Winter is coming” remember?!?!? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I love it when something gives the carebears hope, otherwise what would we have to crush?

(Nicolai Serkanner) #666

Discussing forum moderation. Reported!

(Balos Tritapo) #667

The only reasonable counter to a gank in high is to make it impossible by CCP to be ganked/gank in high…

Bottom line…

(Ima Wreckyou) #668

Or you could simply learn how to play the game and invest the minimal amount of time it takes to make yourself not a target. To hard for you?