[Good Samaritan] Saving up for my first Super, FAX, & Titan through elite pvp (UP TO 110b!)


(Dom Arkaral) #229

You know what Faylee excels at though?

Getting some prime quality ag tears
Over what? Over the fact that you can’t accept this valid gameplay mechanic :smiley:

Sad that it’s the only thing you’re willing to do :smiley:
Jen would be dissapointed;)

(Nameira Vanis-Tor) #230

Gosh this thread is required reading for High Sec players. Really they have to learn some survival methods.

Meanwhile 1) OP whilst your stories are funny and your victims can be decidedly naive I don’t think bleeding them dry is a good move for anyone. I am genuinely worried that some of the targets were so gullible that they were vulnerable players in some way :frowning:. Give that some thought next time and try and help them out in some way besides an object lesson?

  1. Anti-gankers your ability to stop this sort of thing is very limited. Education of potential targets is the way forward, not directly opposing in space.

(Faylee Freir) #231

Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy the story telling. I don’t really feel bad for bleeding targets dry, because they are most likely the kind of players that will stop playing eventually.

While I may be after all their ISK and assets, I am more than happy to explain to them how they too can make the transition from carebear to killer. Making enough ISK to afford whatever you want and not have to worry is a good feeling. I wish all players felt this kind of liberation.

It also completely depends on their attitude. If they take it on the chin and don’t threaten my wellbeing, then I will explain the mechanics and inform them how they can haul safer…

Of course it always starts with having a permit. :ok_hand:

(Keno Skir) #232

He is convincing the freighter pilots to duel him :slowparrot:

(Runchar) #233

The young woman in that ‘nope’ meme is too good looking for you.

(Vulvona Ride-in) #234

ho… wow… thats somehow not very super fair to the prey…

thats the part of Eve that im the least comfortable with: scam…

well ive learned something

(Dom Arkaral) #235

EVE isn’t fair, better get used to it sooner than later :wink:

(Noragen Neirfallas) #236

I gotta admit. This does remind me of Mo

(Noragen Neirfallas) #237

Playing the game properly?

(Faylee Freir) #238

How is it not fair? They choose to accept or send a duel request that engages the both of us in honorable combat. They push the button and decide to allow a limited engagement timer. This isn’t a gank.

(Dracvlad) #239

Well I replied to someone suggesting that I was not playing the game properly, so I gave the example of me going for it to make pixels explode and being exploded based on the fact that he was an old style pirate, which might be properly to him. Blowing up pixels at the end of the day is largely what this is all about…

(Noragen Neirfallas) #240

Well @ anybody who says otherwise playing the game properly is playing it however you enjoy it. Never let somebody else (other than the devs to a degree) tell you how you have to play eve. If you enjoyed your eve sesh you nailed it.

(Tengu Grib) #241

That’s something Nitshe would say.

(Dracvlad) #242

I agree with that totally.

I was actually enjoying this thread just like I enjoyed Psychotic Monks thread until the OP slipped into CODE mode, so I thought a girly slap over bumping was merited. You have to sit back and look at the success of his manipulation which is impressive, he plays it very well.

The next part is when he gets his Titan, I think you know what I mean by that :wink:.

(Dom Arkaral) #243

Do quote where op went

CODE. mode

(Shae Tadaruwa) #244

Well let’s face it, girly slaps are what you’re good at.

(Dracvlad) #245

So says a cyno alt who is too scared to post with his main…

(Shae Tadaruwa) #246

I wasn’t expecting such a perfect example so quickly.

Do it again for me Drac. Hit me like a girl…you know you want to.

(Dracvlad) #247

This is Crime and Punishment not General Discussion, people post with their mains here, you don’t, I ask the court of C&P to adjudicate on your misdemeanour.

(Shae Tadaruwa) #248

Oh yes. Go tell on me again…hit me softly once more.

People might tell us to get a room soon, but I don’t care. You’re punishment is like tickles. Makes me feel all giggly inside.

Do it for me again. Punish me girlie Drac.