[Good Samaritan] Saving up for my first Super, FAX, & Titan through elite pvp (UP TO 110b!)


(Faylee Freir) #209

I know! It was so nice for Holey to compliment like that. Maybe he’s not such a Nitshe after all? Hah now I’m talking crazy like him.

(Xavier Lwewistein) #210

Here I am the solitude of 30 jumps from Jita for my balance, I drop into this fish wankery thread again by mistake. Distracting me from my meditation on the infinite universe. Oh there goes a meteor, its beauty speed and power only revealed to me through this small porthole. I am just a tiny tiny tiny observer out here. Ahhh back to my balance 30 jumps from Jita. Farewell fishy fishy fish…

(Xavier Lwewistein) #211

I do a bad Morts, but your Devils experience, before you were unceremoniously booted, should have taught you honour and a code of conduct. You had an opportunity to learn from a GREAT teacher in Jam. You squandered it by acting like a prat. Jam said you were NO special snowflake but less than ordinary, always blaming others for your short comings. Always bragging you would be the next big thang. I know being sacked by Jam would have hurt, but it should have been a wake up call. Change your ways before its too late.

I know its hard to have a small hand mirror held up to you. You are a one trick pony and you are unoriginal.

Move on to Supers sooner than latter.

(Scipio Artelius) #212

Some people aren’t cut out to be pirates. I may have discovered that I am.

Having just finished the Alliance Tournament for the year, my Alliance has gone back to our normal low/null roaming playstyle, which we’ll continue until early next year, when we’ll start thinking about an entry for AT XVI. The thing about a small alliance is that even before we think of matching the top teams in theory-crafting and execution, just putting a team together involves donations from individual team members.

Ten ship AT fleets and implants typically run at ~3 Billion per fleet (including ship options to work around bans) and with the entry fee thrown in, a run of 5-7 fights can easily run to a total bank of about 25-30 Billion.

Aiming to go deep in the tournament can double that, not including a reasonable flag ship (which is 40-60 Billion alone).

So enough with individual donations from the team. Seems there’s lots of people willing to donate without even knowing it.

The first patron happened to be an EVE vet, autopiloting an Orca to Jita. One scumbag Machariel later, followed by a duel to an assisting Scipio and:

20 million in bounty and just 30 million in loot. Not a big start, but a start.

He was super chill about it:

50 million in the AT wallet. A long way to go.

Didn’t feel right to try to kill his pod. At least not in highsec. Seems there’s a lot of pirating learning still to do.

Huge thanks to @Aedaxus, our first team sponsor for next year. I think we’ll get t-shirts made with all the sponsors names.

I would like to thank @Arcanith_Lionheart, who this kill was on behalf of.

PS. Apology for thread jacking.

Beware: dangerous pirates!
(Arcanith Lionheart) #213

I am glad that, by pointing out your flawed ideas about CONCORD, you got the guts to gank something, good on ya.

(Mortlake) #214

Oi, don’t drag me into this.

Also, get your own ■■■■■■■ pick-up lines.

(Faylee Freir) #215

That is awesome GJ!

(Aedaxus) #216

Here is the prologue :

I’m going to make the video in a little while.

(Scipio Artelius) #217

Haha, you’re so cool.

10/10 would kill again.

(Xavier Lwewistein) #218

Nope. Leaving you here Morts, with Dom and Faylee for company. Penance for giving us ‘fish wankery’.

(Dom Arkaral) #219

I think Mort won’t mind talking to people whose mains weren’t banned :wink:

Bye Felicia :kissing_heart:

(Mortlake) #220

I don’t mind at all. On holibobs at the mo and getting some fishing in.

Just snagged this handsome dude and thought of you guys x

(Faylee Freir) #221

I’ve got some good things in the works. I’m behind like 5 kills and I’m editing a noice video right now!

Here’s an appetizer!

[ 2017.08.27 02:37:06 ] Falcon War > just ■■■■■■■ pieces of ■■■■ is all you are
[ 2017.08.27 02:38:26 ] Falcon War > ■■■■ eve

(Keno Skir) #222

Well i mean Robo is having fun creating content that people are enjoying, while you’re sitting in the far corner muttering to yourself about low hanging fruit. Looking past all your space bushido nonsense I think it’s pretty obvious who’s playing the game properly here…

I also think it’s interesting how in one conversation folks say “concord isn’t there to prevent it’s there to punish” then in another you hear “you’re protected by concord you ebil bumper”. In reality if i can walk up and shoot you in the head you were not protected, regardless how harshly i’m punished afterward. Anyone with the stones and the inclination could have gotten a gang of gank dessies and killed the bumper / made him leave but nobody did.

(Dracvlad) #223

LOL, who is playing the game properly, earlier today I dropped my dread alt’s Revelation on a PF Aeon that took too much of a risk, we had it in 10% armour when they stripped away our tackle and it warped out, I lost my dread, that is playing Eve mate, I have ordered another dread and I am making the capital modules while sorting out my hisec alts to buy the rest of what I need.

Dropping on that Aeon was playing the game properly, feel stupid now?

Go and kill a bumper then!

(Dom Arkaral) #224

Why should.he kill the bumper? Are you too scared to do it or something?

And congrats on your loss, too bad you weren’t alone on that Aeon (that would have been more.exciting)

(Faylee Freir) #225

Who are you to decide how someone is playing the game properly or not? You are anti-sandbox, and most people here embrace it. I don’t like mining, but I think it’s neat that someone can immerse themselves as some ore miner in the far reaches of space.

The difference between you and I is that you actively cry for nerfs and appeal for CCP to do something about mechanics that players are perfectly capable of handling themselves.

(Vulvona Ride-in) #226

can someone explain me how he is able to solo kill freighter in a cruiser without being oblitarated buy concord? i dont understand the game mechanic involved here.

How, is he able to get limited engagement with the prey?

(Dracvlad) #227

By pretending he is going to web them out of the bump to get them to accept a duel with him, he does it rather well to be honest and people are of course stupid.

(Dracvlad) #228

Well he seemed to think that I was not playing the game properly, what ever that may mean so I put him right on that score based on him being old school pirate and telling him what I did today which fits with how he plays. This is a sandbox, you play as you want to do, I would not presume to be so arrogant to tell others how they must play the game, I leave that to CODE. I play the game to mainly be hard to kill, unless I do a drop like that which I realised had a small chance of success., was fun.

I have made my point on this bumping mechanic, please continue telling your story, there is no need to get all butt hurt over my contempt for this mechanic being so lame. You are having fun so its fine, you are obviously good at defeating naff players, so well done, clap clap.